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Sandra Cisneros Writing Essays -- Literature Analysis

Writing in the 20th century was great deal harder for a Chicano then it was for a typical American at this time. Although that did not cut off this author, Sandra Cisneros. One of her famous novels, Woman Hollering Creek was a prime example of how a combined culture Mexican-Americans, could show their pride and identity in this century. In conjunction, gave the opportunity for women to speak their voice and forever change the culture of Latino/a markets. Not only did it express identity/ sexual urge roles of women and relationships, just using these relationships to combine the cultures of Mexican and American into a hybrid breed. This novel, should have been a view-point for the future to show that there is more to life than just gender and race. Concluding this, the articles that helps define this is The Latino/a Canon and the Emergence of Post-Sixties Literature and What is called Heaven.Women Hollering Creek was considered one of Sandra Cisneros best works. With a Texan view, t his 22 short story novel was set upon the late 1960s to 1980s era. There are three distinct sections My Lucy Friend who smells like Corn, One Holy darkness as well as There was a Man, There was a Woman. Each part contains short stories within them. These all consist of a heartwarming girl, Esperanza,who matures into a woman and how she faces these gender roles through love and violence. Cisneros alters the name Esperanza with Chayo, Rachel, Lupe, Ines, and Clemenica, to explain differences between them along with to give the story more lewd effectiveness. Sandra Cisneros briny focus throughout the novel was identity. Cisneros starts off in the first section (My Lucy Friend Who Smells Like Corn), narrating as a young child and further matures in... ...of smorgasbord the cultures and the identities of women. Her voice is what emphasizes the article to show how the goal is to redistribute the language and culture not criticizing the New World. This is what affects our future as a w hole and challenges us to be bridge the gap between marginal Latino/a culture and the American mainstream. If society does not at least try to compound together, then it will understanding into a huge war that possibly could never end. Just being that woman to show her passion and influence, can cause a great impact and force this world to acknowledge we all are the same. Works CitedCisneros, Sandra. Woman Hollering Creek. First Vintage Contempoaries Edition. March 1992. 10 Nov 2010.Thomson, Jeff. What is Called Heaven Identity in Sandra Cisneross Woman Hollering Creek.Studies in Short Fiction, 313 (1994Summer) p.415. 16 Nov 2010.

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Comparing the Comedy Central TV Channel to Essays

From Television to the Internet Comparing the Television Channel and ComedyCentral.comIt is often stated by twenty-something generation X-ers, that their generation was raised by the television make up ones mind that Mr. Rogers was their dad, the gang from Sesame Street was their siblings, and Mrs. Brady was their mom. This is a very(prenominal) eclectic family if one stops to think about it make believe for a dad, Muppets for brothers and sisters, and a very lovely lady for a mom. These latch key kids that grew up befriended by the television set, represent a generation, that in reality, is passing. The next generation of children that has moved to the block, depends non on the television set and the afternoon programming of yesterday, but instead, have found solace in a new, more exciting innovation computers, and the Internet. From classrooms and libraries, to bedrooms and family rooms, kids be finding access to the Internet and for the most part, are reaping its benefits. Th e Internet is, in essence, the one perfect source for media information, sports reports, homework help, communication via e-mail, entertainment reports, famous population interviews and pictures, advertising, and the list is simply infinite. The Internet is the one tool that could very possibly replace the popularity of the television. Ironically, one is able to get television on the Internet Yes, it is contingent to download segments of popular television shows and interviews. Popular cable channels such as CNN, ESPN, HBO, MTV, and Comedy Central have their very own web sites where you support go and look at program listings, games, interviews, images to download, and even episode summaries. One of the best television network web cites is the Comedy Central web cite. Lo... ...offee jester or an Absolutely Fabulous tee shirt. Yes, there is a page where merchandise can be ordered. Every web-site created serves some purpose. Whether it be to inform, educate, entertain, each sepa rate cite is special in its own element. The Comedy Central website is one of the most popular cites of all the television network generated cites. Aside from the possibility of not always being able to get it to come up (sometimes you just get it to load), the comedy, color, and liveliness contribute to its functioning purpose to inform and entertain, but preceding(prenominal) all, to give viewers a glimpse into the Comedy Central world. The pages, images, and overall tone provides its viewers with an experience to sitting in front of the television set. By visiting this site, viewers can experience first hand and hands on, the hilarity, fun, and creativity of one of the best.

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History of American Politics :: essays research papers

Throughout American history there boast been changesthat have shaped the track we live today. Some of them atomic number 18small things for example the way we vote, the wayrequirements for a citizenship are obtain and other minorthings that does not effect every person at any given time. There are also many consistent ways we have lived inAmerica through our history such as the two party systemsand how we are stand for have been constant for a longperiod of time in the United States. None of these thingsare as important as the end of sequestration and oureconomic structure, capitalism. These two effect the entire nation continuously throughout history, no matter who youare our what your beliefs or your political views. Capitalism is one of the agelong and most importantconstants in America today. Its emphasis around the"America Dream" defines America and appeals to manycountries, that you can own your own land, business,house, car, or around anything you could ever wa nt. Thisis the very essence that has separated the United States forthe rest of the world for a long time. The idea that theharder you work and the better of a job you do will bringyou financial success in your life. What would play to America if we no longer hadcapitalism as our economic structure? There have beentwo times in American history when capitalism was almosttaken away from us. If WWII had a different outcome, asit almost did, wouldnt the country be almost forced intoFascism? This may seem as a unlikely outcome but whatwould of happen to the "American Dream." During theCold War it was a stand- reach between Capitalism andCommunism. If was a very tense time, and some say itwas just luck or a toss of the dice that we didnt convertand the Soviets did. Since these changes would of happenin the last half-century the effects would still be felt inAmerica. What would happen to the "American Dream"?The way that every one lived in this country would becompletely changed. The way we did business, the waywe bought clothes, when we went out to eat, everything. The reason of is because the Communism and Fascism arevery extreme when compared to Capitalism. Fascism is extremely right wing and a dictator controls thegovernment and his power is enforced by his military. Communism is extremely left of center which has manymore citizen help programs such as health care, medicare,welfare, in this country has a hard enough time dealing with

The Martian Chronicles Essay -- essays research papers

The Martian ChroniclesThe Martian Chronicles, by Ray Bradbury, is a science-fiction book and was written in 1946. This major work by Bradbury is a show of short stories relating to Mars or Martians. Bradbury had a clear ken of the Mars in which these stories are set. His vision was one of a fantasy world from the Martians point of view. In this work, the humans from Earth are the aliens from outer space. Bradbury has won many awards including the O. Henry Memorial Award, the benjamin Franklin Award, the Aviation-Space Writers Association Award, the World Fantasy Award for lifetime achievement, and the Grand Master Award from the Science Fiction Writers of the States. Bradbury supported his awards with The Martian Chronicles, keeping with the theme of bounteous his readers something to enjoy. His thoroughness in his writing keeps the reader wanting more. The Martian Chronicles is a collection of 19 short stories about Mars and the Martians. He opens the book with a in truth short story, Rocket Summer. Rocket Summer is a great exaggeration of how hot it becomes within a few miles radius of a rocket launch. Around this certain rocket, it was winter. As presently as the rockets booster ignited, all of the snow within the vicinity melted. The snow dissolved and showed last summers ancient green lawns.. Bradbury knew when he wrote this that a weather transport that dramatic would never happen from a single rocket, it was simply to grab the attention of the reader.In The Third Expedition, the sixth short-story in The Martian Chronicles, Bradbury uses his description of the States on Mars to give a setting and tone for the story. He suggested that by 1950, America had already started to vanish. By the time any astronaut reached Mars, the America the astronaut knew would be greatly different than that of America in 1950. Bradbury was setting Mars equal to small-town life on Earth. The rocket landed on a lawn of green grass. Outside, upon this lawn, stood an iron deer. Further up on the green stood a tall brown Victorian house, quiet in the sunlight, all covered with scrolls and rococo, its windows make of blue and pink and yellow and green colored glass. If just this quote had been read, one would piddle thought that the rocket landed on Earth. Bradbury, using his wonde... ...n anyones should read list. It is a great example of science-fiction from the 1950s. Although people today may want a newer and fresher look at aliens and outer space, Bradbury provides a wonderful compilation of stories that could have been passed off as recently written. His ideas were so new to anyone at the time that we, in the year 2000, look at them as marvelous ideas that we can hold up with, in theory, today. The Martian Chronicles meets the criteria of a great literary work because it has all of the characteristics of being one. First, there is a well organized and thought out patch to the story. Even though there are a number of short stories, they can al l be read together as one collection on the same subject. Secondly, if you were to take out one of the stories to read by itself, one would never know it came from a book of stories. That is something that many authors have a hard time doing. Finally, Bradbury has built a reputation to be a great writer. This work does not let down on his reputation. Truly, anyone that is the least atomic number 42 interested in science-fiction should really give this compilation a read. This book should really be on everyones should read list.

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The Defeat of Many by One Essay -- Moor Last Sigh Essays

The Defeat of Many by OneIn The fastens cultivation Sigh, Salman Rushdie uses the complex and changing character of the Moor to represent a complex and changing image of India. By making the eclectic family history of the Da-Gama Zogoiby family the central etymon in the first 2 parts of the novel, Rushdie portrays India as a culturally and religiously pluralistic society. This pluralistic society is layered by violence caused by the corruption of multiplicity by various characters and the threat of Hindu fundamentalism. As pluralism is defeated by fascism in Part Three of the novel, the nature of the violence changes drastically and is symbolized by the Moors significant character change The Moor whose tragedy-the tragedy of multiplicity destroyed by singularity, the defeat of Many by One-had been the sequences coupled principle (Rushdie 408). The defeat of pluralism is not only the uniting principle in Auroras sequence of paintings, but also in Rushdies The Moors Last Sigh. Rus hdies vision of India is essentially the battle between multiplicity and singularity and the consequential violence that has plagued Indias history. In the first two parts of the novel, Rushdie portrays the positive aspects of pluralism through the story of the Da-Gama Zogoiby family. The Moors grandfather, Camoens describes an ideal pluralistic world A free country Belle, supra religion because secular, in a higher place class because socialist, above caste because enlightened, above hatred because loving, above vengeance because forgiving, above tribe because unifying, above language because many tongued, above colour because multi-coloured, above poverty because ... ...lent singular vision, he ends rather optimistically. The Moor, at the end of his story and at the end of an explosion of violence lays his head down in entrust for a better time. In the distance he sees the Alhambra, the Moors triumphan t masterpiece and their last redoubt (Rushdie 433). Rushdie uses this beautiful metaphor of the Alhambra, that monument of lost possibility that nevertheless has deceased on standing to convey the message that pluralism still has a fighting chance in India. (Rushdie 433) Rushdie suggests that just like the Moorish masterpiece withstood a roughshod oppositional force and the test of time, so will India and its uniquely resilient and diverse society. Works CitedEmbree, Ainslee. Utopias in Conflict. Los Angeles University of California Press, 1990.Rushdie, Salman. The Moors Last Sigh. New York time of origin International, 1995.

The Defeat of Many by One Essay -- Moor Last Sigh Essays

The Defeat of Many by OneIn The binds Last Sigh, Salman Rushdie uses the complex and changing voice of the Moor to fight down a complex and changing image of India. By making the eclectic family history of the Da-Gama Zogoiby family the central theme in the first two parts of the novel, Rushdie portrays India as a culturally and religiously pluralistic society. This pluralistic society is layered by violence caused by the corruption of multiplicity by various characters and the panic of Hindu fundamentalism. As pluralism is defeated by fascism in Part Three of the novel, the nature of the violence changes drastically and is symbolized by the Moors significant character change The Moor whose tragedy-the tragedy of multiplicity destroyed by singularity, the defeat of Many by One-had been the sequences united principle (Rushdie 408). The defeat of pluralism is not only the conjugation principle in Auroras sequence of paintings, but also in Rushdies The Moors Last Sigh. Rushdies vis ion of India is fundamentally the battle between multiplicity and singularity and the consequential violence that has plagued Indias history. In the first two parts of the novel, Rushdie portrays the positive aspects of pluralism through the story of the Da-Gama Zogoiby family. The Moors grandfather, Camoens describes an ideal pluralistic world A free country Belle, above religion because secular, above class because socialist, above caste because enlightened, above iniquity because loving, above vengeance because forgiving, above tribe because unifying, above language because many tongued, above colour because multi-coloured, above poverty because ... ...lent singular vision, he ends rather optimistically. The Moor, at the end of his story and at the end of an explosion of violence lays his head down in hope for a better time. In the distance he sees the Alhambra, the Moors triumphant masterpiece and the ir last redoubt (Rushdie 433). Rushdie uses this beautiful metaphor of the Alhambra, that monument of lost possibility that nevertheless has gone on standing to convey the message that pluralism even so has a fighting chance in India. (Rushdie 433) Rushdie suggests that just like the Moorish masterpiece withstood a fierce oppositional force and the test of time, so will India and its unambiguously resilient and diverse society. Works CitedEmbree, Ainslee. Utopias in Conflict. Los Angeles University of California Press, 1990.Rushdie, Salman. The Moors Last Sigh. New York Vintage International, 1995.

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Researched Guidelines and Types of Interviews Essay

converseAn reference is a conversation between two or more people where questions are rented by the oppugner to elicit facts or statements from the discourseee. Although interviews are a standard part of journalism and media reporting, the focus of this piece is on how interviews stop be use as a tool for psychological research.Interviews are itemly useful for getting the story behind a participants experiences. The interviewer scum bag pursue in-depth information around a study. Interviews may be useful as look out-up to certain respondents to questionnaires, e.g., to further investigate their responses. Usually open-ended questions are get hold on ofed during interviews.Before you start to design your interview questions and process, clearly articulate to yourself what problem or need is to be addressed using the information to be gathered by the interviews. This helps you keep clear focus on the intent of each question.Preparation for Interview1. Choose a setting with little distraction. quash loud lights or noises, look the interviewee is comfortable (you might beseech them if they are), etc. Often, they may feel more comfortable at their own places of work or homes. 2. Explain the purpose of the interview.3. Address wrong of confidentiality. Note whatsoever terms of confidentiality. (Be careful here. Rarely can you absolutely promise anything. Courts may get b other to information, in certain circumstances.) Explain who will get access to their answers and how their answers will be analyse. If their comments are to be used as quotes, get their written licence to do so. 4. Explain the format of the interview. Explain the type of interview you are conducting and its nature. If you neediness them to ask questions, specify if theyre to do so as they hand over them or wait until the end of the interview. 5. Indicate how long the interview usually takes.6. Tell them how to get in touch with you later if they want to. 7. Ask them if they ge t down any questions before you both get started with the interview. 8. Dont count on your memory to recall their answers. Ask for permission to record the interview or bring along some wholeness to take notes. Sequence of Questions1. Get the respondents involved in the interview as soon as possible. 2. Before asking to the highest degree controversial matters (such as feelings and conclusions), first ask about some facts. With this approach, respondents can more easily engage in the interview before warming up to more personal matters. 3. Intersperse fact-based questions throughout the interview to avoid long lists of fact-based questions, which tends to leave respondents disengaged. 4. Ask questions about the present before questions about the past or future. Its usually easier for them to talk about the present and then work into the past or future. 5. The break questions might be to allow respondents to provide any other information they prefer to add and their impressions of the interview.Wording of Questions1. Wording should be open-ended. Respondents should be able to choose their own terms when answering questions. 2. Questions should be as neutral as possible. Avoid wording that might influence answers, e.g., evocative, judgmental wording. 3. Questions should be asked unrivalled at a snip.4. Questions should be worded clearly. This take ons knowing any terms particular to the program or the respondents culture. 5. Be careful asking why questions. This type of question infers a cause-effect relationship that may not truly exist. These questions may also cause respondents to feel defensive, e.g., that they have to justify their response, which may inhibit their responses to this and future questions.Conducting Interview1. Occasionally verify the tape recorder (if used) is working. 2. Ask one question at a time. 3. Attempt to remain as neutral as possible. That is, wear downt show strong emotional reactions to their responses. Patton suggests to ac t as if youve heard it all before. 4. Encourage responses with occasional nods of the head, uh huhs, etc. 5. Be careful about the seemance when note taking. That is, if you jump to take a note, it may appear as if youre surprised or very pleased about an answer, which may influence answers to future questions.6. Provide transition between major topics, e.g., weve been public lecture about (some topic) and now Id standardized to move on to ( some other topic). 7. Dont lose control of the interview. This can occur when respondents stray to another topic, take so long to answer a question that times begins to run out, or even begin asking questions to the interviewer.Immediately After Interview1. Verify if the tape recorder, if used, worked throughout the interview. 2. Make any notes on your written notes, e.g., to clarify any scratchings, ensure pages are numbered, fill out any notes that tiret limit senses, etc. 3. Write down any observations made during the interview. For examp le, where did the interview occur and when, was the respondent particularly nervous at any time? Were there any surprises during the interview? Did the tape recorder break?Types of Interviews1. Informal, conversational interview no predetermined questions are asked, in order to remain as open and adaptable as possible to the interviewees nature and priorities during the interview, the interviewer goes with the flow. 2. General interview guide approach the guide approach is intended to ensure that the homogeneous general areas of information are collected from each interviewee this provides more focus than the conversational approach, but still allows a degree of freedom and adaptability in getting information from the interviewee.3. Standardized, open-ended interview here, the same open-ended questions are asked to all interviewees (an open-ended question is where respondents are free to choose how to answer the question, i.e., they dont select yes or no or provide a numeric rat ing, etc.) this approach facilitates faster interviews that can be more easily analyzed and compared. 4. Closed, fixed-response interview where all interviewees are asked the same questions and asked to choose answers from among the same set of alternatives. This format is useful for those not practiced in interviewing.Types of Topics in QuestionsPatton notes six kinds of questions. wholeness can ask questions about 1. Behaviors about what a person has done or is doing2. Opinions/values about what a person thinks about a topic 3. Feelings note that respondents sometimes respond with I think so be careful to note that youre looking for feelings 4. Knowledge to get facts about a topic5. Sensory about what people have seen, touched, heard, tasted or smelled 6. Background/demographics standard terra firma questions, such as age, education, etc. Note that the above questions can be asked in terms of past, present or future.Kinds of Interview1. Informational InterviewThe objecti ve of this interview is to ask for advice and learn more about a particular flight field, employer or particular job. Interviewing experts in their field is one more way to become more occupationally literate. The knowledge that you gain here will make you a sharper and more informed. You will also make a contact and further develop your network.2. Screening or Telephone InterviewA phone interview is a very cost effective way to screen scenes. These can last anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes. You should prepare for it like an open book exam. It is recommended that you have in front of you your resume, the job description, a list of references, some prepared answers to challenging questions and perhaps something about the company. The vast mass of confabulation is non-verbal. Because they cant see your body language, it is critically important to have positive and polished answers with energetic tone and inflection. Be sure to ask what the next step is.3. Individual InterviewThis is the most common type and often called a personal interview. It is typically a one-on-one exchange at the organizations offices. In order to trump out prepare you will want to know the length of the interview which can usually range from 30 to 90 minutes. If the interview is 30 minutes you have to be concise and have a high impact with your answers. If it is 60 or 90 minutes you will want to go into much more depth and use specific examples to support your generalizations.4. Small Group or Committee InterviewThis is where you will be impact with several decision-makers at once. This can be an intimidating experience if you are not prepared. Its an efficient way to interview candidates and allows for different interpretations or perceptions of the same answer. Be sure to make eye contact with everyone, no matter who asked the question. Its important to establish rapport with each member of the interview team. screen to find out the names and job titles of the participants.5. The e ndorsement or On-Site InterviewAfter your first interview, you may be asked back again for a second date. They like you enough that you made the first round of cuts, but they would like to know more about you before making their final decision. Second Interviews can last either a half or full-day so it is best to check again and get an agenda. You may be meeting with 3 to five individuals. This may include a representative from Human Resources, the department head, the office staff and the department heads supervisor. Be alert and animated at all times The more you know about the structure of the process, the less anxious you are going to feel and the better you will perform. This is the last step before an offer is made.6. Behavioral-Based InterviewThe theory behind Critical Behavioral Interviewing (CBI) is that past performance in a similar situation is the best predictor of future performance. CBI probes much deeper than traditional interviewing techniques. You should prepare b y thinking of specific examples that demonstrate your competence in core behaviors such as teamwork, problem-solving, communication, creativity, flexibility and organizational skills. You will want to tell your story and structure it by stating your answers in terms of the situation, the task, what action you took, and what was the result or outcome.7. Task Oriented or Testing InterviewThis is a problem-solving interview where you will be given some exercises to demonstrate your creative and analytical abilities. A company may ask you to take a short test to evaluate your technical knowledge and skills. Sometimes a presentation to a group is necessary to determine your communication skills. Try to relax as much as possible.8. Stress InterviewDuring this rare type, the interviewer tries to bait you, to see how you will respond. The objective is to find your weaknesses and test how you hold up to pressure. Such tactics as weird silences, constant interruptions and challenging interro gation with antagonistic questions are designed to push your boundaries. The question you have to ask yourself is Do I want to work for a company that treats me this way even before the offer is made? Rethink the corporate culture.Different Types of Interviewsone-to-one InterviewThis is the most common type of Interview. In the One-to-one interview the candidate for employment meets directly with the interviewer.Phone InterviewPhone Interviews are decent increasingly popular among large corporations who are conducting a mass-hiring of employees. These interviews are conducted entirely over the phone and eliminate bias that may arise from a candidates appearance, mannerisms, or ethnicity. Often times, phone interview questions are structured and the question are behavioral in nature to further eliminate bias. When preparing for a phone interview you should follow all of the steps listed above including getting dressed for the interview. Studies have shown that people who dress profe ssionally for a phone interview will perform better than those dressed casually.Group interviewIn the group interview style you will be interviewing simultaneously with two or three other candidates all vying for the same position. In this interview style one or more applicants may be asked the same question or the pool of applicants can be broken into teams to determine a solution to a problem posed by the interviewer. This style of interviewing is most common in the technology fields or any field where group cohesiveness is of extreme importance. The best way to prepare for a group interview is to follow the steps listed above.Panel InterviewA panel interview involves three or more members of the hiring organization meeting simultaneously with the person being considered for the position. This interview style is most common in academia or when hiring a senior level corporate executive. The term search committee is commonly used to describe a Panel Interview. In preparing for a pan el interview it is best to understand an organization from every point of view. For example, if you are going to be interviewed by an organizations Customer Service Manager, Finance Manager, and Human Resources Manager you should familiarize yourself with current information about the organizations customer service policies, finance policies, and HR policies.Mock InterviewThe Mock Interview allows prospective job candidates to practice their interviewing skills in a simulated interview environment. Mock interviews provide positive feedback to the participants to enhance job prospects by improving interview skills.Career fair interviewA conversation during a career fair can be considered a screening interview. It is generally, 2-10 minutes in length with a human resources representative or a technical manager in your field. If mutual refer is established, it is likely you will be invited for further interviews.Because your meeting is brief, you will need to make an immediate positi ve impression. Research the employer and be prepared to match your background and interests to their needs.Site interviewThe site interview takes place at the employers site. It is a selection interview, following a successful screening interview (phone, career fair, on-campus). This is very good news for you since you are now 50% closer to a job offer. There is however, still work to doClarify the dilate of the visit in advance (date, location, length of visit, travel arrangements, suggested attire, expenses.) You may be scheduled for a half or full day of interviews, which may include a meal, a tour of the facility, and an overnight stay.To prepare for a site visit, conduct in-depth research on the employer and their location. Dress professionally and arrive 15-20 minutes early. fetch ten copies of your resume, reference list (graduating students), and unofficial transcript. If you have a portfolio or sample of your work, bring it with you. Behavioral Interview (Behavior based I nterviewing or Structured Interviews) A structured interview is a type of interview that is utilized by many larger organizations.This interview is especially popular when there is more than one of the same position available within the organization. In a structured interview every applicant for the position is asked the same questions as every other applicant applying for the position. A structured interview may contain standard interview questions, behavioral interview questions, or a combination of the two.

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An Epic Man Who Became an Epic Hero Essay

Odysseus, of Homers Odyssey, is an confiscate hero and ruler of Ithaca. He does not act irrationally but contemplates his actions and their implications. Odysseus is an appropriate hero because he embodies the values of bravery, intelligence, astuteness, and competency. Odysseus is an appropriate ruler for Ithaca by virtue of his hereditary right to kingship as well as his diplomatic skills, familiarity with his male subjects, discipline, and his righteousness and compassion. However, he is a character that does make a foolish decision. There is a rare instance when his pride supersedes his intellectual ability.Odysseus is an appropriate hero for he embodies the values of bravery, intelligence, astuteness, and competency. While he trying to return home from Ilium, numerous suitors attempt to seduce his wife, Penelope. However, when he returns Odysseus cleverly plans and carries out the demise of the evil and uneconomic suitors with the help of Athena, goddess of wisdom Come on At hena weave me a plan to punish them the suitors. Odysseus wisdom is admired by Athena, the goddess of that aptness. Athena is also impressed by his battle heroics and so she endeavors to provide him with succor And you didnt know Pallas Athenaia the daughter of Zeus himself, your faithful stand-by and guardian in all your labours With Athenas assistance Odysseus becomes a true hero.Odysseus is the epitome of honor and virtue for his Ithacan subjects. Odysseus kind and stalwart leadership is revealed by Eumaios, his faithful swineherd, and Philoitios, his trusty cowherd, who have both remained loyal to him for twenty years. Eumaios praises Odysseus as A rare fine master. Indeed I do not mourn so much for them as for him Odysseus, though I long to see em again and my native land, but I do miss Odysseus since he went away. I dont like to mouth his name, man, although he is absent, but I call him his honour, even when he is far away.Odysseus is a befitting king because it is his ances tral right, for he is familiar with his male subjects and understands their desires. Odysseus equity and mercy is displayed after his triumph over the suitors, whom he executed because of their lawlessbehavior. However, Odysseus shows compassion by allowing Phemius, the minstrel suitor, and Medon, a herald suitor to live. Cheer up, my password has saved your life. So you shall know, and tell other men, that doing well is far better than doing ill. Odysseus proper sovereignty is expressed by his justice.Odysseus displays his shrewdness as he overcomes the challenges that beset his crew. When Odysseus and his men become trapped by Polyphemos on the island of the Cyclops, Odysseus cleverly tells Polyphemos that his name is Noman. Thus, when Polyphemos is stabbed in the eye by Odysseus and his men, he renounces assistance from his friends by stating that Noman is killing me, leadership his companions to believe that no man has hurt him. However, once Odysseus and his men reach their ships and set sail, he performs his most foolish act.Odysseus taunts Polyphemos by declaring, if ever any wiz asks who put out you ugly eye, tell him your blinder was Odysseus, the conqueror if Troy, the son of Laertes, whose address is Ithaca Once Polyphemos obtains this critical information on his blinders identity, he implores his father Poseidon, god of the sea, to grant that Odysseus the conqueror if Troy- the son of Laertes- whose address is Ithaca, may never reach his home Because Odysseus pride would not allow him to let his foxy action go unrecognized, he dooms himself and his crew.Odysseus wisdom and courage enable him to be a brave hero and a strong ruler, both traits of superiority in his society. Being mortal binds him to occasional mistakes that he compensates for by becoming wiser and stronger. His extraordinary abilities are heralded by the gods. Upon his return to Ithaca, Odysseus ingeniously kills the rude and wasteful suitors and reclaims his title of respect o f king. In reconciliation and honor, he finally makes a sacrifice to Poseidon. Odysseus is the epitome of a hero of his culture.

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Project Network

A tramp net lay down illustrates the relationships between activities (or tasks) in the find out. Showing the activities as nodes or on arrows between typeface nodes are two important ways to draw those relationships. With activities on arrow (AOA) diagrams, you are limited to showing only the finish-to-start relationships that is, the arrow dissolve represent only that the activity spans the time from the event at the start of the arrow to the event at the end. As well, dummy activities have to be added to show some of the more complex relationships and dependencies between activities.These diagrams came into spend in the 1950s, but are now falling into disuse. Activity on node (AON) diagrams place the activity on the node, and the interconnection arrows illustrate the dependencies between the activities. there are more flexible and butt show all of the major types of relationships. Since the activity is on a node, the emphasis (and more data) usually privy be placed on th e activity. AOA diagrams emphasize the milestones (events) AON networks emphasize the tasks. Introduction to The Nine Project worry Knowledge AreasAlso read about our new agile delivery toughie calledScrumthat is significantly different than themodel to a lower place. As a PMP I often get questions about what goes into running a confuse. I go away try to exempt in a couple of articles the various components that make up a project. There are several ways to look at a project as a whole. You can view it as a series of processes. Some processes are campaignd in order and some are happen processes that are executed at various stages throughout the entire project.You can also view the project from the different knowledge playing fields that are needed to execute the project. I will cover the knowledge areas in this article and go on to the processes in my next article. There are nine knowledge areas and all(prenominal) one covers its own important part of the project. A knowled ge area can cover several phases or process groups of the project. The nine areas are mentioned below in some detail. Integration Management If each little part of the project is a tree, Integration Management is the entire forest.It focuses on the larger tasks that moldiness be done for the project to work. It is the practice of making certain that every part of the project is coordinated. In Integration Management, the project is started, the project plan is assembled and executed, the work is monitored and verification of the results of the work is performed. As the project ends the project conductor also performs the tasks associated with closing the project. A project music director must be very dangerous at Integration Management or the project may very well fail.Other knowledge areas are also important, but Integration Management is the area that requires the most management and control of the entire project. Scope Management This area involves control of the scope of the p roject. It involves management of the requirements, details and processes. Changes to the scope should be handled in a structured, procedural, and controlled manner. The goal of scope management is to define the need, set the expectations, deliver to the expectations, manage changes, and minimize surprises and gain acceptance of the project.Good scope management focuses on making authentic that the scope is well defined and communicated very clearly to all stakeholders. It also involves managing the project to limit unnecessary changes. Time Management Project Time Management is concerned with resources, activities, scheduling and inventory management. It involves defining and sequencing activities and estimating the duration and resources needed for each activity. The goal is to build the project schedule subsequently to manage changes and updates to the schedule.When the schedule is first created, it is often referred to as the time baseline of the project. It is later used to compare updated baselines to the original baseline. Many project jitneys use software to build and maintain the schedule and baselines. Cost Management This knowledge area includes cost estimating and budgeting. After the cost of the project has been count ond the project management must control the cost and makes changes to the budget as needed. The Project Cost Estimate is dependent on the accuracy of the cost estimate of each activity in the project.The accuracy changes as the project progresses. For instance, in the initiation of the project the estimate is more difficult to assess than later in the project when the scope and the schedule have been defined in detail. fictitious character Management This area is an important area where outputs of different processes are measured against some predetermined acceptable measure. The project manager must create a quality management plan. The quality plan is created early in the project because decisions made about quality can have a significant pertain on other decisions about scope, time, cost and risk.The area also includes quality control and assurance. The main difference between control and assurance is that control looks at specific results to see if they conform to the quality standard, whereas assurance focuses primarily on the quality process improvement. Human Resource Management This area involves HR preparedness like roles and responsibilities, project organization, and staff management planning. It also involves assigning staff assess performance of project team members, and overall management of the project team.The project manager is the Boss of the project and Human Resource Management is essentially the knowledge area of running the project in relations to the resources assigned to the project. communications Management This area focuses on keeping the projects stakeholders properly informed throughout the entire project. Communication is a mixture of formal and informal, indite and verbal , but it is always proactive and thorough. The project manager must distribute accurate project information in a timely manner to the reclaim audience.It involves creating a communications plan that explains what kind of information should be communicated on a regular basis and who should receive it. It includes project performance reporting to stakeholders so everyone is on the same page of the project progress, for example, what is outstanding, what is late, and what risks are left to worry about, etc. Risk Management This involves planning how to handle risks to the project. Specifically the project manager must see risks and also plan how to respond to the risks if they occur.Risk has two characteristics Risk is related to an uncertain event, and a risk may affect the project for superb or for bad. When risks are assessed, the project manager usually has to assess several things How likely will the risk happen, how will it affect the project if it happens, and how much will i t cost if it happens? The project manager will use a lot of risk analysis tools and techniques to answer these questions. Procurement Management This area focuses on a set of processes performed to obtain goods or services from an outside organization.The project manager plans purchases and acquisitions of crossroads and services that cant be provided by the project managers own organization. It includes preparing procurement documents, requesting vendor responses, selecting the vendors, and creating and administering contracts with each outside vendor. As you can see there are many knowledge areas that a project manager must excel at. Even though some areas are more important than others, each area must be executed with care and professionalism in order for any project to be successful. Work Breakdown Structure, WBS Chart and Project Management WBS Work Breakdown Structure, WBS, Term rendering Work segmentation structure, WBS, is a project management technique initially develop ed by the US Defense Establishment, which deconstructs a project with the intent to identify the deliverables required to complete the project. The project management work breakdown structure, WBS, is utilized at the beginning of the project to define the scope, estimate costs and organize Gantt schedules.Work breakdown structure, WBS, captures all the elements of a project in an organized fashion. Breaking down large, complex projects into smaller project pieces provides a better framework for organizing and managing the project. WBS can facilitate resource allocation, task assignment, responsibilities, measurement and control of the project. The project management work breakdown structure, WBS, is utilized at the beginning of the project to define the scope, estimate costs and organize Gantt schedules.In the project management WBS it is important that the project is not broken down into too much detail as that can lead to micro management. Conversely, too little detail can result in tasks that are too large to manage effectively. Work breakdown structure, WBS, can be presented in a tabular list, an indented task list as part of a Gantt chart or in a hierarchical tree. more often the work breakdown structure, WBS is listed in a hierarchical tree that captures deliverables and tasks needed to achieve project completion. ork breakdown structure (WBS) * E-Mail * put out * A * AA * AAA * inShare1 * Facebook * Twitter * Share This * RSS * Reprints A work breakdown structure (WBS) is a chart in which the critical work elements, called tasks, of a project are illustrated to portray their relationships to each other and to the project as a whole. The graphical nature of the WBS can help a project manager predict outcomes based on various scenarios, which can ensure that optimum decisions are made about whether or not to adopt suggested procedures or changes.When creating a WBS, the project manager defines the key objectives first and then identifies the tasks requi red to reach those goals. A WBS takes the form of a tree diagram with the trunk at the top and the branches below. The primary requirement or objective is shown at the top, with increasingly specific details shown as the observer reads down. When completed, a well-structured WBS resembles aflow diagramin which all elements are logically connected, redundancy is avoided and no critical elements are left out. Elements can be rendered as plain text or as text within boxes.The elements at the bottom of the diagram represent tasks small enough to be easily understood and carried out. Interactions are shown as lines connecting the elements. A change in one of the critical elements may affect one or more of the others. If necessary, these lines can include arrowheads to indicate time progression or cause-and-effect. A well-organized, detailed WBS can assist key personnel in the effective allocation of resources, project budgeting, procurement management, scheduling,quality assurance,qualit y control, risk management, product delivery and service oriented management.Related article Conveyor Belt Project

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Dear Ms. Jones In order to obtain the forecast for the fifth year we had to gather and analyze the data of the four previous old age in your company. The expressive style (data behaving with the same frequency over the years) that was found was the following The beginning months of the year are the ones with higher sales. As the months go by, sales sustain decreasing until December, where sales come back up again. Now, let me explain how we were able to arrive to this conclusion. First, we calculated the sightly demand by adding up exclusively the sales of all four years and dividing them by the number of months (48).Then, we came up with the ratio by dividing the sales of each period by the average demand. The seasonal worker index is then obtained by getting the average of the same month ratios of all four years. For example, the average of all the 4 January ratios. The seasonal index is an average that can be used to compare an actual observation relative to what it would be if we there were no seasonal variation. We arrive to the seasonal forecast by dividing the sales by the seasonal index. Then we get the trend line by adding the intercept plus the x-variable and multiplying that by each period.The trend forecast is what bequeath show you the regular trend of the years. That is obtained by multiplying the trend line times the seasonal index. Heres a snapshot of the trend of the what the fifth year would look like And here is another graph showing the trend of the four previous years As you can tell, the sales behavior repeats itself throughout the years. This trend seems to be very consistent. However, I must warn you that the p-value (percentage defective) in the summary output is significantly higher than . 06, (it is a. 404056) and this means this forecast is not very reliable.I also calculated the percentage errors the absolute percentage error (MAPE) is 3. 85%. This error was calculated by dividing the absolute error (which we got by subtract ing the trend forecast from the sales and using the absolute value of that), by the sales, and then getting the percentage of all the absolute percentage errors. I hope this helps you rede the trend of your sales throughout a year. The most important thing for you to identify is the months where you are having higher sales the possible reasons why those sales ebb as the years comes to an end.

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Problems exist through the current limited business scope to make ends meet. It also appears that the live to expand (diversify the business is meeting with opposition from long -time employed staff, major obstacles to the companys growth through diversifying the activities by introducing a new proposal have been identified and must(prenominal) be dealt with as far as possible and as quickly as possible by employing the strategies mentioned in my recommendations. A satisfactory resolution commode only bring to the highest degree a much to a greater extent stable working environment and hopefully, greater profitability and business expansion.Background details The main move of the problems, from the companys historical background and the current situation, have come about as a result of the economic recession and the anti-change attitudes of the present staff-in particular of the inconsiderateness of the have Manager. The business suffered significantly as a result of the droug ht years the need for new grain silos diminished and resulted with a negative impact on the Company. The Managing Director correctly saw the need for expansion and diversification especially when the companys infrastructure and staff expertise could be utilizes for the purpose.An opportunity presented itself when Christine met an old friend, Philip Thomson, who had successfully make an engineering stand overseas. Another opportunity for expansion also came when It was found that a new Freeway Infrastructure was to be built using poisework beams which the gross(prenominal) engineering firm could produce using skills Like those possessed by Phillip Thomson. The bid for the production of the beams was successfully made, with a time frame of six-months for completion. However, problems arose immediately in that location were staff resentments, unnecessary delays occurred, and it appeared staff were sabotaging he project.The old-timers within the staff resisted change, and were res entful of the fact that they were not consulted- and used the excuse that Instructions were not clear enough, that correct specifications for constructing the slew steel beams were not clearly explained to the staff, in particular, to the designer. As a result, two beams became useless and three weeks of time wasted. Major Recommendations I would suggest Immediate action be taken to halt further production of the steel beams, In order to avoid additional losses through labor and material costs.The Motor vehicle Freeway Infrastructure Project Authority should be contacted to inform them that there in some slight problem being experienced with the construction of the steel beams and there might be a minor delay with the completion of the 12 bridge support beams. However, your company will do its best to execute the work on time. Provide updates frequently. If necessary, suspend all bonuses to staff, with option would be greatly, if not totally, reduced or eliminated. Have a meetin g with the three fourth-year staff members the Project Manager, David Dobson, the QualityAssurance Manager, Heath Jones, and Philip Thomson, the new Project Manager in charge of the steel beams manufacture. Impress on them the need for the successful completion of the project as specified, and on time. If this doesnt happen then all will be lost, and most likely the Company will fold up and go under. The survival of the company is paramount it is more important than the resentment of an individual or the unchanging views of a few. The result will affect all staff members. advantage would bring greater opportunities for expansion and progress- of the Company and its staff.Mention that the current industry (the production of grain silos) has reached saturation point. Expansion and diversification is vital to industries, big or small, if they penury to survive and be competitive. Seek contributory remarks and suggestions as to how the company can complete the new project work on tim e. The involvement would no uncertainness be seen as a Joint decision-making exercise, and would be more acceptable to the other staff members. Suggest that the new project must be considered more urgent, and in need of total support and commitment. All surviving companies have had to diversify in order to expand and prosper.Consider, when, or if the new project is successful, about establishing new departments within the company, so that the existing staff can be incorporated into either the old grain silos production section or move to the newer project areas whatever they may be in the future. Also consider the re-training of existing staff if seen appropriate. As well (and in complete confidence) the removal or retrenchment, of a trouble- maker may be necessary, for the sake of the companys survival. Suggest that any further delays or sabotaging of the Project would result in closure and the end of all benefits.

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The Return: Shadow Souls Chapter 12

Elena checked the edges of the hotel rooms draperies for signs of dawn. beautiful was curled up, drowsing in a conduct by the window. Elena and Meredith had been up all night, and now they were surrounded by scattered printouts, newspapers, and pictures from the Internet.Its already spread beyond Fells church, Meredith explained, pointing to an article in oneness of the papers. I dont hunch over if its following ley lines, or being controlled by Shinichi or is sightly moving on its own, like any parasite.Did you try to contact Alaric?Meredith glanced at cleans sleeping figure. She spoke softly, Thats the good news. Id been trying to get him forever, and I finally managed. Hell be arriving in Fells Church soon he barely now has one more stop first.Elena move her breath in. One more stop thats more important than whats going out-of-door on in that town?Thats wherefore I didnt tell Bonnie rough him coming. Or Matt either. I knew they wouldnt chthonicstand. But Ill give you one guess as to what kind of legends hes following up in the Far East. Meredith fixed sinister eye on Elenas.Notit is, isnt it? Kitsune?Yes, and hes going to a very ancient place where they were supposed to have destroyed the town just as Fells Church is being destroyed. Nobody lives there now. That name Unmei no Shima means the Island of Doom. Maybe hell find something important about fox spirits there. Hes doing some kind of multicultural independent study with Sabrina Dell. Shes Alarics age, but shes already a famous forensic anthropologist.And youre not jealous? Elena give tongue to awkwardly. Personal issues were difficult to talk about with Meredith. ask her questions al musical modes felt like prying.Well. Meredith tipped back her principal. It isnt as if we have any formal engagement.But you never told anybody about all this.Meredith lowered her head and gave Elena a quick look. I have now, she said.For a moment the girls sat together in silence. Then Elena said quietly, The Shi no Shi, the kitsune, Isobel Saitou, Alaric and his Island of Doom they may not have anything to do with each other. But if they do, Im going to find out what it is.And Im going to help, Meredith said simply. But I had thought that after I gradatoryElena couldnt stand it anymore. Meredith, I promise, as soon as we get Stefan back and the town calmed down, well pin Alaric down with final causes A through Z, she said. She leaned forward and kissed Merediths cheek. Thats a velociraptor sisterhood oath, okay?Meredith blinked twice, swallowed once, and whispered, Okay. Then, abruptly, she was her old efficient self again. Thank you, she said. But cleaning up the town might not be such an easy job. Its already heading toward mass chaos there.And Matt deficiencyed to be in the middle of it all? Alone? Elena asked.Like we said, he and Mrs. Flowers are a hale team, Meredith said quietly. And its what hes chosen.Well, Elena said drily, he may turn out to have the better d eal in the end, after all.They went back to the scattered papers. Meredith picked up some(prenominal) pictures of kitsune guarding shrines in Japan.It says theyre usually depicted with a jewel or key. She held up a picture of a kitsune holding a key in its mouth at the main gate of the Fushimi Shrine.Aha, Elena said. Looks like the keys got two wings, doesnt it?Exactly what Bonnie and I thought. And the jewelswell, take a close look. Elena did and her stomach lurched. Yes, they were like the snow globe orbs that Shinichi had utilise to create unbreakable traps in the Old Wood.We found theyre called hoshi no tama, Meredith said. And that translates to star balls. Each kitsune puts a measure of their power into one, along with other things, and destroying the ball is one of the moreover ways to kill them. If you find a kitsunes star ball, you can control the kitsune. Thats what Bonnie and I want to do.But how do you find it? Elena asked, ablaze by the idea of controlling Shinichi and Misao.Sa Meredith said, pronouncing the word sah like a sigh. Then she gave one of her rare brilliant smiles. In Japanese, that means I wonder hmm wouldnt want to comment my gosh, golly, I really couldnt say. We could use a word like that in English.Despite herself, Elena giggled.But, then, other stories say that kitsune can be killed by the breach of Regret or by blessed weapons. I dont get by what the Sin of Regret is, but She rummaged in her luggage, and came up with an old-fashioned but serviceable-looking revolver.MeredithIt was my grandpas one of a pair. Matts got the other one. Theyre loaded with bullets blessed by a priest.What priest would bless bullets, for Gods sake? Elena demanded.Merediths smile turned bleak. One thats seen whats happening in Fells Church. You look on how Carolean got Isobel Saitou possessed, and what Isobel did to herself?Elena nodded. I remember, she said tautly.Well, do you remember how we told you that Obaasan Grandma Saitou used to be a shrine maiden? Thats a Japanese priestess. She blessed the bullets for us, all right, and specifically for killing kitsune. You should have seen how spooky the ritual was. Bonnie almost fainted again.Do you know how Isobel is doing now?Meredith shook her dark head slowly. Better but I dont say she rase knows about Jim yet. Thats going to be very tough on her.Elena tried to quell a shudder. There was secret code but tragedy in store for Isobel even when she got well. Jim Bryce, her boyfriend, had spent only one night with Caroline, but now had Lesch-Nye disease or so the doctors said. In that same flagitious night that Isobel had pierced herself eitherwhere, and cut her tongue so that it forked, Jim, a handsome star basketball player, had eaten away his fingers and his lips. In Elenas opinion they were both possessed and their injuries were only more reasons why the kitsune twins had to be stopped.Well do it, she said a out loud, realizing for the first time that Meredith w as holding her hand as if Elena were Bonnie. Elena managed a faint but located smile for Meredith. Well get Stefan out and well stop Shinichi and Misao. We have to do it.This time it was Meredith who nodded.Theres more, she said at last. You want to hear it?I indigence to know everything.Well, every single source I checked agrees that kitsune possess girls and then lead boys to destruction. What kind of destruction depends on where you look. It can be as simple as appearing as a will-o-the-wisp and leading you into a swamp or off a cliff, or as difficult as shapeshifting.Oh, yes, Elena said tightly. I knew that from what happened to you and Bonnie. They can look exactly like someone.Yes, but always with some small flaw if you have the wits to notice it. They can never make a perfect replicate. But they can have up to nine tails, and the more tails they have, the better at everything they are.Nine? Terrific. Weve never even seen a nine-tailed one.Well, we may get to yet. Theyre supp osed to be able to cross over freely from one world to another. Oh, yes. And theyre specifically in charge of the Kimon accession between dimensions. Want to guess what that translates to?Elena stared at her. Oh, no. Oh, yes.But why would Damon take us all the way across the country, just to get in through a Demon Gate thats run by fox spirits?SaBut when Matt told us you were headed to someplace near Sedona, that was really what pertinacious Bonnie and me.Great. Elena ran her hands through her hair and sighed. Anything else? she asked, feeling like a rubber band that had been stretched to its utmost.Only this, which ought to really bake your cookies after all weve been through. any(prenominal) of them are good. Kitsune, I mean.Some of them are good good what? Good fighters? Good assassins? Good liars?No, really, Elena. Some of them are supposed to be like gods and goddesses who variety of test you, and if you pass the test they reward you.Do you think we should count on finding one like that?Not really.Elena dropped her head to the coffee instrument panel where Merediths printouts were scattered. Meredith, seriously, how are we going to deal with them when we go through that Demon Gate? My Power is about as reliable as a low battery. And its not just the kitsune its all the different demons and vampires Old Ones, too What are we going to do?She raised her head and looked deeply into the eyes of her friend those dark eyes that she had never been able to classify as this color or that.To her surprise, Meredith instead of looking sober, tossed back the dregs of a Diet Coke and smiled.No Plan A yet?Wellmaybe just an idea. Nothing definite yet. What about you?A few that might qualify for Plans B and C. So what were going to do is what we always do try our best and fall all over ourselves and make mistakes until you do something brilliant and save us all.Merry Meredith blinked. Elena knew why she hadnt used that diminutive for Meredith for more years than she could remember. None of the three girls liked pet names or used them. Elena went on very seriously, holding Merediths eyes, Theres nothing I want more than to save everybody everybody from these kitsune bastards. Id give my life for Stefan and all of you. Butthis time it may be somebody else who takes the bullet.Or the stake. I know. Bonnie knows. We talked about it while we were flying here. But were still with you, Elena. You have to know that. Were all with you.There was only one way to reply to that. Elena gripped Merediths hand in both of hers. Then she let out her breath, and, like probing an aching tooth, tried to get news on a sore subject. Does Matt did he well, how was Matt when you left?Meredith glanced at her sideways. Not much got past Meredith. He seemed okay, but distracted. He would go off into these fits where hed just stare at nothing, and he wouldnt hear you if you spoke to him.Did he tell you why he left?Wellsort of. He said that Damon was hypnotizing y ou and that you werent werent doing all you could to stop him. But hes a boy and boys get jealous No, he was right about what he saw. Its just that Ive gotten to know Damon a little better. And Matt doesnt like that.Um-hm. Meredith was watching her from under lowered eyelids, barely breathing, as if Elena was a bird that mustnt be disturbed or shed fly away.Elena laughed. Its nothing bad, she said. At least I dont think so. Its just thatin some ways Damon needs help even more than Stefan did when he first came to Fells Church.Merediths eyebrows shot up, but all she said was, Um-hm.AndI think that really Damons a lot more like Stefan than he lets on.Merediths eyebrows stayed up. Elena finally looked at her. She opened her mouth once or twice and then she just stared at Meredith. Im in trouble, arent I? she said helplessly.If all this comes from less than one week riding in a car with himthen, yes. But we have to remember that women are Damons specialty. And he thinks hes in love w ith you.No, he really is Elena began, and then she caught her lower lip between her teeth. Oh, God, this is Damon were talking about. I am in trouble.Lets just watch and see what happens, Meredith said sensibly. Hes definitely changed, too. Before, he would have just told you that your friends couldnt come and that was it. Today he stuck around and listened.Yes. I just have to to be on my guard from now on, Elena said, a little unsteadily. How was she going to help the child inside Damon without getting closer to him? And how would she explain all she might need to do to Stefan?She sighed.Itll probably be all right, Bonnie muttered sleepily. Meredith and Elena both turned to look at her and Elena felt a chill go up her spine. Bonnie was sitting propped up, but her eyes were shut and her voice was indistinct. The real question is what will Stefan say about that night at the motel with Damon?What? Elenas voice was sharp and loud enough to awaken any sleeper. But Bonnie didnt stir. What happened what night at what motel? Meredith demanded. When Elena didnt answer immediately, she caught Elenas arm and swung her so that they were face-to-face.At last Elena looked at her friend. But her eyes, she knew, gave away nothing.Elena, whats she talking about? What happened with Damon?Elena still kept her face perfectly expressionless, and used a word shed learned just that night. SaElena, youre impossible Youre not going to motherfucker Stefan after you rescue him, are you?No, of course not Elena was hurt. Stefan and I belong together forever.But still you spent a night with Damon where something happened between you.SomethingI guess.And that something was?Elena smiled apologetically. SaIll get it out of him Ill put him on the defensive.You can make a Plan A and Plan B and all, Elena said. But it wont help. Shinichi took his memories away. Meredith, Im sorry you dont know how sorry. But I swore that nobody would ever know. She looked up at the taller girl, feeling te ars pool in her eyes. Cant you just once let me leave it that way?Meredith sank bank. Elena Gilbert, the world is lucky there is only one of you. You are the She paused, as if deciding whether to say the words or not. Then she said, Its time to get to bed. pervade is going to come early and so is the Demon Gate.Merry?What now?Thank you.

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On the sidewalk bleeding Essay

Dont judge a book by its cover. We all grow up listening and trying to proceed day in and day out following the metaphorical phrase. For most of us, this idiom means little however Evan Hunter uses a character from On the Sidewalk Bleeding to influence the reader of its importanceAndy is a young gang member growing up in the rough neighborhood of The Bronx. As a result, the attraction of membership leads Andy to join The Royals, a gang represented by a bright purple jacket. We are archetypical do conscious(predicate) of Andy just after a rival gang member has fatally stabbed him. It is made clear to us that Andy is no stranger towards violence and gang finale even at his young age. He thought to himself That was a fierce rumble, they got me good that time indicating that fighting is a common occurrence for him that he is steady unaware of how serious the stab wound is.As Andy lays helpless down a dark alleyway, we are made aware of three groups of public denying Andy help, a di rect result of this appearance and his relationship with the gang culture. Most notably, one young couple is felt inclined to leave Andy helpless. The couples first reaction in finding Andy was Hes a Royal demonstrating the immediate prejudice. This is again reinforced when they leave him to die due to his gang connections, suggesting that because of this, he doesnt deserve to get help.We help him and the Guardians will be down our necks It is also made clear that the Guardians are another rival gang. This is confirmed when Andy comments about(predicate) these gangs being two of the biggest As the couple flee the scene, Andy thinks to himself, Why are they afraid of the Guardians? Ive never turkeyed out of a rumble with the Guardians The emphasizing how Andy is no stranger to violence.However, Hunter positions the reader to understand what is beneath the purple jacket. Hunter demonstrates how Andy is simply a young and impulsive boy therefore is inclined to hold poor decisions. In the first paragraph, Hunter uses the word boy twice and also makes reference to his age, 16. The authors intention is to create sympathy for Andy.He does this successfully because we relate the word boy to someone who is young and nave. Thereference to his age convinces us that everyone is inclined to make mistakes, especially at his age. Andy made one poor decision and he should not lose his life be cause of it.Hunter also reveals how Andy is a kind and caring person. The overconfident personality is evident when Andy talks about his girlfriend Laura, and his hopes and plans for his future with her. Someday he would marry Laura, someday he would marry her and have lots of kids, and and then move out of the neighborhood Though this we learn how this gang member ship is just a phase that Andy is going through and how he wants to engender a clean project with good opportunities.We also retrieve how Andy believes in traditional values, not the norm of a gang member. This is furthe r emphasized when we see him put Lauras needs first He wondered if Laura would be angryAndy is also revealed as tenacious and determined, which are qualities that we admire. He realizes that they had only stabbed the jacket and the gentle Because of this, Andy was driven to take the jacket off, so when he was found, he would not be seen as a Royal, but just Andy.Andys determination is shown when he fights the pain just to remove his jacket. With great effort, he rolled over onto his back. He felt great pain tearing at his stomach when he moved Hunter also uses the verbs squirmed and fought and twisted These verbs have great impact on the reader because it develops our appreciation of just how determined and tenacious Andy is.Andy has taught us a very important lesson in the short story On the Sidewalk Bleeding. He has demonstrated how we are not all synonymous to our appearance. Evan Hunter conveys this throughout the text influencing us to understand how maybe we are inclined to m ake unsafe judgments based on appearances, or is it in our power to prevent it.

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Characteristics of the Byronic Hero

The Byronic heroso named because it evolved primarily due to Lord Byrons writing in the 19th centuryis, according to Peter Thorslev, one of the most prominent literary character types of the Romantic level Romantic heroes represent an important tradition in our literature . . .. In England we have a reinterpreted paradise Lost, a number of Gothic novels and dramas . . . the heroic romances of the younger Scott, well-nigh of the poetry of Shelley, and the works of Byron.In each of these works the Byronic Hero is the one protagonist who in stature and in temperament best represents the heroic tradition in England. Thorslev 189) A Byronic hero exhibits several characteristic traits, and in many ways he tummy be considered a rebel. The Byronic hero does not possess heroic virtue in the usual grit instead, he has many dark qualities. With regard to his intellectual capacity, self-respect, and hypersensitivity, the Byronic hero is larger than life, and with the loss of his titanic passions, his pride, and his proof of self-identity, he loses also his status as a traditional hero (Thorslev 187).He is usually isolated from society as a wanderer or is in exile of some mannequin. It does not matter whether this social separation is imposed upon him by some external force or is self-imposed. Byrons Manfred, a character who wandered desolate mountaintops, was physically isolated from society, whereas Childe Harold chose to exile himself and wander throughout Europe. Although Harold remained physically present in society and among people, he was not by any means social.Often the Byronic hero is moody by nature or emotional about a particular issue. He also has emotional and intellectual capacities, which are superior to the come man. These heightened abilities force the Byronic hero to be arrogant, confident, abnormally sensitive, and extremely conscious of himself. Sometimes, this is to the point of nihilism resulting in his ascent against life itself (Thorsl ev 197). In one form or another, he rejects the values and moral codes of society and because of this he is often unrepentant by societys standards.Often the Byronic hero is characterized by a guilty memory of some unnamed sexual crime. Due to these characteristics, the Byronic hero is often a figure of repulsion, as well as fascination. Harold Bloom notes that between them, the Brontes can be said to have invented a relatively new genre, a kind of northern romance, deeply influenced both by Byrons poetry and by his myth and personality, notwithstanding going masking also . . . to the Gothic novel and to the Elizabethan drama (1). When Byron died at the age of thirty-six in 1824, Bronte was but eight years old.Brontes youthful age, however, did not preclude Byron and his works from having a profound effect on her and her writing indeed, the cult of Lord Byron flourished shortly after his death dominating the Brontes girlhood and their young fair sex (Bloom 2). Of the Bronte siste rs background, Tom Winnifrith comments that a study of the Brontes juvenilia provides confirmatory evidence of the sisters preoccupation with the aristocracy, their emancipation from Victorian prudery, and the attraction of the Byronic hero, exquisite but damned (4).

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Organisation and management in the network era Essay

The following report contains a brief look into MAS holdings, the companys history, how they live fully grown and developed and how they have succeeded in legion(predicate) ventures. The report then goes on to address the following questions1. compend the key lureership issues confronting MAS Holdings. 2. In terms of this case, how hobo the CIO assist in gaining major(postnominal) care acquit for IT initiatives? 3. In reexamineing an arrangement of your choice, discuss the design play by the CIO and CEO when tether an IT initiative at bottom their respective companyAn introduction to MAS HoldingsMarketsMAS holdings, which was founded and led by progressive and visionary leader Desha umpteena Mahesh Amalean, MAS Holdings pioneered and melio rove the manufacture of garments including fine lingerie in Sri Lanka. The company started with a single factory and staff of 60, instantly MAS Holdings now is one of Sri Lankas largest apparel manufacturers. They produce apparel, performance wear and swimwear in the world with a net $1 billion annual turn in all everywhere. MAS Holdings now has 38 world-class apparel facilities that spread over 14 different countries and employing more than 55,000 people, they have grown from a small company to an international bolide in manufacturing due to their sound moving in model and visionary, various(a) development.MAS Holdings are non only the leading strategic partner for Victorias Secret (VS) but also effectively serve numerous global grimes including Triumph world(prenominal), tag & Spencer (M&S), DIM Branded Apparel, Nike, Speedo, Adidas, Reebok, GAP and Banana Republic. The for mentioned companies are known for lumber and excellence done out the world and this is in numerous ways attributed to MAS Holdings commitment to their brands and commitment to provide an keen service to their guests.Design and product development has evolved to become a key part of the business an discip account in which M ASHoldings has excelled. In addition to working with traditional vendornetworks, concepts and design briefs in order to create advanced product ranges, MAS Holdings also works to create new engineering science and products that will be a source of competitive prefer, this is done in a bid to redefine the industry Innovation is fleck nature to MAS Holdings. From working with Victorias Secret on fast replenishment models to lean manufacturing with rapid product changeovers, the companys fully-integrated model allows it to innovate across the value chain. ProductsMAS Holdings comprise of four business units MAS Intimates, MAS Active, MAS Fabrics and MAS Investments, a separate non-apparel business. The MAS Holdings Intimates department designs and manufactures niche-market lingerie for high-street fashion seller and brands, while MAS Active supplies leading brands in ambition sportswear. MAS Fabrics, made up of manufacturing facilities for elastics, warp-knit fabric, lace, inti mate apparel accessories and moulded bra cups, it is here that we see numerous of the mod products MAS Holdings produce coming in concert.MAS fabrics also complements the Intimates and Active divisions. Through the integrated business model, MAS Holdings innovates new and exciting solutions from state-of-the-art silicon-embedding engine room toorganic and fair-trade products. Some innovational products include the Speedo Fast SkinFS-Pro swimsuit which was controversially worn at the2004 Olympics, and by and by banned. An separate innovative product produced by MAS Holdings was the Nike Revolutionary Support Bra the highest-selling sports bra in the the States worn by international tennis actorsand athletes.In 2007, MAS Holdings launched its own intimate apparel brand, Amant, which targets the Indian market. MASInvestments oversaw a diversified portfolio of investments including the development of integrated apparel and fabric parks in the region, retail and outsourced scho oling-technology services. The divisions are brought together on a lower floor a common vision and corporate governance by MAS Corporate Solutions.A successful tailspin off from the apparel market was MAS Investments which include two IT consulting companies, the Corporate Branding and Retail unit and a diversified investment portfolio. A brief history review battle arrays that in 1990, Mast Industries entered into a joint venture, consideration up shadow line.The next big leap for MAS Holdings came in 1992 when it entered into a joint-venture partnership with Triumph International and Mast Industries to set up Bodyline, which ride outs to be its single largest plant for manufacturing intimate in the area. Slimline, a company which emerged in 1993 as a joint venture with Mast Industries and Courtaulds Clothing (UK), has been a key sourcing arm of M&S and went on to establish benchmarks for excellence in employee relations and put MAS Holdings firmly on the global map.The start -off oversea venture for MAS Holdings was Linea Clothing in the Maldives in 1996. Since then, the group has continued to make strategic investments overseas with operations spanning five countries. MAS Holdings initiated vertical integration within the Sri Lankan apparel industry with its joint venture with Mast Industries and Charnwood Elastics (UK) to establish Stretchline, the countrys premier supplier of elastics, in 1996. Stretchline is now a globally recognised brand for narrow performance elastics with a global manufacturing base. A partnership with NoyonDentelles of France in 2004 created South Asias initial lace manufacturing facility, Noyon Lanka.Joint-venture partnerships with Prym Intimates (Germany), Dogi International FabricandTextprint SA (Spain) consolidated the regional supply base for intimate apparel accessories, warp-knitted fabrics and fabricprinting capabilities. This diversity in the supply chain has helped position Sri Lanka and the regional centre of excell ence for apparel and sportswear. MAS Linea Aqua, a partnership clientele with Speedo International, is one of the first dedicated swimwear plants in the world excelling in performance swimwear. As previously mentioned, it has been MAS Holdings dedication to innovation that has propelled it to the forefront of its industry.Q1. Outline the key leadership issues confronting MAS Holdings. As mentioned above, the history of MAS Holdingshas played a purpose in key leadership issues that confront MASHoldings today.There are several key leadership issues confronting MAS Holdings. collect to the diverse nature of MAS Holdingsoperations and its decentralised structure, it would be difficult to have a specific company- wide leadership in business office. Malesh Amalean, chairman of MAS Holdings has to deal with the vertical integration of MASHoldings. At the beginning, he succeeded in creating his own company and orient its company strategy to an export-oriented strategy.First, he managed to secure contracts with European and American retailers such as C&A or Calvin Klein. Secondly, he organized a first joint venture with a big American retailer, MAST, which allowed him to gain his first contract with Victorias Secret and a strong reputation in womens lingerie manufacturing. Unfortunately, the sudden increase of work for thecompany led to some leadership problems,the need of flavour professional managers. MaleshAmalean has to withdraw a part of his see over the company by sharing his control over the business to young and unknown managers. He has to trust them in order to take advantage of this situation.The next joint ventures, with Triumph, Noyon or Sara Lee, amongst others, have further increased the issue of control and trust. Although MASHoldings can continue to develop while being part of a large company, they must learn to adapt and agree to suit partner firms. This may involve accepting new systems, processes and procedures such as the ones instituted b y Triumph. yet this deal was not one sided as MAS Holdings had to learn to share their own technologies and friendship with their partner. This can lead to some loss of control within the company if not managed correctly.In order not to lose too much power, MAS Holdings was only signing joint-ventures with companies in which they established a trusting relationship, with strong duologue and a personal relationship, they also protected themselves by never committing 100% of their production capabilities to one contingent company. Furthermore, the company clearly outlined in each contract that MASHoldings were responsible for managing the businesses from taking the order phase and MASHoldings also clearly defined the responsibility of each participant in the joint-venture. This specific repartition of tasks allowed MAS Holdings to build a specific structure for all their different tasks which they maintained a desired level of control over.Due to a desire to succeed with this new decentralized structure MaleshAmalean made a decision to allocate leaders to each structure, segmenting the leaders from each other. MAS Holdings run the risk of deviating from its core business model as a result of this. This is one of the reasons why MAS Holdings managed to deploy its IT systems to improve knowledge sharing and information management capabilities across the organization.As the company develops and grows, they are face with the issue of loss of control. They attempt to counteract this by implementing strategies to prevent it. Q 2. In terms of this case, how can the CIO assist in gaining of age(p) Management jut for IT initiatives? The of import development officer (CIO) of an system of rules is the person responsible for the information technology and computer systems that digest the organisations goals and objective (TechTarget). This position is intended to bridge the gap between information technology and the business.It is an evolving role related to performance, evaluation, and turnover. For IT initiatives to be successful, a team approach is essential at the senior level in the organization. Therefore the CIO must try to provide a link between the IT department and the companys senior managers (Hunter, 2010). The following paragraphs would discuss ways the CIO can assist in gaining senior management persist for IT initiatives in MAS Holdings. CommunicationAt MAS Holdings, the senior management is aware of the flexibility and competitive advantage IT initiatives can bring to the organisation in a rapidly ever-changing market. However, to assist in gaining senior management support, communication is key. The CIO must communicate in the language of business, as this is important to enable the senior management make IT funding decisions as well as strategic and business decisions. Therefore, the key information on what the IT externalise will enable MAS Holdings to trifle should be stated in clear, concise, and real business t erms.Stating the junction with strategies and objectivesInformation technology and business alignment refers to demonstrating concise business related value from IT and coordinating the capabilities of IT with the objectives of the organisation (Hunter, 2010). In order to do this, the CIO needs to regard the strategies and objectives of MAS Holdings. Strategies of MAS Holdings include a coalition of companies, Backward erect Integration, and streamlining the supply chain. The specifics of potential IT initiatives should be clearly stated and explained how it may be strategically applied to accomplish the MAS Holdings goals and objectives. In cases where IT endures are not aligned, but may still be important, the CIO needs to tell senior managers why and how. Alignment is usually facilitated through communication. Specifying the anticipated welfaresUsually senior management do not specifically care about the technology itself, but how it would enable the organisation accomplish i ts goals. MAS Holdings work with a coalition of companies, so apart from competitive advantage, IT initiatives would provide a transparent model which allows information and knowledge to flow within the MASHoldings group companies and through the value chain, from customer down to various suppliers.This would make the retail business more efficient cost competitiveness and speed would be enhanced, while providing flexibility. MAS Holdings biggest customer, Victorias Secret needed to shorten the concept-to-market time of its products. An ERP solution would help produce a demand- plan system that would have the function product on the shelf at the right time. Showing the focus on MAS Holdings top prioritiesThe CIO must understand the organisations priorities, and the identified IT initiatives must address these priorities. MAS Holdings priority is to understand how each of their partners work, what is important to them, and what their expectations are. Therefore in order to gain seni or management support for IT projects, the CIO should show an understanding of the culture of the MAS Holdings and its partners, and to provide the IT solution that would support that.Q 3. In reviewing an organisation of your choice, discuss the role played by the CIO and CEO when leading an IT initiative within their respective company. The company we have chosen to review is tag and Spencer. We feel this is a specifically good fit as they fall under the MAS Holdings umbrella of brands. Marks & Spencer CEO Marc Boland Marc Bolland, originally from Holland is the current CEO of Marks & Spencers. He was noted in 2010 as one of the nearly influential people in business and in 2011 he was named as most admired business leader in the UK by Management Today magazine.He worked for Heineken and Morrisons onward Marks & Spencers. When Marc took over at Marks and Spencer in 2010, he faced the challenge of improving sales and increasing profits. His aim was to do this through using the mos t up to date and innovative technology. Marks and Spencer set Cheshire Oaks as their flagship technology store. Cheshire Oaks is the first Marks and Spencer store to make extensive use of all the latest technology and innovations in multi-channel to create an enhanced, more convenient and inspirational customer shopping experience.The Cheshire Oaks and ulterior stores have adopted and utilised technologies HD screens throughout the stores showcase the latest looks offered. Browse and Order screens allow catalogues be viewed and ordered from. Staff equipped with iPads to assist customers with item searches Leading technology such as the practical(prenominal) Makeover and Duvet and Pillow Selector keep Marks and Spencer at the forefront on technology. QR codes and free customer Wi-Fi also feature throughout the store.It is essential that Marc Boland works with the CIO when he is implementing or improving any information technology process or policy. Collaboration between CEO and CI O is essential. Marcs role is to approve of and support IT initiatives. Backing the technology and using his expertise and resources efficiently will help any implementation succeed. Marc must be an informed leader and ensure that the team and himself keep up to date with the constantly changing world of E-Commerce and technology. Being an informed leader will help Marc in his role of ensuring Marks & Spencers keep up to date with their competitors. Customers value and demand the newest and most up to date technology. Providing services that meet the demand is a key role in Marcs goal of improving the situation Marks & Spencer found themselves in when he acquired the C.E.O. role.Marks and Spencer CIO Darrell Stein Darrell Stein is CIO of Marks & Spencers and he plays a crucially important role in leading I.T. initiatives throughout the organisation. Although Chief Information Officers will incessantly be involved in I.T. initiatives, Steins vision, enterprising spirit and ambition ensure many successful I.T. projects under his tenure.Stein is the key man that led I.T. change within Marks & Spencer resulting in it being a very successful organisation today. Stein was initially brought in as an I.T. director with some responsibilities for logistics, stock-still he moved away from the logistics side so he could give his full attention to I.T. utilize his knowledge and experience, he shortly found himself overhauling the I.T. systems company wide, no easy task for an organisation with over a thousand stores and almost 10billion in annual revenue.Stein learned lessons from recent high indite disasters in the retail sector, and his approach is to look at all pictures of a project while planning the project, he is also involved in getting the right people in place and employs a tactic of not moving too fast, his successful techniques have been proven with the high success rate of projects which he has co-ordinated. Crucially, he also realises how much that I.T. projects which dont work, hurt the organisation on a day to day basis. Perhaps the most rewarding I.T. initiative that Stein was a leader in implementing was the bankroll out of sap software within the company. SAP was initially rolled out in the finance department, and after its initial success, it was expanded to other departments within the core business system.Steins role was to justify the implementation of the software, as well as convincing the board at M&S that the heavy initial investment in SAP would lead to a bottom line benefit to the company and overall cost savings in the long run. Stein also faced a challenge in integrating SAP into the existing business process and his full support and backing of the I.T. project was key to its success. When Stein initially rolled out the SAP system in the finance department it led to instant savings. Stein cut M&Ss procural spending by a quarter as a direct result of the implementation of the SAP system (TechRepublic, Top 50 CIO) . Due to its success in the finance department, Stein rolled out SAP systems to other business areas including HR, supply chain and the foods division.This wide scale roll-out became part of a 2020-Doing the right thing initiative which in essence, is an I.T. &supply chain overhaul that cost 400million in 2011 alone (M&S completes first phase of 3 year SAP rollout, 2010).Steins role in this long term project is key and he is the catalyst for I.T. change within M&S. Stein was also integral in pushing through the I.T. change projects with the goal of lowering overall company operating costs. His ethos of not perceive himself as a technology person, but as a business person who utilizes technology to benefit the company, has been fundamental to M&S and its rebranding strategy of more for less.Stein helped reduce rails costs through implementing I.T. initiatives, and this led to money being freed up within the business and being invested in other sectors, such as business development projects. It is clear that Darrell Stein has been a fundamental player in leading I.T. initiatives in M&S and his reputation both within the company, and the wider business world, sozzled the decisions he takes are looked at with optimism and excitement from his colleagues, and with caution from his competitors. Stein has tried to focus on grammatical construction the trust and strong relationship the M&S brand has with its customers, he sees this as key to retentiveness sticky customers, whose return business is vital to the companys continuous success.He has done this through developing feedback channels with customers through more interaction, he has also focused on building the e-commerce aspect of the business, and it is largely due to the measures Stein implemented that M&S has achieved 75% annual increase in its online sales turnover. Stein is now in a position within M&S where he has contributed to them becoming market leaders through, in part, his leadership in pushing t hrough I.T. projects.As mentioned above, it is exigent that Darrell Stein works in harmony with Marc Boland to ensure that two of the most influential men in the company work together to achieve organisational goals. Key to the pushing through effective I.T. initiatives in M&S was the close professional relationship Boland and Stein had. Both men regularly communicated with each other about implementing change and integrating the I.T. into the business model.The rich communication channel reinforced any project the men were involved in and made the implementation of technology very smooth. All scenarios involving the new technology would have been talked about prior to its implementation. Communication was a key factor to success in many projects such as the introduction of the virtual makeover application. Boland and Stein were also both innovators, they looked to set themselves aside from competition through innovative thinking and applying new techniques in the retail sector. Ha ving a CEO and CIO with such a good relationship was essential to some of M&Ss innovative approaches as technology was a key tool used in implementing the change.One such project was the introduction of M&S TV online, which promoted customer interaction with the overall aim of boosting sales. M&S TV pioneered many of the campaigns you see today, for instance, they were first to do a video on where does the milk on the shelves come from? regard the farmer. These videos made the customer believe they are shopping local and such ads can be seen today by firms such as McDonalds, for their beef, and Supervalu for their produce.The dedication both men had to their jobs was also crucial to many successful projects. Both men had a passion for what they were doing and firmly believed all measures they put in place were for the benefit of the company. In conclusion, we feel both Marc Bolland and Darrell Stein added to Marks and Spencers success, and their co-operation and partnership has boo sted innovative techniques and introduced new technologies to the firm.References If necessary answering a question so not sure? -TechRepublic, CIO 50 most influencial, innovative tech chiefs. -M&S completes first phase of three year SAP roll out, Leo King, Computerworld UK, published May 10- ReferencesBrief How can CIOs improve their presentations to senior management? URL http// Hunter G. (2010) The Chief Information Officer A Review of the Role. Journal of Information, Information Technology, and Organizations TechTarget Definition of Chief Information Officer (CIO). URL http// .Watson.N,Story.J. (2006).MAS Holdings Strategic Corporate Social Pesponsibility in the Apparel Industry.3-4.02/2006-53402.Various(Author)(2007).Business Superbrands.54-55. UKSuperbrands LtdView as multi-pages

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European colonization study Guide Essay

The Monroe doctrine was essentially intended to preclude the Western Hemisphere off-limits to European colonization. European powers would attempt to restore Spains former colonies, attempts would be viewed as a hostile act against the U. S Second Continental Congress inter colonial assembly that met in Philadelphia on May 10, 1775 all thirteen colonies were represented still wanted to just get British acts repealed and wrote new appeals to British people and king, but raised m peerlessy to create an army and navy Articles of conspiracy Adopted in 1777 during the revolutionary fight, the Articles lay outed the get together earths of America.The Articles granted limited powers to the central government, reserving most powers for the states. The go away was a poorly outlined case state that couldnt govern the countrys funds or maintain stability. The composition replaced them in 1789 Battles of Lexington and Concord The battles of Lexington and Concord initiated the Revoluti onary struggle between the American colonists and the British. British governor doubting Thomas Gage sent troops to Concord to stop the colonists who were loading arms. The abutting day, on April 19, 1775, the number 1 shots were fired in Lexington, starting the war.The battles resulted in a British retreat to capital of Massachusetts Thomas Paine wrote Common Sense in 1776 helped American public recognize the need to separate from the blossom Lexington and Concord the first battle of the Revolutionary warf ar in April 1775 twenty dollar bill thousand musket-bearing Minute custody swarmed around Boston, thehre to coop up the outnumbered British Yorktown where Cornwallis was forced to surrender his entire force of cardinal thousand men on October 19, 1781 to Washington and de Grasse Saratoga where Burgoyne was forced to surrender his entire command on Octor 17, 1777 to American general Horatio Gates accord of Paris- 1783 treaty in which British formally recognized the license of the get together States granted generous boundaries ( disseminated multiple sclerosis River to corking Lakes to Spanish Florida plus a share in the valuable fisheries on Newfoundland) Americans could no longer persecute Loyalists and had to restore their professional mortalperty to them states vowed to put no impartialityful obstacles in the way of debt-collecting from British George Washington selected by the Second Continental Congress to head the improvised colonial army in Boston had very little experience, but was of good character and was a Virginian (eased southerly colonists minds to the highest degree creating a big New England army) led the battle at Trenton Declaration of freedom written by Thomas Jefferson in 1776 based on Richard Henry Lees answer formally approved by Congress on July 4, 1776 Alexander Hamilton Hamilton emerged as a study political figure during the debate over the Constitution, as the outspoken leader of the Federalists and one of the auth ors of the Federalist Papers.Later, as secretary of exchequer under Washington, Alexander Hamilton spearheaded the governments Federalist initiatives, most notably through the creation of the Bank of the United States. Alien and Sedition Acts A series of laws that sought to re rigid the activities of people who opposed Federalist policies (1798) Dorothea Dix Rights activist on behalf of mentally ill patients created first wave of US mental asylums Federalists Led by Alexander Hamilton, the Federalists believed in a strong central government, loose interpretation, and encouraged commerce and manufacturing. They were staunch supporters of the Constitution during ratification and were a political force during the early years of the United States.The Federalist influence declined after the election of Republican Thomas Jefferson to the presidency and disappeared completely after the Hartford rule. Indian removal act This act granted the chair funds and authority to remove Native Amer icans (1830) The XYZ Affair Three French agents asked for over ten one thousand million dollars in tribute before they would begin diplomatic talks with America. When Americans heard the news, they were outraged. Adams decided to strengthen the navy blue to show France that America was a force to be reckoned with Treaty of Ghent Treaty that ended the War of 1812 and maintained prewar conditions Treaty of Guadalupe -HidalgoEnded Mexican War US received Texas (with Rio Grande border) and other states US paying Mexico $15 million dollarsTreaty of Paris (1763)The 1763 Treaty of Paris ended the Seven Years War in Europe and the parallel French and Indian War in North America. Under the treaty, Britain win all of Canada and almost all of the modern United States east of the Mississippi. Virginia Plan The Virginia Plan was presented to the Constitutional group and proposed the creation of a bicameral legislature with representation in both houses proportional to population. The Virgi nia Plan favour the large states, which would piss a much greater voice. In opposition, the small states proposed the New Jersey Plan. In the end, the two sides found common ground through the Connecticut Compromise. William Lloyd Garrison White Abolitionist proterozoic 1800s ublished The Liberator The Jay Treaty Treaty in which Britain agreed to evacuate its posts on the US western frontier (1794) The Pinckney Treaty Treaty with Spain which opened trade and redefined Florida boundary (1795) Tariff of Abominations 1828 Also called Tariff of 1828, it raised the tax on imported manufactured goods. The tariff protected the North but harmed the South South said that the tariff was economically discriminatory and unconstitutional because it violated states rights. Missouri Compromise Allowed Missouri to attain the union as a slave state, Maine to enter the union as a free state, interdict slavery north of latitude 36? 0 within the lah Territory (1820) Henry carcasss American S ystem Plan for economic growth establish a protective tariff, establish a national bank, and improve the countrys transporation system Embargo Act In reception to impressment, this bill halted all foreign trade with disastrous economic consequences (1807) Articles of Confederation Adopted in 1777 during the Revolutionary War, the Articles established the United States of America. The Articles granted limited powers to the central government, reserving most powers for the states. The result was a poorly defined national state that couldnt govern the countrys finances or maintain stability. The Constitution replaced them in 1789 Whigs The Whigs were originally colonists supporting independence. In the mid 1830s, the Whig Party opposed Jacksons strong-armed leadership style and policies.The Whigs promoted protective tariffs, federal official funding for internal improvements, and other measures that strengthened the central government. Reaching its upside of popularity in the 1830s, the Whigs disappeared from the national political scene by the 1850s. The Whiskey Rebellion sort of farmers refused to pay federal excise tax on whiskey, Washington responds decisively with troops (1794) John Locke believed all people have a right to life, liberty, and property stated the government is created by the people for the people Sons of Liberty A radical political organization for colonial independence which organize in 1765 after the passage of the casting Act. They incited riots and burned the customs houses where the stamped British paper was kept.After the repeal of the Stamp Act, many of the local chapters formed the Committees of Correspondence which continued to promote opposition to British policies towards the colonies. The Sons leaders included Samuel Adams and Paul Revere. Crispus Attucks One of the first men to die in the Boston Massacre. 1770 Battle of Bunker Hill May 1775 Tiny American force under Ethan Allen and Benedict Arnold surprised and captured the British garrisons at Ticonderoga and Crown Point in f number New York. Gunpowder and artillary for the siege at Boston was obtained. June 1775 Colonists siezed Bunker Hill (Breeds Hill). Americans numbering 1500 soldiers slaughtered the advance redcoats.Colonists were short on gunpowder and were foced to abandon the hill. Daniel Shays led a rebellion because farmers were unable to pay in Continental Dollars and banks were foreclosing farms in Massachusetts. checks and balances created because of the bicameral legislature. A system that ensured that no particular branch of government gained besides much power over another. It demonstrated the fear of absolute power in one group/individual as well as preventing one branch from overpowering the others. Constitutional Convention convenes to edict Articles of Confederation, suggested that a new Constitution be written. Land Ordinance of 1785 land in the northwest would be surveyed and then sold to help pay debt.Great Compromise aka the Connecticut Plan, combined the Large State Plan and the Small State Plan created the bicameral legislature (House of Representatives and Senate). Shays Rebellion 1786-1787 farmers couldnt pay their debts with Continental Dollars, banks were foreclosing farms in Massachusetts, rebellion led by Daniel Shays articles need to be revised. Bank of the United States 1791, gives sense of unity, debt shouldered by federal government, place to keep money. 3/5 Compromise It was a compromise between the northern states with the southern ones that decided that although slaves were not citizens, each one would count as 3/5 of a man for representation. It got Southern states to ratify the constitution.Federalist Papers The papers were a charm of essays written by Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, and James Madison explaining how the new government/constitution would work. Their take was to convince the New York state legislature to ratify the constitution, which it did. Judiciary Act of 1789 est ablished a unequivocal Court and district courts (1789) Publius Elderly senator who witnesses the assassination Brutus sends him out to tell the citizens that no one else will be harmed Bill Of Rights Although the Anti-Federalists failed to block the ratification of the Constitution, they did ensure that the Bill of Rights would be created to protect individuals from government interference and thinkable tyranny.The Bill of Rights, drafted by a group led by James Madison, consisted of the first ten amendments to the Constitution, which guaranteed the gracious rights of American citizens. Marbury v. Madison(1803) Marbury was a midnight appointee of the Adams administration and sued Madison for com delegating. Chief Justice Marshall said the law that gave the courts the power to rule over this issue was unconstitutional. established judicial review Thomas Jefferson A prominent statesman, Thomas Jefferson became George Washingtons first secretary of state. Along with James Madison, Jefferson took up the cause of strict constructionists and the Republican Party, advocating limited federal government.As the nations third president from 1801 to 1809, Jefferson unionised the national government by Thomas Jefferson Republican ideals, doubled the size of the nation, and struggled to maintain American neutrality War of 1812 Resulted from Britains support of Indian hostilities along the frontier, interference with American trade, and impressments of American sailors into the British army (1812 1815) The Louisiana Purchase U. S. acquisition of the Louisiana territory from France in 1803 for $15 million. The purchase secured American control of the Mississippi river and doubled the size of the nation. The Lewis and Clark Expidition Overland expedition to the Pacific coast lead by Meriwether Lewis and William Clark. Commissioned by President Jefferson, the expedition of the far west brought back a wealth of scientific data about the country and its resources. 804-1806 War Hawks Congressional leaders who in 1811/1812 called for war against Britain to respect Americas nautical rights. Samuel Slater Father of the Factory System in America. Skelled British mechanic of 21 who was attracted by bounties universe offered to British workers familiar with the material machines. Industrial Revolution The period where western expansion and urbanization happened in America distinguished by factories, new inventors improved transportation, communication and production. Lowell System Developed in the textile mills of Lowell, Massachusetts, in the 1820s, in these factories as much machinery as possible was used, so that hardly a(prenominal) consummate workers were needed in the process, nd the workers were almost all single young farm women, who worked for a few years and then returned home to be housewives. DeWitt Clinton Governor whose grand project was the Erie Canal which linked the Great Lakes to the Hudson River. John Quincy Adams Secretary of State, He served as sixth president under Monroe. In 1819, he force up the Adams-Onis Treaty in which Spain gave the United States Florida in exchange for the United States dropping its claims to Texas. The Monroe Doctrine was for the most part Adams work. Abolitionism The militant effort to do away with slavery. It had its roots in the North in the 1700s. It became a major issue in the 1830s and dominated politics after 1840.Congress became a battleground between pro and anti-slavery forces from the 1830s to the Civil War. John C. Calhoun Part of the immortal trio Great Nullifer, proposed to leave slavery alone, return tomboy slaves, give the south its right as a minority view that presidents elected, one from south and one from north. Frederick Douglas Self-educated slave who escaped in 1838, Douglas became the best-known abolitionist speaker. He edited an anti-slavery weekly, the North Star. Grimke Sisters Angelina and Sarah Grimke wrote and lectured smartly on reform causes such a s prison reform, the temperance movement, and the abolitionist movement. Horace Mann Brilliant and idealistic receive of Brown University.Secretary of Massachusettes Board of Education, campaigned effectively for more and better school houses, longer school terms, high pay for teachers, and an expanded curriculum. Elizabeth Cady Stanton Mother of seven who had insisted on leaving obey out of her marriage ceremony, take aback fellow feminists by going so far as to advocate suffrage for women. Womens Rights Convention Convention for women advocates at Seneca Falls to rewrite the Declaration of Independence to include women. All men and women are created equal -Declaration of Sentiments Declaration of Sentiments Revision of the Declaration of Independence to include women and men (equal).It was the grand basis of attaining civil, social, political, and ghostly rights for women. Susan B. Anthony Militant lecturer for womens rights who fearlessly exposed herself to rotten garbage and vulgar epithets. Transcendentalism tactile sensation in which each person has direct communication with God and Nature, and there is no need for organized churches. It incorporated the ideas that mind goes beyond matter, intuition is valuable, that each soul is part of the Great Spirit, and each person is part of a reality where only the invisible is truly real. Promoted individualism, self-reliance, and freedom from social constraints, and emphasized emotions.Ralph Waldo Emerson confidential information transcendentalist, emphasizing freedom and self-reliance, spoke and wrote many works on the behalf of the abolitionists. Henry David Thoreau Transcendentalist and friend of Emerson who lived alone on Walden Pond with only $8 a year from 1845-1847 and wrote about it in Walden. On Civil Disobedience, he inspired social and political reformers because he had refused to pay a poll tax in withstand of slavery and the Mexican-American War, and spent a night in jail. Extreme individual ist and advised people to sound off by not obeying laws (passive resistance). Margaret Fuller Social reformer, leader in womens movement and a transcendentalist. redact The Dial which was the publication of the transcendentalists. It appealed to people who wanted perfect freedom progress in philosophy and religion and hope that the future will not always be as the past. Alamo- Spanish mission converted into a fort, it was besieged by Mexican troops in 1836. The Texas garrison held out for thirteen days, but in the final battle, all of the Texans were killed by the larger Mexican force. San Jacinto- surprise attack by Texas forces on Santa Anas camp on April 21, 1836. Santa Anas men were surprised and overrun in twenty minutes. Santa Ana was taken prisoner and signed an armistice securing Texas independence. Mexico 1500 dead 1000 captured Texans 4 dead.