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Anti-Social Behavior Policy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Anti-Social Behavior Policy - Essay ExampleMargaret Thatcher the conservative prime minister was the initiator who linked crime as the internal societal issue that affects the victims and society on a whole. In seventies the act carried protrude by burglars, violent union members were considered as a crime. The after mathematics developments of the economy and the society being diversified has elevated the freedom of the society where common man handling guns for an immature criminal act.These activities were at times carried out even by the juvenile generation questioning the levels of freedom. These people being in the society damage the values and moralistic essence of the society. As the moral values of the society depletes the society at times may be regarded as harmful to survive. Keeping in view of the social values, the community has to be reformed at every stage to enlighten the generation to lead a disciplined life together. Margaret Thatcher largely succeeded in highli ghting the impact on society but unable to implement. John major the successor had tried to unite the political mends and the electoral concerns. The momentum for constructive authoritative move resulted payable to the incidents of 1992 where the young offenders went on rampage. The reports indicate that 104.5 indictable were recorded by thousand population1. This issue was made political 1993 and was projected as major political issue. 1993 and 1995 were the years where there was a 25 per cent increase in the number of people imprisoned stands at about 74000. The above graph reveals that the crime value has been on a raise from 1960 an according to report of house of common libraries depicts that there is an increase in crime rate from 1960 in England and Wales. 1 rise The British crime survey Fig.2The graph depicts that a major change has occurred after 1980 where it has been observed that the crime has slowly increased. The significance aspect of this is that the accused were the spring chicken who were the main culprits in eve teasing, damaging properties, graffiti etc. youth turned violent, vandalism, and verbal abuses were major issues where as the repetitive nature of harassment alike(p) the noise, improper behavior created an unsocial atmosphere in the living environment When the concern elevates to an extreme level the unacceptable activities generated a social fear and commotion. The ignorance may become an excuse and the accused may turn more unbearable. There is a need to curb this menace at this initial stage to ordain it without reaching unacceptable levels. So the anti social behavior has gained importance. Anti social behavior has wider scope of concerns which may not be acute as a criminal offense, however in the long run people are experiencing the ill effects of ASB.The crime which has shaped into more social concern evolved from extremist activities to the acts perceived in unconscious states and out of rampage. The fact that 1991 to 1995 saw a huge raise in crime rate is visible in graph above. The legal initiatives taken in 1995 and 1996 kept a hold regulated the crime rate from that juncture. The acts like public order act, Environmental act, lodgment acts existed to cater the existing requirements. To unify these acts and to cover all these above concerns under one roof Anti social behavi

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