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To Be Accepted Essay Example for Free

To Be Accepted EssayEric Berne a Canadian-born psychiatrist mainly known as the origin of transactional analysis and being the author of Games People Play, once said, The moment a little boy is concerned with which is a jay and which is a sparrow, he can no long-lived see the birds or hear them sing. What Berne stated was that when you see flavor in your own perspective but are once habituated the reality of it you no longer will receive that chance again. The novel, The Kite Runner, by Khaled Hosseini reveals a story about discrimination and complyance in the invigoration of a Pashtun-Hazara friendship. Amir, who is a rich Pashtun, and Hassan, a Hazara, grew up together like brformer(a)s but always had the boundary of discrimination and tradition that Amir couldnt seem to disregard like his own male parent had. Dealing with the liveliness of being a Hazara can be deadly living in Afghanistan and for Amir to accept Hassan as a friend seemed unreal. Holding him back to p rotect his own friend over himself was never his own intentions, which lead him to live years in guilt.The conflict between the discrimination against Hazaras and Pashtuns is that Pashtuns believe that Hazaras are not real Afghans and therefore cannot be accepted thus leading many Pashtuns, such(prenominal) as Amir, to follow traditions that which he choose to ignore. Amir struggled throughout the novel to accept Hassan as a Hazara and tried every possible way to retreat Hassan from his life. In Amirs own eyes he did get along Hassan like a brother but because of his jealousy towards Hassan he seemed threatened because Amirs own father seemed to favor Hassan more.Although Amir lied and set Hassan up to get in trouble so he would no longer be a part of his life he consistently stated to himself, There is a way to be good again (2). Due to his duties as a Pashtun, Amir was told to believe that Hazaras are worth slight in life. At first Amir meant for good to be as if Hazaras and Pas htuns shouldnt be friends. Not having such a dramatic view towards Hazaras he still seemed to loathe them, although he told himself this towards the end of the novel again it was a way for him to show how he could fork over himself.Although Amir was successful in no longer having Hassan in his life and as much as he tried to follow his traditions as a Pashtun, he dwelled with guilt and yearned for redemption. By seeing Hazaras are nothing but sins, Amir learned the true value of acceptance and that wanting them dead would not settle his hatred towards Hassan. Loyal Miles stated that, Amirs cultural identity relies on the context of a traditional past compared against the realities of ethnic divisions and a war-fractured present. Miles declares that Amirs capability to accept Hassan is clouded by the reality of what is real.Amirs cultural identity demands duty and tradition but his realities of ethnic divisions, such as him being friends with a Hazara and allowing himself to frame his best friend by saying Hassan stole his watch, speaks otherwise allowing him to realize the importance of redeeming himself. Rahim Khan, Amirs fathers best friend, had once told Amir a story about a romance he had with a Hazara girl and how his family looked down upon him because of his stopping point to love someone who they pity upon. Khan said to Amir that, In the end, the world always wins.Thats just the way of things. (99). From what Khan said in the novel his start out fainted, his father spit on him and his sister threw water at him to make sure he was actually telling the honor about his love for a Hazara. Khan could sense that his choice in life was not acknowledged and that the world always wins was true. Khan used the word world to describe how the Pashtuns sire their own lifestyle and rules where trying to break and change traditions, such as having a romance with a Hazara, was not something that would be accepted.In the world of Pashtuns the alone contact you h ave with a Hazara is master-slave, to be friends let alone fall in love with one is declared wrong in their world. Thus allowing the worlds decision overpowering your own. When we first met Khan, we assumed he was similar to Baba, Amirs father, who accepted the Hazaras. Our assumptions though didnt think to know that Khan had a kind with a Hazara slave and he had to follow duty as a Pashtun and to end their love affair.While discussing his past problem to Amir Khan told him that You fall apartt order someone to polish your shoes one day and call them sister the next. Thus connecting to the power of the world and the traditions you face as a Pashtun. Harold Bloom stated, Rahim tells Amir the world is very strong and always wins but that, nonetheless, the matter probably worked out for the best. By agreeing that Khan believes that breaking up with his Hazara girlfriend would have worked out for the best shows that most Pashtun follow what their family traditions and life values dem and from them.After years of guilt and grief and learning of the truth about Hassan being his half -brother, Amirs acceptance rates towards the Hazaras and the reality of his lifelong problems soon came to his realization of what truly mattered. While waiting to set out news about his nephew Sohrab, Hassans son, Amir began to pray, There will be no floating away. There will be no other reality tonight. (345). By declaring that there be no other reality tonight we relate back to what Eric Berne stated about no longer seeing the birds or hearing them sing because this is where Amirs reality had finally set in.He now has learned that without Hassan it would have been a life changing experience. Knowing the reality of it all makes him acknowledge what he has got now that Hassan is dead. For Amir to have accepted Hassan at an earlier stage in his life instead of trying to remove he wouldnt have learned the true meaning of redemption of acceptance. Pashtuns mainly choose their family vi rtues not their own ain views because they are aware of the degrading consequences. Amir may have learned too late for Hassan but realized that it was his time to make things right with Sohrab to carry out him from slavery.Meghan ORourke stated that Amir had His hands are already stained with Hassans blood and that they cannot be stained with the blood of his son as well. Amir go away behind Hassan when he came to America, thus leading to Hassan death in the future. At the time not caring about what would happened to anyone but himself, Amir could have cared less let alone the fact that he never he knew Hassan had died until later on. After fighting for Sohrabs survival Amir learned to take him in and care for him for who he is and what he means to him, not what his cultural background is.Relieving Sohrab from child labor and the brutal lifestyle of a Hazara, he learned to remove his selfish being from himself. The conflict between the discrimination against Hazaras and Pashtuns is that Pashtuns believe that Hazaras are not real Afghans therefore cannot be accepted thus leading to the slavery, beatings and deathly causes towards Hazaras. Acceptance is key in the life of Amir, without learning to relieve himself from his traditions his life would have been forever filled with guilt.

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