Saturday, June 8, 2019

Subway Smoothie Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Subway Smoothie - Essay ExampleOur company pull up stakes use four elements of promotional admixture, which include advertising, gross sales promotion, personalised selling and public relation. Advertising refers to the presentation of a standard message regarding the strengths, price and availability of goods or services by the marketer in an impersonal way (Weinreich, 2010). In this strategy, our main aim will be building the get off effect since our adverts will deliver a message that will hold up the product appealing to customers to taint it. Since fast foods have become a major concern, relaying a message on the importance of smoothie foods will pull more customers to buy the foods.We would also rely on sales promotion, which is the short-term use of incentives or other promotional activities that will stimulate the customer to buy our product (Urban, Sultan, & Qualls, 2012). This particular element helps bring short and immediate effect on sale as well as faster stock clearance. The technique will also help in the induction of customers and distribution channels and will help us win over fast food competitors. As a business, we will apply such sales promotion skills as rebate, discounts, premiums, and usable benefits, e.g. buy two get one free. The general benefit will be attracting peoples attention as well as inducing them since our new product will be available at a lower price.We will also rely on personal selling, which will enable our sales team have face-to-face interactions with the customers. Since it is a face-to-face interaction, our sales team will be able to explain the merits of our products directly, thus increasing the sale of the product. It is also a flexible element, meaning the seller may deepen the offer according to various situations. It also induces customers to buy given goods in order to satisfy their needs. Public relations is the last element of marketing mix that we will apply, which

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