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I Am A Asian Stereotype - 1172 Words

Hi, I’m Jo. I’m an Asian stereotype. For as long as I can remember, I’ve grown up wearing thick, square glasses on my face framed by straight locks of jet-black hair. While other kids ran off ecstatically to scale the jungle gym or to get that last coveted swing when recess finally came along, I would race to the classroom with a small group of close-knits friends to finish the day’s math homework with eyes alight and filled with just as much animation. While other kids sighed at the sound of their 7:00 AM morning alarms and slammed the snooze button for those precious five minutes of extra sleep, I would already be at school, my pen scrawling furiously across the page as I studied for the upcoming science competition with my team. While†¦show more content†¦Whenever the hushed cloud of anxiously awaiting silence was lifted to reveal chorused buzzes from the excitement of returned assignments, my neighbours would eagerly ask me â€Å"What’d you get?† These friendly comments and enth usiastic praises slowly morphed and warped over time, bending so far until they curved neatly into the shape of spite. A curious â€Å"So how’d you do?† turned into a remorseful â€Å"Another A+, right?† while an excited â€Å"I got an A too!† turned into a bitter â€Å"What, you got an A instead of an A+?† I suddenly found myself being painted with a reputation that I did and didn’t want. Whenever an assignment of mine read â€Å"B+,† there’d be a chorus of disbelieving, derisive cries encircling me; whenever I pulled out a calculator, someone would always remark â€Å"Hey, why are you using a calculator? You’re Asian†; whenever a project of mine sported a sparkling congratulatory sticker, there’d always be the whispered, â€Å"Of course. Everything’s easy for her.† Always. Hi, I’m Jo. I’m an Asian stereotype. Everything about me was apparently defined by my heritage. â€Å"You’re so lucky. Everything’s easy for you because you’re Asian.† I was extremely shy as a child and didn’t like having my picture taken. When a classmate of mine tried to do so, I held up a piece of paper to block my face. â€Å"Wow, look at her. She’s probably showing off another A+!† BecauseShow MoreRelatedAsian American Stereotypes822 Words   |  4 PagesAsian American Stereotype Every day we all suffer from stereotypes most get affected or not. Depending on your race involves to the expectations others expect from you. Asian American education and success stereotypes that are negative or positive raises the stress among them compared to other race. This topic fulfill the essay requirements since it is a social issue that Asian Americans go through every day. The whole point of Asian American stereotypes is that everyone expects a lot from theRead MoreStereotypes And Stereotypes Of The Media997 Words   |  4 Pagesbitch.† said Bette Davis. Stereotype is one of the big issue in our world right now. This quote refers to one of the categories of stereotype that is gender stereotype. As an chinese indonesian I have some experience of being stereotyped just because of my race. The media has 2 side view of media, on the one side it helps people educate about stereotype and on the other side it also promotes stereotype.Stereotype is something that needs to stop, this is because stereotype gives people a misinterpretationRead MoreThe Stereotypes Of `` Stuff Asian People Like `` And The Anglo Saxon Legend Of Beowulf 1434 Words   |  6 PagesAsians are typically loud especially when we are on the phone because we do not take in sights of our surroundings. This is one of the biggest stereotypes about Asians out there. According to a 2008 online article called â€Å"Stuff Asian People Like† written by Peter; states that Asians tend to be loud due to adversity. We were compared to the Anglo-Saxon legend of Beowulf. â€Å"Asians are actually peaceful looking â€Å"creatures† who are soon to be evolved into creatures of such legends like Beowulf†. AccordingRead MoreThe Film Production Of The Movie Production Industry1141 Words   |  5 Pagesof society. Stereotypes have been commonly present in society for as long as our history dates back to. Among these stereotypes, I will be focusing primarily on Asian stereotypes- the primary reason being that I am an Asian American myself. The portrayal of these common stereotypes however, does not imply or mean that Americans view it in a positive light. Some of the most renowned and racist films in history are Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Sixte en Candles. In addition to these films, I will be examiningRead MoreFactors That Affect The Social Location Of A Person With Race, Class, Age, Sexuality, And890 Words   |  4 Pagesrace, I am apparently Asian girl. Western people can recognize me as an Asian girl visually when they see me without any self-introductions because I have black hair, black eyes, and flat nose. People can categorize me only by physical appearances. Some people might imagine that I am intelligent, kind and calm girl which are typical stereotypes for Asian people even though they do not know which part in Asian countries I am from such as Korea, China, Thailand, Japan and so on. Unfortunately, I haveRead MoreA Speech Of Stereotyping : Speech, And Stereotypes1474 Words   |  6 Pagesstereotypes-SPEECH First of all, what is a stereotype? According to google, a stereotype is a widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing. To simply put it, a stereotype is when you judge someone based on their appearance, behaviour or race. Stereotyping is something that happens everyday. Usually before meeting or actually knowing someone. It has been proven that the instant we meet someone or the first few moments of encountering a new personRead MoreSymbolic Ethnicity Essay999 Words   |  4 Pagesimages of ones ethnicity while not having to deal with any of the negative features (Waters) in her paper Choosing Identities in America. White immigrants are able to be who they want to be ignoring the traits that they find unfavorable. Blacks and Asians in America are not typically afforded the luxury of specialness because they are grouped into one large category. The white majority does not allow these people to experience symbolic ethnicity whethe r they are from Jamaica, the Dominican RepublicRead MoreEssay on Diversity Awareness925 Words   |  4 Pagesdifferences are found leaves room for stereotypes. Stereotypes are generalizations about people usually based on inaccurate information or assumptions rather than facts. (Wei, 1996) Stereotypes do not take into account the great diversity of people within a group of people. Nor do stereotypes consider the present circumstances of the individual. Even worse, stereotypes can lead to prejudicial or discriminatory behavior. Most of the observations I made concerning my stereotypypical behavior Read MoreAsian, Female, and the Middle Class1385 Words   |  6 Pagespeople they are. For me, I am an Asian, I am a female, and I am a member of the middle class. Although people sometimes share categories of identity, their perceptions of their identities are formed in different ways. My life and education have shaped my understanding of my identities which, at same time, influences the way I perceive my life and education.    My race as Asian is one big factor that composes who I am. Since I spent my school years prior to high school in China, I had little contact withRead MoreAsian-American Stereotypes Essay1106 Words   |  5 Pagesfootball? Go back to studying!† After hearing that, I thought, â€Å"First off, I am not Chinese, and why yes, I do know a little something something about football.† These remarks were some of the things that I had to deal with when playing football during my first year of high school. These discriminatory statements towards the few Asians and me on the team were things we heard daily from other teammates and students. While these stereotypes of Asians only being good for studying and playing badminton

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Aboriginal Australia as a Dream Culture - 738 Words

To better understand Aboriginals as a Dream Culture I want to give more insight into Aboriginal Australians general culture and their conceptions of â€Å"Dream Time.† In his discussion of religion, Mircea Eliade describes a concept of Cosmos vs Chaos (Eliade 1957). In this notion an unordered world is chaotic only until is it transposed during a sacred time: â€Å"By occupying it and, above all, by settling in it, man symbolically transforms it into a cosmos though a ritual repetition of the cosmogony† (Eliade 1957:31). In other words until a land is tamed or created it is considered unordered. This can be applied to Aboriginal’s understanding of the world prior to their current presence. Aboriginals believe that in a time before the Dreamings, the land and world was a featureless earth. It was not until the dreamtime, or time of creation: â€Å"where there is contact with appearances from both realms of inside the earth itself as from ill-defined upper regionà ¢â‚¬  that the earth began to have its composed landscapes (Cowan 1992:26). The Dream Time is not only a period but more of a dimension where ancestral beings moved across the earth and created not only land, but every aspect of the earth including animals, plants, and man. It is important to realize that the ancestors created the natural earth and that is why Aboriginals live a particular lifestyle. Most Aboriginals living in this cosmogony are hunter-gatherer tribes. This aspect of their life can be traced to stem from the idea ofShow MoreRelatedSamuel Wagan Watson Night Racing Essay1187 Words   |  5 PagesWatson, a self-identified aboriginal man of German and Irish descent. The narrators of the poems are frequently on or beside the road, and the bitumen itself becomes a metaphor for everything from addiction and memory to the search for love. The poem Night Racing is present in the second half of the anthology, in a section that deals primarily with race and issues surroundi ng racial tension. The car in which the narrator rides facilitates an attack on the colonisation of Australia by the â€Å"white man† inRead MoreCommentary on Judith Wrights Bora Ring1040 Words   |  5 Pagescontemporary Australian society of the culture and traditions of indigenous Australians. She begins with descriptions of Aboriginal culture that has vanished as a result of European settlement. At the end of the poem, Wright recognizes the destruction wreaked upon indigenous Australians by their white brothers and shows remorse for these actions of the past. Through her use of diction, structural devices, and imagery, Wright expresses her sorrow at the disappearance of Aboriginal cultural heritage. In the firstRead MoreAboriginal Australians : The Indigenous People Of Australia Essay1306 Words   |  6 PagesIntroduction Aboriginal Australians are the indigenous people of Australia. They are one of the oldest existing cultures in the world and the first known inhabitants of Australia. The Aboriginal Australians are believed to be the first people to leave Africa â€Å"about 70,000 years ago† (â€Å"Migration to Australia†). The Aboriginals Australian community consists of unique characteristics of cultural expression, social structure, diversity, and have faced many contemporary challenges. Cultural ExpressionsRead MoreThe Diversity Of The Australian Media1225 Words   |  5 Pagesto have lacked at various aspects when it comes to matters regarding the representation of the Indigenous Australia. The Australian media has always managed to focus on the amazing wilderness that surrounds Indigenous Australia but rarely has there been any detailed curiosity relating to their culture and history. Aboriginal History is being completely overshadowed by ‘the mainstream Australia’ and its landscape. Not only their history but their voices are not heard through media very often as wellRead MoreThe Australian Invasion895 Words   |  4 PagesThe European invasion of Australia in 1780 impacted upon the lives of all the Aboriginal people that lived in and around the invaded areas. When Captain Cook landed in Australia, he declared it as Terra Nullius, and this alone gives a significant insight as to the mentality of the British and their willingness to acknowledge the Aboriginal people and the importance that the land played in their daily lives. As the invaders brought with them their laws, ideals, diseases, livestock and people, theRead MoreKinship: Sociology and Aboriginal People1165 Words   |  5 PagesAboriginal societies were admired for their sense of belonging; everybody in their language group was their family. Everybody helped in the raising, care and discipline of children in the group (Bourke and Edwards, 1994. p.97). Kinship took a central role in the structure of Aboriginal communities because it was their main way of organising people and their social relationships (Keen 2004, p.174). It helped the Aboriginal people to know where they stood inRead MoreWakirlpirri Jukurrpa ( Snake Vine Dreaming ) By Liddy Walker Napanagka1436 Words   |  6 PagesWalker Napanagka Different Aboriginal groups have a common characteristic and that is that they have a similar belief system which is called the Ê »DreamingÊ ¼. The dreaming may be well known as a religious system but it does not always convey its true eminence. However it does convey a sense of enlightenment through visions and dreams. The dreaming provides a strong bondage between The Aboriginal people and their land and identity. In the Indigenous community, Aboriginal people learned about their environmentRead MoreReview of Maybe Tomorrow1138 Words   |  5 Pageslife story of an Aboriginal in Australia. From being a model to eventually becoming a writer or like it is called in the aboriginal cultural, a storyteller. The book is not a typical biography, because it has been written as a one-way conversation between Boori and the reader. Personally I find this somewhat confusing; jumping from one topic to the other does not feel comfortable to read. What it definitely does deliver on is giving a better understanding about the aboriginal culture, the difficultiesRead MoreIndigenous Peoples Have Suffered As A Result Of Colonisation1590 Words   |  7 Pagesby a group of people who have inhabited a country for thousands of years, which often contrast with those of other groups of people who reside in the same country for a few hundred years. In 1788 since the European invasion of Australia, for thousands of years the aboriginal peoples have been oppressed into a world unnatural to their existence. This essay will discuss on how most Indigenous peoples have suffered as a result of colonisation. This essay will firstly focus on colonisation of indigenousRead MoreThe Indigenous Community, Warmun, Was Established In The1426 Words   |  6 Pagesthe 1900s. Surrounded by multiple cattle stations Warmun is located south of Lake Argyle on the eastern aspect of Kimberly. The history of Warmun is flooded with stories of massacre and violence as Aboriginals were forced to fight against intruding cattlemen. In 1901 the Government of Western Australia created a ration depot at Turkey Creek, Moola Bulla and Violet Valley eventually becoming government- run cattle stations. Indigenous families were forced to relocate which resulted in the establishment

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Rising Costs in Australian Housing Free-Samples for Students

Question: 1.Why house prices are so high in these two capital cities and provide evidence to support your answer. 2.Suggest ways the house prices can be contained (reduced) and provide evidence to support your answer 3.If you are a young Professional with a very young family, provide reasons how one can afford to buy into such an Expensive Housing Market in Sydney or Melbourne at such current high price and provide evidence to support your answer. Answers: Rising Costs in Australian Housing Introduction The cities of Melbourne and Sydney are experiencing soaring house prices that create anxiety in the market. Far much, the case provides worry to the housing sector since the prices are too high compared to the wage rates thereby limiting the ability of individuals owning houses. There have been claims that the rising costs in housing result from the inadequate housing facilities that prompt a high demand for the houses. According to Wood, Smith, Cigdem, and Ong, (2017), immigrants, upon realizing a market opportunity have infiltrated the industry by purchasing the houses and later making a resale at relatively high prices. The paper looks into the causes of the rising prices, finds solutions towards cushioning the citizens from the situation, and the avenues through which individuals can secure cheaper means towards owning a house in the volatile market. 1.Causes of High Market Prices The high inflation caused by the economic challenges that hit the world led to an increase in the interest rates charged by banks when securing credit facilities. The inflation rate acted negatively towards the economy by raising the rates of mortgage loan which translated into high costs of owning a house (Haber 2015). Changes in housing prices depend on the status of the economy and the availability of finance. Therefore, the limited availability of funds owing to high rates led to high cost of construction which transformed into a high cost of obtaining houses whether through credit finance or one-time purchase from savings. It is important to note that considerable number of individuals purchase properties through mortgage, which serves as another reason to the high prices. The rise in the mortgage rates has a negative effect on the house prices in the two cities, more so in the case of Sydney (Crabtree 2016). The high rate of mortgage results in an increase in house prices with the channel being used by a considerable number of people to gain ownership of houses (Easthope 2014). Besides, the low wages that fail to match the increasing prices prompts individuals to seek the credit alternatives leading to adoption of mortgage loans. On the other hand, the idea of foreigners coming into Australia from countries with easy access to credit explains the rising prices in real estate ownership (DeFusco and Paciorek 2017). Individuals with huge investment capabilities opt for the investment, where they enter the market and purchase apartments. In so doing, the investors rent out the facilities in speculation for a rise in prices before selling them at competitive prices costs. Such kind of infiltration into the market leads to a growing demand for houses which subsequently pushes the costs of housing higher. As can be seen, the concept of demand and supply forces comes in to control the prices of commodities in the market. The situation brought in by a high number of investors in the market coupled by the local purchasers and the rising costs lead to a high demand for the houses which translates into a heavy price for the commodity (Hilber and Turner 2014). While the cost of construction remains high, the effects spill over to the price of selling houses that amount to the escalating costs. As a result, it is evident that the micro and macroeconomic forces have a hand in the ever high cost of house and apartment ownership in the cities in Australia. 2.Containing High Housing Prices In reducing the menace, there are several options that the government can utilize to ease the pressure in the sector. The government can reduce the issue by supporting affordable housing in the towns and offering incentives to the low-income earners to own homes. It is important to promote the interests of the locals by giving them an upper hand when it comes to purchasing of properties. There is a need to limit the number of properties in the sector that foreigners can own to reduce the frustration caused by the high demand that leads to a rise in prices (Hilber and Turner 2014). Moreover, the government should increase the rate for foreign investors in the sector to discourage the high infiltration into the housing sector that could potentially lead to doubling of the house prices. For instance, foreign students purchasing the houses must be required to sell once leaving to their home countries to allow the locals have access to the homes for posterity reasons. Correspondingly, it is prudent for the government to support the growing workforce by introducing an incentive in the sector. The first time house owners should be given a waiver or a lower interest rate as opposed to having a uniform rate for all individuals. According to Kim and e Mauborgne (2014), housing should be treated as a fundamental right and in this case allowing first-time owners easy access to finance while charging the second and subsequent owners the standard rate. Notably, it would be good for the government to increase the rate for foreign home owners to give the locals an upper hand since they contribute immensely to the taxes used in paying for infrastructures and government running. Alternatively, the government needs to check the issue of wages and provide a policy towards increasing the pay level of individuals to match the demands and costs of living. Setting the level at optimum levels with the housing prices would enhance the ability of the locals in the cities to own houses at competitive prices (Mian and Sufi 2015). At the same time, the government can opt for the solution of reducing taxes on the environmentally friendly construction material to lessen the cost of construction while remaining responsible to the environment. By so doing, it would guarantee a double benefit for the people and the environment. Eventually, the government can encourage regional development and improve the public transport sector to allow individuals work in the city but live elsewhere where there exists little pressure on the housing sector. While doing so, caution must be taken by the government to allow affordable housing structures and institutional ownership of properties to reduce the likelihood of individuals using the sector for business by anticipating for high prices. Investors anticipation for high prices raises the case of escalating costs of housing. In so doing, the government would protect the locals who desire to have affordable housing. 3.Affording a Cheaper Housing in the High Price Mortgage Environment The high prices in houses pose a challenge to young professionals who might not afford to secure and successfully remit payments to the mortgage financiers (Chan, Haughwout and Tracy 2015). In this respect, seeking other options of finance and purchase becomes viable for success. It is important to do a lot of savings while working to secure sufficient deposit for a house. In easing the pressure caused by the high costs of property, one can opt for a shared ownership by getting into a social circle that desires to own a house (Bachmann, Berg, and Sims 2015). In such a situation, individuals can provide a deposit to gather the required amount for owning a property. The advantage of the option guarantees individuals with the right to pay a little deposit and pay lower rates of the mortgage as the risk is shared between people under the ownership. Alternatively, a professional can opt for assistance through a contribution from friends and family to raise the initial deposit and part payment for the mortgage as one continues to save money towards meeting the other part of the bargain. The option leaves one with little frustrations rather than trying to raise the finance in solitude. Parental assistance is essential to home ownership, where an individual upon working for a considerable time can manage to pay the rest of the money thus ending up owning a house (Arnold, Drger and Fritsche 2014). Lastly, the third option lies in saving and asking for support from friends and family to secure sufficient funds for an auction buy. Auctions offer considerable prices for individuals who upon winning a bid have access to home ownership at a considerable price (Campbell and Cocco 2015). The option is the cheapest as it depends on the balance one had to pay to determine the housing cost of property under auction. In this respect, one should get in a relationship with an auction firm to inform or send the latest updates on auction offers and wait for a probable offer to utilize in a purchase. Conclusion The rising costs in the real estate sector present a worrying trend to home owners. The effects of inflation giving rise to increased interest rates make home ownership a difficult affair. In easing the pressure, the government should work towards resolving the issues through creation of a monetary policy towards economic growth. Going for cheaper options serve as a method towards securing a cheaper home coupled by exploring the purchase of auctioned property. Conclusively, the volatile market can be overcome by economic solutions based on the adjustment in monetary policies which leads to ease of accessing properties around the cities of Australia. Reference List Arnold, E., Drger, L. and Fritsche, U., 2014.Evaluating the Link between Consumers' Savings Portfolio Decisions, their Inflation Expectations and Economic News(No. 2/2014). DEP (Socioeconomics) Discussion Papers, Macroeconomics and Finance Series. Bachmann, R., Berg, T.O. and Sims, E.R., 2015. Inflation expectations and readiness to spend: cross-sectional evidence.American Economic Journal: Economic Policy,7(1), pp.1-35. Campbell, J.Y. and Cocco, J.F., 2015. A model of mortgage default.The Journal of Finance,70(4), pp.1495-1554. Chan, S., Haughwout, A. and Tracy, J.S., 2015. How mortgage finance affects the urban landscape. Crabtree, L., 2016. 10 Unbounding home ownership in Australia.Housing and Home Unbound: Intersections in Economics, Environment and Politics in Australia, p.173. DeFusco, A.A. and Paciorek, A., 2017. The interest rate elasticity of mortgage demand: Evidence from bunching at the conforming loan limit.American Economic Journal: Economic Policy,9(1), pp.210-240. Easthope, H., 2014. Making a rental property home.Housing Studies,29(5), pp.579-596. Haber, H., 2015. Regulation as social policy: Home evictions and repossessions in the UK and Sweden.Public Administration,93(3), pp.806-821. Hilber, C.A. and Turner, T.M., 2014. The mortgage interest deduction and its impact on homeownership decisions.Review of Economics and Statistics,96(4), pp.618-637. Kim, W.C. and e Mauborgne, R., 2014.Blue ocean strategy, expanded edition: How to create uncontested market space and make the competition irrelevant. Harvard business review Press. Mian, A. and Sufi, A., 2015.House of debt: How they (and you) caused the Great Recession, and how we can prevent it from happening again. University of Chicago Press. Wood, G.A., Smith, S.J., Cigdem, M. and Ong, R., 2017. Life on the edge: a perspective on precarious home ownership in Australia and the UK.International Journal of Housing Policy,17(2), pp.201-226.

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Thrasymachus’ Views on Justice free essay sample

The position Thrasymachus takes on the definition of justice, as well as its importance in society, is one far differing from the opinions of the other interlocutors in the first book of Plato’s Republic. Embracing his role as a Sophist in Athenian society, Thrasymachus sets out to aggressively dispute Socrates’ opinion that justice is a beneficial and valuable aspect of life and the ideal society. Throughout the course of the dialogue, Thrasymachus formulates three major assertions regarding justice. These claims include his opinion that â€Å"justice is nothing other than the advantage of the stronger,† â€Å"it is just to obey the rulers,† and â€Å"justice is really the good of another [†¦] and harmful to the one who obeys and serves. † Socrates continuously challenges these claims using what is now known as the â€Å"Socratic method† of questioning, while Thrasymachus works to defend his views. This paper seeks to argue the implausibility of Thrasymachus’ views through an analysis of his main claims regarding justice, as well as his view that injustice brings greater happiness. We will write a custom essay sample on Thrasymachus’ Views on Justice or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page In Book I of Republic, Socrates attempts to define justice with the help of his friends and acquaintances. After a number of suggestions prove false or insufficient, Thrasymachus tries his hand to define the term, convinced that his definition rings true. Thrasymachus begins in stating, â€Å"justice is nothing other than the advantage of the stronger,1† and after prodding, explains what he means by this. Thrasymachus believes that the stronger rule society, therefore, creating laws and defining to the many what should be considered just. He pertains, however, that the stronger create said laws for their own benefit and therefore in acting justly, the ruled are performing for the rulers benefit and not their own. This argument is not feasible for a variety of reasons. One of the key characteristics of justice is fairness, which can also be defined as being reasonable or impartial. 5 Impartiality means that you do not favour one side over another6, and therefore implies that if one were to act justly and therefore impartially, they would not act in a way to benefit only a select few. Furthermore, justice in its true form cannot be used solely for the advantage of the stronger without the masses acknowledging the injustices being imposed upon them, as Thrasymachus suggests is the case. For justice is one of the many characteristics of morality, which is considered to be intrinsic based on an inner conviction. 7 Therefore, if the many were acting against said inner conviction wholly for the benefit of the stronger, would they not experience a natural feeling of injustice? This argument alike can be used to refute another of Thrasymachus’ primary claims that â€Å"justice is really the good of another [†¦] and harmful to the one who obeys and serves. †3 In addition to his definition, Thrasymachus argues the value of justice as a human or societal characteristic, claiming that injustice is far more beneficial to the individual. Thrasymachus asserts that tyranny: makes the doer of injustice happiest and the sufferers of it, who are unwilling to do injustice, most wretched. †¦] injustice, if it is on a large enough scale, is stronger, freer, and more masterly than justice. 5 To decide whether an unjust man finds more happiness than a just man does, one must understand the true meaning of the word. The dictionary defines happiness as â€Å"characterized by pleasure, contentment, or joy. †8 Thrasymachus typifies the unjust man as someone who is constantly seeking self-fulfillment, pleasing their desires no matter what the cost to others. It is in their nature to never be satisfied with what they have, and therefore it is unlikely that the unjust man could ever experience true contentment. In contrast, the just man is content upholding laws and acting for the greater good and is therefore capable of experiencing a greater happiness than one who partakes in injustices. The dictionary goes on to state that happiness can also be defined as â€Å"feeling satisfied that something is right or has been done right. 8 Thus, an unjust man could never truly be happy, as they are aware of the injustices they have committed unto others in order to benefit themselves. In addition, if one is to look to the cardinal virtues, not only is justice itself included, temperance is as well. Temperance, meaning â€Å"restraint in the face of temptation or desire†9 is not a characteristic of an unjust man. In fact, Thrasymachus argues that one should always seek to fulfill their own desires exercising injustice as a way to do so. Virtue is said to be a measure of one’s worth, therefore, in turning their back on it, an unjust man could never be as self fulfilled and happy as a virtuous one. The first book of Republic illustrates a diverse range of views in reference to the definition of justice. None, however, evokes such controversy and analysis as Thrasymachus’ dialogue. His point of view calls to the forefront a number of important questions regarding the issue, and is an essential piece to Plato’s puzzle of defining justice.