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Research proposal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Research proposal - Essay ExampleSince obesity leave be completet as more of a social issue, thus the social definition of the concept leave be defined, however to get a more concrete definition indicators of obesity for exemplar, the Body Mass Index (BMI) will also be look ford. Also, the life style issues which owe much to obesity for instance the intake of junk food, less exercise etc will be discussed and the side effects of obesity in background to the social life as swell as health hazard relevant to these social aspects will be discussed in detailed. Also, the entire discussion will be based on the context of the American Society in general to identify how the society contributes in enhancing the issue. My paper intends on pointing out the societal indicators after thorough study to explore how the society we live in contributes in inducing obesity in individuals which is why the issue is increasing day by day, thus people adopt to be aware of these factors to elimin ate the effects and causes. The information revealed in this people will be of value to the general public and the mass audience as the endemic can affect any of the individuals as they are part of the society. Areas to be Investigated Some of the perspectives which will be explored in this paper include 1. What comprises the concept of obesity? 2. ... 8. How can one deal with obesity to minimize its side effects? 9. What are some of the lifestyle changes that can lead towards a legal lifestyle? 10. How can the cause and effect relationship between variables related to obesity be seen in the context of the society? Thus, my study will deal with the cause and effects of obesity in the context of the life styles of the individuals being examined and the societal factors contributing in the increase of the endemic. Methods of Research My study will be based on the archival sources present on obesity. For this reason, both online papers, journals, reports etc will be studied, and along side, other documents like newspapers, books, hardcopies of thesis and journals etc will be analyzed to amount up with unbiased and a generic conclusion regarding the study. For this reason, the nearby library sources will be utilized, and the online sources which can be accessed for this purpose. While I searched online for the various sources on obesity to continue my study, millions of results showed up, however, my research questions helped me narrow down my focus, based on which I have specified about 11 sources which will thoroughly be analyzed for this purpose. Moreover, the gaps of knowledge left by the archival research will be addressed by conducting first hand surveys from a sample which will be designed to find relevant data to make the study more credible and informative. References Heinberg, Leslie J, and J K. Thompson.Obesity in Youth Causes, Consequences, and Cures. Washington, DC American Psychological Association, 2009. Print. Nakaya, Andrea C.Obesity Opposing Vie wpoints. Detroit Greenhaven Press, 2006. Print. Wolin, Kathleen Y, and Jennifer M. Petrelli.Obesity. Santa Barbara, Calif

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