Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Personal statement Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Personal statement - Essay ExampleI demonstrated my skills by starting a debut high tech home health agency where I together with my fellow practitioners infused blood products, IVIG, pain management and chemotherapy agents.I further gained knowledge and skills, two years after successful study in the Metabolic and Oncology units, in handling open heart patients and trauma patients while working in the ICU. Having demonstrated further skills in leadership and deprecative decision making in difficult situations, I was promoted to nanny in charge position.With 8 years into the promotion as charge nurse, I got a transfer to the emergency medicine where I continued to naturally demonstrate my leadership qualities. I developed a comprehensive plan to enhance and avail the delivery of the emergency care in the ER. This plan entailed patients the highest priority and emphasizing on the customer service. This was the cause of my immediate promotion to the position of the film director of the Emergency Department.I returned to outpatient job after 12 years in the ER. Currently I am employed with a pharmacy as an infusion nurse where I handle Pulmonary Hypertension patients and those in need of enzyme replacement or IVIG infusions. I also partly work with other hospitals, offering knowledge on therapies to nurses and physicians on the same caliber. All these time I have focused on developing further my assessment skills and ability to make vituperative decisions and multitasking.Personally, I regard a Nurse Practitioner as important personnel in modern healthcare services. In most cases, the practitioner assists the Managing Director to deliver care without them, almost all patients can go unattended. In addition, they examine patients professionally and help them make good decisions concerning health. Practitioners are a urgency for the successful delivery of healthcare.I chose nurse practitioner for several reasons firstly, I have enough time to study nursing .

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