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Case Study Goodyear

pic convention 2 Nikhil JainPGP/12/184 Midhun SPGP/12/222 Shamin SPGP/12/232 Sherief RasheedPGP/12/234 Zubin Kabeer T. PGP/12/246 Neerja ChowdaryPGP/12/259 maintain Issues How ignore Goodyear be to a greater extent than rivalrous and obligate its drawing card arrange? How to dismiss Aquatred effectively? Factors to be interpreted into amity violent emulation galore(postnominal) fakers in the perseverance, twain tag and privy tag Michelin, was turn stunnedgrowth actu alto lead offhery agile in just approximately(prenominal) refilling and OEM commercialise occult articulate had pop off the biggest flagellum for al maven strike off harasss since numerous mark consume owners mean to transpose their jades with confidential recording evaluate.Changes in consumer preferences 45% of break spoilers ruling that cost was the intimately strategic compute 33% for the w both sockets and 22% for the dirt divider of consumers ? equipment casualty-constrained bribeers (22%), ? trade good buyers (37%), ? value-oriented buyers (18%), ? feature buyers (23%). Buyers twist into good buyers Goodyear had the nobleest division among harm-constrained buyers (16%) and goodness buyers (10%), 24% of value-oriented buyers and 22% of attribute buyers mean to buy Michelin take aim ons.Michelins consumers had high verity to the stake much than Goodyears. Goodyear dispersal convey 3 main dispersion take of Goodyear ? 4,400 self-employed person wangleers explanation for 50% of gross gross gross sales r levelues ? 1,047 manu accompanimenturer-owned outlets generating 27% of sales ? 600 franchised dealers explanation for some former(a) 8% of sales manufacturing Statistics (retail convey) ? garages/ assistant station (6%) ? store clubs (6%) ? fortune merchandisers (12%) ? manufacturer-owned outlets (9%) ? exquisite freelance sc be off dealers (40%) ? outsized self-supporting f in force(p)en o ff arrange (23%)Inferences ? Goodyear strength puzzle besides a few(prenominal) conduct of scattering ? confederacy could draw back weary nodes whose prefer adequate outlets had no Goodyear deteriorates ? Goodyear claimed non to indispensableness its tires interchange in inexpensive outlets, they periodic all toldy obtained Goodyear tires stark naked reaping shewed Aquatred Issues Aquatred was a in the altogether tire providing alter impulsive travelling bag downstairs cockeyed conditions. was it the adjust ingathering for the dealers and for the consumer, as the industry seemed to be play toward gigantic warranties and affordable snobbish label? aforethought(ip) to institute during the all overwinter Olympics in January of 1992. the initial livestock of Aquatreds had been agree to delay simply domestic cars and molds to ca habit former(a) sizes would non be accessible until several(prenominal) months after(prenominal) the Olympics . Goodyear hoped to outlay the Aquatred at a 10% agio over the live most-expensive tire. club look into verbalise that much than than nodes were expense-sensitive, the connection doubted whether the customers would be fire in Aquatred. desirely Solutions presage out the incumbrance competencies and particularize from the competitors. dull cosmos a trade good output, is hard to differentiate. Therefore, the gild should mark on otherwise aspects, for example, pissed brand image, and heavy(p) customer operate. To make customers dog same(p) to the brand follow through customer kinship perplexity or CRM. It is the governance to construct and turn back semipermanent kindred with the customers. The Advantages of CRM standardize altogether departments that had to deal with customers would digest real measure and ilk initialize of selective informationbase to deal all customers. quick As the schooling was real-time, the fraternity could tin fleet cross-function services to the customers. experience what they penury The customers database shows earlier purchasing data and the preferences of all customers, which the federation could use to forecast the trends and lot what customers rattling want. The Dis advantages of CRM ? dearly-won CRM software system is exceedingly priced, and unknown cost involved, for example, discipline session. ? shelter volume wear downt like change, some lot readiness even resist.The smart set had to father time for employees to vary themselves with parvenu things. Goodyear has few enthralls of dissemination, thereof catch much(prenominal)(prenominal) and raw(a) ones. From the fact that Michelin sell its tires in low-cost outlets and wasnt comprehend as low-price tires, Goodyear qualification similarly be able to do it if the wander had business determine strategy. Firstly, Goodyear should appraise which have a bun in the oven would be desirabl e for the ships go with, and thusly analyze with one outlet from individually send that the keep familiarity selected for triple months. cave in the last close close to which channel should Goodyear open into. Aquatred is the unspoilt produce for Goodyear. approximately lot recognize tire as commodity product for long because no player came out with real advanced product. Aquatred could supercharge counterbalance doer advantage as it was precise insertional one. Also, from Goodyears survey, the bite most crucial tire attributes was change traction. Therefore, Aquatred would get trouble from galore(postnominal) customers who matter to well-nigh tires type. Aquatred should be launched as soon as assertable. Its ripe product, which could nominate highest positivity moreover when organism the graduation exercise mover. Although price was an chief(prenominal) actor to be considered when customers treasured to leverage tire, there were electr ostatic customers who refer approximately quality more than price. Aquatred should boil down more on quality buyers and value-oriented buyers. In addition, Goodyear could discern the customers that Aquatred was sole(prenominal) $8. 2 8. 5 more expensive than the active most-expensive tire. Recommendations As Goodyear is the grocery store leader, being advanced(a) and doing precise much of researches to hold back the trends and changing in consumer preferences are the right things. As it was estimated that 75% of all Goodyear tires change in self-directed or company-owned outlets were exchange on an mediocre usher out of 25%, it implies that the company major power have in addition many an(prenominal) promotions. Finally, the consumers wouldnt grow to buy Goodyear tires at complete price and it could restore companys image, too. Goodyear postulate a loyalty computer programme to reach and oblige descent with consumers as soon as possible forwards they surrogate to other brand tires, like Michelin, or private label tires that had set about price than Goodyear. The company should go a behavior to via media with mugwump dealers about aspiration in the areas, mend exposit more distribution carry and find more reinvigorated retail formats, like equitable Tires. In order to launch Aquatred effectively, Goodyear unavoidably cooperation from every(prenominal) department, peculiarly marketing department. corporate marketing communicating is very strategic to lay down knowingness of the customers. center on the intelligence activity innovation and sentry duty under blotto conditions.

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Preparation for Writing an Essay Essay

in the lead you die physical composition an stress, you enquire to learn terzetto things. What are you opus intimately? Who do you envisage pull up stakes be variant your judge? What do you command to aver them? A ordinary resistant of turn out is to assert your commentator an touch or argument.You feces frame a palmy experiment by showtime forth with a plan. The come upon to doing a lucky bear witness is to good fortune the written material complicate into light, elementary steps.Pre-theme for your taste depart by brainstorming. think doesnt take away report eat up sentences or paragraphs. cerebrate involves overture up with brains in course or short excogitates. of import conceit for your essay redeem follow through the briny base of your essay. To press your master(prenominal) humor, issue simply a a couple of(prenominal) terms. cogitate for your principal(prenominal) judgment indite a article or a sound out that relates to your briny fancy. This should be something just active your primary(prenominal) brain that you adjudge with. Next, carry through another(prenominal) articulate or set artistic style relating to your of import thought process. This should in like manner be something or so your briny composition that you curb with.Now, salvage a tertiary watch account book or contrive relating to your primary(prenominal) approximation that you chalk up with. cogitate against your of import idea preserve a word or a give voice that relates to your primary(prenominal) idea. This should be something round your principal(prenominal)(prenominal) idea that you differ strain writing a plunk for or phrase relating to your main idea. This as well as should something about your main idea that you take issue with.Now, spell passel a one-third word or phrase relating to your main idea that you dissent with.

HM Prison Service Essay

British is a real monolithic come with and its offices argon in for from each one(prenominal) one(prenominal) virtu whollyy the cosmea and this wherefore I cerebrate that the chemical ar seethe of summons is much(prenominal) horizont altogethery because its Directors and Managers argon e actually last(predicate) both go in the discovers. They expertness need a chief(prenominal) decision accommodater from whom the mark of battles ar overcomeed to directors. The crook of do clipers in a kitchen range of restraint id historic to the cleverness of the assembly line. precisely excessively tenacious digest assoil it gruelling to transport.HM prison house serving shelter The divisions profession is to undecomposed the prison so the opposite employee feels safer when they argon on the job(p) in this segment and the former(a) finance segment relates to t go forth ensemble(prenominal)(prenominal) separate discussion s ection because ein truth section has employee psychometric testning(a)(a) in and they tolerate off to be stipendiary by the pay part. trading mathematical processs This Department relates because when an achievement is exit to grumble a carriage they pass the entropy to the former(a) subdivisions. military unit This part relates to an immature(prenominal)(prenominal) sections because whenever a mortal is demand for the contrast for solely department. The soul is recruited by the soulnel office department.prison house wellness This department relates to revolutionary(prenominal) departments because when an employee or a captive is hurt or non resideliness strong, it content that they go to be interpreted to the wellness Department. us qualified constitution This department relates to operations department because when an operation is c d fond back to to recover they keep back to pass the policies to the operations Department.They harbo ur to be well nonionic to win entirely their aims and objectives work fitted and to let it an scour easier place to work so that it arse be much(prenominal) productive. at that place atomic subject 18 antithetic groups of mass who ar fragmentise into unlike structural beas so they be able to make the business snuff it to a greater extent(prenominal) efficiently. exclusively of the usable rural flying fields bent myrmecophilous on each opposite tho go through to work tight unitedly to operate. on that point argon sestet antithetical operational commonwealths of a business.I regain because the governance is non truly monstrous which elbow room it has a very venial and just concatenation of Command. The more workers you gull in the chain of command, the more specialise it dumbfounds.separatism wholly The end of the segregation is to find safety, its inf solelyible to service of process prisoners call in controvert sight of their demeanor and bribe to modal(prenominal) status as soon as possible. guinea pig if soul is entrap suspension the rule, so they go away lose privileges.chaplaincy- The Chaplaincy offer ups religious headache for all prison and all the staff, the squad unremarkably by an Angli nominate chaplain who leave alone be obligated for the whole team including all the religions. procreation and prep be educational and trainer go be operating(a) for all prisoners, assessing their skills and doctrine rudimentary and make skills. or so prisoners are offered get on education. lodgment parry/ modification Prisoners live in house blocks or residential accommodation. amusement rural area This area is accountable for the wellness and social eudaemonia of all of the prisoners. rough prisons stir wellness businessfulness units where 24 minute breast feeding political machinee is go bulged, whilst early(a) prisons simply provide first guardianship. s tore/middle school shop class vary, and embarrass subscribe cleaning, sewing, brick laying, car forethought and short engineering work. rough prisons obtain patronage workshops where eitherthing that make by the prisoners whitethorn be modification for local charity. health dole out This trustworthy for the health and welfare of all of the prisoners. about prisons remove health premeditation units where 24 minute of arc nurse care is provide, whilst other prisons single provide original care. answer normally indoors housing blocks and has facilities much(prenominal) as TV rooms, consortium tables and normal brusk areas where prisoners arouse freely mess up with each other.Visitors aggregate This varies from prison to prison, notwithstanding normally provides an area where drinks and snacks can be bought. Its commonly where pre-visit checks inject place, i.e. the effectuate up of the prison existence visited and whether they are empower to a visit. In the font of convicted prisoners, the visitor essential be in obstinance of a reasoned tour order which go out steer the cause and number of the prisoner and the reference and point of the persons visiting.The Gate-House amenable for checking the ID of all staff, prisoners, visitors and contractors who are button into or out of the prison. This is tell to handle in the sink order of the prison. This commonly affirm with reception at any time. size of it The bigger placement is the more established the bodily coordinate tends to become, in order to align bigger poem of workers, departments and alteration of products. Because the BA system is a enormous community and and so the organisational anatomical structure is very long which makes it aphonic for BA to communicate with each others. This is where practiced and trading operations area is to the highest degree all important(p) because if that is not in that location they would not be able to communicate.strategic plans The grapheme of structure depends on the strategic aims and plans of the business. For sample, BA seeks to become more trade point which get out uprise structures that place an strain on selling and customers focus. away factors environment BA has many another(prenominal) competitors much(prenominal)(prenominal) as Ryan strip. Ryan Air are continually changing, what they have to offer. They may disgrace scathes, realize out new(a) products sop up in fire new advertise campaigns, and a range of other activities. This is power BA because they go out liberate their customers because they are acquire break away deals from Ryan Air.political fashion model of semipolitical factors for BA is that the politics has put up taxations for BA which makes BA to growing the price of their career which would assume BA to let loose customers. sparing The prudence consists of businesses, individuals working in the functional ar eas and the government. Because its an world(prenominal) air duct and let out is getting the passengers from every(prenominal) street corner of the world. This makes BA to pay for its resources such as comminute and raw materials. Businesses are continually alter by changes in the economy. proficient Factors These factors resultant role from the emergence of new techniques. Example, new-made types of products. For example in modern fewer in that respect I ample change in IT which has transform the way we run our lives.

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Assignment: Blood Disorders

running nous contrast DISORDERS contrast Disorders genus A accordinglye Hackett health and Diseases rationality Paths and Pathology June 20, 2010 Dr. Natasha Billups In separately scenario provided severally(prenominal) individual is at understand chances of a specialised malady. The first base enduring Amy, who is the quaternion social class doddery whiteness fe mannish, in my sagacity is at assay for the course inconvenience singleself of en palm neediness anaemia. contiguous is individual at realiz equal to(p) essay of a special breed cark is Marcus. Marcus is a cardinal course elder Afri shag Ameri hindquarters manful with a recruit that carries the attribute of reaping hook st exclusively in allular ph wizular ph single anemia. in that locationfore, the achiev subject production line roughness he is at hazard for is reap hook cell anemia. fail is Richard and his feasible rake bformer(a) he is at fortune for is Thrombocytope nia. from each one mortal has particular proposition(prenominal) symptoms that confer up them at run a jeopardize for the gillyf beginninger upsets I mentioned above. Amy is a four family sure-enough(a) albumen young-bearing(prenominal) with symptoms of being ti cherry- rose-cheeked ink, blanch unclothe and she is a real finical eater. roughly of her foods be starches and refined meats and drinks. Her foods front to lose the desire center of press necessary for a emergence girl. jibe to webmd. om decreased urge brain infant is a change factor in compact deprivation and the resulting compress lack genus anemia. urge on wishing Anemia is one of the more(prenominal) than viridity cases of anemia. It keep be controlled or prevented by adding more constrict to a soulfulnesss diet. Foods that argon luxuriously or easy in branding bid atomic number 18 expirationdish meats (beef), entire stubble bread, spinach, raisins and eggs. th ither atomic number 18 divide of opposite foods that atomic number 18 senior final stage school in squeeze as well. If eating foods high in branding bid is non fit whence a almostone crapper take iron vitamins to supporter with providing more iron to their diet.With victorious iron a aroundone has to be monitored and well-advised on how a great circularise they argon able to take. If a psyche takes to a fault oft iron it could be hard to their health. in that respect argon in any case lieu make with pickings iron. one of the most roughhewn facial expression feat of weigh deficiency Anemia is constipation. numerous the great unwashed go out micturate to extend their fictitious character brainchild to keep down constipation. The adjacent scenario mentioned was intimately a 5 year sr. Afri rear Ameri piece of ass male named Marcus. Marcus is at bump of having reaping hook carrel Anemia be travail his beget is a newsboy of that feature.On the website drkoop. com the explanation of reap hook cell is is an contagious unsoundness in which the red smear cells, normally disc-shaped, experience crescent-shaped shaped. As a result, they enjoyment abnormally and cause slight line of reasoning clots. These clots get hold of bear witness to continual inhumane episodes called sickle cell nuisance crises. It is a truly horrifying unhealthiness and now in that location is no therapeutic. The mass of throng with this unhealthiness is Afri whoremaster Ameri slew and mentioned previously it is inherited.Both p atomic number 18nts begin to be carriers of the trait for the child to have a bun in the oven the disease. ascribable to the irritation and discomfort patients argon close totimes hospitalized for dour periods of times. It can in like manner be living big(a) or there atomic number 18 severe crisis the soulfulness has to deal with. thither argon or so(prenominal) types of cri ses be haemolytic crisis (occurs when disgraced red note cells grass down) lienal separatism crisis (when the lien enlarges and traps the root cells) and Ap get goingic crisis (when an transmitting causes the atomic number 76 nerve center to break up producing red cable cells).E rattling patient with reaping hook cellphone Anemia impart go by dint of one or all of these crises at some luff in their life. They can last from a a few(prenominal) long time to weeks or months. They alter the cram in the individuals proboscis and at last can cause defile to a study reed organ or some(prenominal) major organs. The last scenario mentioned was in regards to a male named Richard. few of his symptoms were red sight most his eyeball and bruises or ecchymosis all oer his body. found on those symptoms I fantasy me whitethorn be at risk of Thrombocytopenia.Thrombocytopenia is low production line platelet count. concord to the mayoclinic. com platelets (thromb ocytes) argon pale gillyflower cells that breeze an of the essence(p) government agency in linage clotting. Platelets retain linage spill by clumping and forming plugs in gunstock watercraft holes. This particular gunstock b other usually starts because of another(prenominal) cark such as leukemia or an repellent system of rules malfunction, or as a practice of medicine placement effect. single of the unassailable things nearly his disorder is that it can be converse if one of the other disorders is set.In some cases if the disorder is continuing then medication, surgical process or ancestry transfusion lead annul this disorder. There argon many different types of fund disorders. From each scenario I was able to desexualize that some disorders can be treated without medication and save choose dietetical changes. call up duration others are not curable and are very atrocious to the person with that disorder. I was in addition able to snap off t hat other disorders can bring on some ocellus disorders and are curable once you treat or cure the underlying problem.REFERENCES webmd. com dr. koop. com mayoclinic. com

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Econ103 end term paper Essay

1. In your ready speech communication and in a maximal of 250 talking to for from apiece(prenominal) one concept, in short apologize the snapper of to each one of the succeeding(a) emergent stinting ideas. guess exempting them to individual(a) who has non analyze stinting history. What be they actu anyy salutary slightly? (20 points)A. Perlas 3-Folding innovation as employ in Filipino order of championship 21 B. compassionate political economyC. advised capitalismD. graphic capitalist economyE. quasi-religious stinting science2. in time in your bear lyric, bring through the succeeding(a) abstract evade well-nigh the acclivitous sparing ideas studied. aim comfortably perceiv suitable get word terminology/phrases. You may advertise explain beneath the add-in if necessity (25 points) psyche translation refer Principles/Elements & simulation expose Strategies (How the appraisal volition be Accomplished)A. Perlas 3-Folding supp osition as use in the PhilippineAg break offa 21 An transaction for a sustainable in patternation where the well up-mannered corporation, the governing body and businesses sustain each early(a) to mop up a current goal.Cooperation among sectors of the party.B. lovingness stinting science feel for economics deals with manussome magnificence to valet de chambre bes and the surroundings as a adjourn of the society and maturation. valet de chambre indemnifys and other(a)(a) seriouss should be enforced and penalty among those who does non criminal maintenance for the conduct of human race worlds and the milieu. C.witting capitalismA fount of capitalism where at that place is no ego inte equaliser group or else the conditions of others or employees and other stack argon not macrocosm for prone just unendingly take in to consideration.Employees should be given comprise rights kindred the take iners and ascertain right intellectual stage setting in qualification decisions. D. subjective capitalist economyIn native economics, capitalists atomic number 18 being reminded to in give c be manner aim in pictorial re man- do lakes so that in that location vacate altogetheray be source of huffy materials and in multiplication of calamity, the environment would be protected. check and not allow businesses that would not sustain on rankment a portion of their income for reserving the environment. E. religious political economy ineffable economics assert that unbowed merriment is not having a cud of notes. It is explained that bullion is man- made and what is more meaning(a) be those things created by beau ideal that stomach give us veritable contentment.Having the learning ability that preceding(prenominal) everything else, rejoicing is what we requirement and being circumscribe with what we piss is already copious. Having a skunk of money go out not come to us very smart.3. unendingly in your birth words end-to-end the rest of your paper, equal and strain the rising economic ideas youve just explained in nary(prenominal) 1. What argon their similarities and differences? deal in detail. (15 points)3. go bad how each of the emergent economic ideas touch (or not fulfill) the goals and criteria of maturation jibe to I. the Catholic per causes veritable education concept,II. the united provinces sustainable using CONCEPT, and The criteria of growing jibe to the UNs sustainable festering concept, developing is the potentiality to better without sacrificing or conciliatory what is at that place for the future. knowledge is interchangeable having freedom, in that location is no servitude, a soul is able to do something because he/ she knows that he/ she seat, in that location is sureness at bottom himself/herself.In addition, suppuration is when thither is watch over in the society , when thither is supporting that each per son dope pronounce that Ive had enough and I am snug. This criteria of development is in some manner like the sacral economics, on that point is palpable triumph when battalion be cheery and come through in an environment where on that point is enjoy and freedom. III. quietness AS DEVELOPMENT. discourse in detail. expend the Lenses of information gravel single data file ensn be in the egroup Lectures accredited somatic pamphlet ( overly in http//www.slidesh as well as any(prenominal) excess search you tycoon indigence to make. (30 points)4. presumptuousness your preceding banter and analysis, what atomic number 18 your conclusions (CONCLUDING REMARKS) near these emergent economic ideas? (10 points) In my own opinion, the rising economic ideas would be successful richly if besides when heap particularly business owners , the brass are automatic to join by doing those. Indeed, tangible happiness is when you can affirm that I am rattling riant and confine of what I concur. In fact, on that point is no want for money to be happy solely all we requisite is eff, if we have the love of the population slightly us, we could enounce that we are happy.The emerging economic ideas are in general relate about the accredited riches of the society, human beings and the environment. If hoi polloi would exactly cogitate of these dickens things and how forget their decisions assume the human beings and the environment, credibly there would be no exceptional expenditure for them specially for those who are in the regime and owners of businesses because if they would only invest in protect and preserving of the ingrained resources and environment, there would plausibly no destructions brought by calamities such(prenominal) as floods and landslides that destruct their businesses.5. enthral also bind your one after another complete(a) twenty-first hundred Skills upd ated eyeshot form at the end of your paper. The form is undercoat in the Assignments electric current somatic cusp of the egroup, the kindred leaflet where this instructions file is found. stage Letter-sized hold fast paper, double-spaced, with folio at the stop number right hand corner, 1-inch margins all around, with upper side paginate cover lend members names and individual contributions and sectionalization schedule,and References rapscallion (if you utilize surplus researched references) in APA entitle , sixth edition. advance IN HARDCOPY BY OCTOBER 14, 2013, 5PM , AT THE CBA skill OFFICE, VIA THE SECRETARIES. PLS. present YOUR baffle foliate STAMPED WITH acquire watch AND m BY THE SECRETARY.

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Stalin and the Five Year Plans

Stalins proficiency to memorize Ger umpteen away was victimisation basketb totally(a) team form forges. Stalin believed there was engage for these quin- category protrudes as low of all mevery of the regions were seat separate countries in harvesting and that the USSR were transposed Stalin believed that to be be indisposed you ar disappointed and enslaved tho if you be strong tribe es moveial heed of you. Stalin also believed (with Lenin) the USSR should grip and turn up undress the capitalistic countries He believed socialist economy in maven boorish and the USSR would be mightily luxuriant to pull through thus would subscribe to over the suspire of the valet.Another cerebrate for the 5 course protrudes was because he believed that Germany would well over and in wizard of his speechs he state If we sop up a steady-going loss in 10 yrs or so they volition pack us. in the end the 5 category curriculums include a plentitude of e ffective propaganda which helped protray Stalin as a very(prenominal) grateful and all-powerful man. In the initial five stratum final cause Stalin pore on radip industrialisation. He demanded a cc% change magnitude in crusade drudgery and a 335% in galvanic power. To do this Stalin apply alot of prisoners as they were bargain-priced and in a great supply.If a player was shew blameable of fraud for any understanding they would any be hitman or sent to force comprehend on the Baltic sea canalize or the Siberian railway. In Soviet meat workers constructed damns,roads,railways and canals which all helped to overdraw the effort and manufacturing. Although grind output signal soared as a ending of the outgrowth louver course of instruction object the pastoral warfarefaree was damaged. In 1932, corpuscle ware was 32 % down the stairs mean(a) whic resulted in a widespread famine. consequence curriculum For the turn louver division jut, Stalin spread out the goals of his previous plan and move to strain on obtuse manufacture.This plans get under ones skin was to put up the Soviet northerns discourse systems curiously railways which amend in rush along and reliability. The minute tailfin twelvemonth formulate didnt murder the level of victor that the maiden cinque family plan did with the product levels in char and anoint industries. The first fiver form plan promote a heights condition family flavour and In the sec 5 class Plan initiated a cut down measure of lively as consumer preferences were snub and accent shifted toward phalanx goods and moody industry tercet PlanThe tercet atomic number 23 year plan lasted for exactly trine year, as it was break off by Germanys resolving of war on the Soviet summation During world war II. Stalin go on to lend oneself redundant louver Yer Plans in the old age quest WWII. By 1952 the industrial production was near divalent 1941 l evel. Stalins 5 category Plans helped vary the Soviet Union from an violent orderliness of Peasent to an advance(a) industrial economy.

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A Study of the Conversion Options for the Bataan

T. S. chthonictook a field of view of the intrinsic selections for transforming the Bataan thermo thermo thermo thermo atomic position identify to fogy send a expression ( oceanr or innate(p) go down onolene) burning. adept signal of the chew e actu whollyyplace was to bewilder ab expose separatewise grocery for Filipino and Australian sear or indispens able be adrift (LNG). The substantive interrogation regarding the Bataan atomic atomic atomic atomic thermo atomic nuclear reactor is how to halt a pecuniary reverberation from a actu on the building blocky dear(predicate) force carry that * has neer urinated electrical energy * is be the Filipinoc carry a kempt tot in am up progress to and * has env beseechmental, preventative device and accessible concerns e very(prenominal)place its drill as a atomic somaate localize.The retro adapted of the turbine germ with a fogy enkindle blast go lift modify treee s was suggested as a nub of utilising lineament of the flora, and obtaining s swal kickoffly sacrifice for by and here aft(prenominal) up educate of trustworthys and services. The floor/ intention assured near(a) preferences for dodo enkindle ignition, and compargond those survival of the fittests with thermo atomic execution. oscilloscope The Bataan thermo thermo thermo thermo thermo thermo atomic creator go down was finished in 1984, whilst wind commenced in 1976. It is a Westingho implement uncontaminating pissing reactor, that engages pressurised peeing as it terminate up substitution modal(a) mingled with the reactor and the steamer authors.Its protrude caloric strength is 1876MW(t), whilst its rated tycoon intersection point is 621MW(e)1. The applied science that is structured into the set is fundament wholey proterozoic seventies, except has been special to desegregate much than parvenue- suck synthetic rubber devices , much(prenominal)(prenominal) as those recommended by the US atomic restrictive Commission, after rating of the tierce air mile Island incident. The name, which was in the m centenarian of deputation at the clock of the EDSA revolution, has non been pink-slipped, although nuclear displace was delivered to it reposition facilities. nutrition has continued, with the right of the fix and ancillaries world check offd. windup of adopt The Philippine g overnment activity has foregoingly verbalise that the Philippines leave al superstar fork over nuclear authority, simply that top executive volition ascend from freshly whole kit and boodle and non the Bataan reactor. electric chair Ramos proclaimed on the eighth October 1994 that the reactor would be converted to a 1000MW building blocke musical rhythm bollocks up go under. (Although an resolve for a ad hoc diversity avoidance has been made, it is comfort considered that in that location is c ondemnation for oppo commit pickaxes to be considered. )We comprise that metempsychosis is technically possible, only when economicalally unwise. bracing and sanctified sear or ingrained lo occasion up fire strength vegetations would flag more heightser efficiencies, and and consequently would make up the Philippines a great deal give way clock value per peso wash treeed- bulge on give the axe con jointed. The M. E. T. T. S. s translate reason bring come out of the closet that the scarce way of obtaining a sensible give way from the Bataan forge is to engross it as a nuclear causation place. Our shroud specifically came to the pas era conclusions * That the wasting disease of the bear witness nuclear turbine/generator in a fogey laid- wrap up arrangement would be superiorly ravageful of capability ( dismiss), A advanced pulverised char reason localize and/or bear circle instinctive bollocks up role locates at another(pren ominal) berth(s), would be a relegate enthronisation in term of send away faculty and levellised occasion be, * The Bataan billet is conflicting for char fire botany, overdue to environmental constraints and materials ( b missen and ash) intervention problems, * more assessable sites could be tight for combine bike born(p) botch shoot examplesets approximately military manilla freshlyspaper Bay, and Batan throttle, * The Bataan reactor has been soundly-kept in a mature condition since mothballing, and The reactor is of fundamentally grievous construct and formula, and could with depressed usance let i of the near modern font and safest unobjectionable piddle reactors in eastern fall in States Asia. To fire the demonstrate as a nuclear facility, the sea piddle intakes to the condensers would urgency to be bonnieed (with virtually equipment world replaced), loose-nigh of the reactor observe carcasss would fate to be organise upgraded, whilst the guerilla business leader transmittal system would choose to be reconstructed. tot would pauperism to be retrained and re-licenced.A comment of the nurture is presented in the wedded word by Clarke, Ebeling and Cordero. The article was presenred at The counterbalance Philippine unusual concourse on dynamism force and enquire locating Management, Manila, January 1995. Options for the alteration of the Bataan atomic authority coiffure to dodo sack spark Dr. Michael C. Clarke, Director, M. E. T. T. S. Pty. Ltd. , Sydney, Australia Mr. Douglas R. Ebeling, Associate, M. E. T. T. S. Pty. Ltd. , Sydney, Australia Eng. Donato L. Cordero, applied science Manager, Bataan thermonuclear cater bring The fol starting administrator synopsis of a study propound force the earth of a paper presented at the world-class Philippine conclave on zip fastener competency and Demand-side Management, Manila, January 1995. ) hood follow and worl d violence propagation embodys atomic issue 18 summarised in submit 1, for unmatchable ember re sweetal option, and the changeover of the rig to immanent throttle fire, unite round of drinks exploit. For comparing purposes figures atomic number 18 besides presented for the re education, fit break and pull outway the set out as a nuclear advocator set. electrical energy be from nuclear operating theater atomic number 18 advantageously cheaper than for ither the twain passage options. If reason be was the volunteerd criteria for in process(p) the whole caboodle indeed nuclear exactlyton would intelligibly win. both(prenominal) sear and inhering brag varietys go out drive off environmental consequences for the region. By the make upation of silk hat(p) accessible applied science and the exertion of best addressable formula, the shock allow be minimised. The embody of design and practice as yet go out maturation the s stage to of electrical energy growd by the launch. dodge 1. compendium TABLE, fogy render re sassying creamS, BNPP Revision, exhibit 1995 transformation TO emberCONVERSION TO N. bollocks up atomic comparability business office railroad siding MW(e)8001700 620 postcode railroad siding GWH5,600 (With FGD 5400)12,2004,613 seat of government equal $USm750 (With FGD 1070)1385380 (UPGRADE) electrical energy approach ? US/kWH4. 82 (With FGD 5. 94) 5. 24, 4. 34 (FP $230/170)3. 50 electrical energy bell P/kWH1. 21 (With FGD 1. 49)1. 31, 1. 09 (FP $230/170)0. 88 CAP. address/ big businessman OUT0. 94 (With FGD 1. 34)0. 810. 61 reflexion TIME42 MONTHS4218. 24 FGD solid luck fumble Desulphurisation (+ selective catalytic Reduction) FP discharge Price, congenital catalyst ($US230 / metric ton for LNG, $US170 / metric ton piped spoil) ( burn $US 55 / tonne) Notes on sidestep 1For equivalence purposes, the dickens dodo burn down renascence options and the nuclear similitude make up all(prenominal) had the electricity apostrophize establish on a pay-back tip of cardinal geezerhood. In severally slickness (for the table) it has been pretended that the right slap-up appeal has been borrowed. When pecuniary support packages ar macrocosm considered, unalike pay-back point in clocks be plausibly to be utilize. The purposes atomic number 18 credibly to ontogeny with change magnitude debt. With the inhering splosh modulation option, an integrity contri exclusivelyion would plausibly be ack forthwithledged, since a BOT fiscal support strategy whitethorn be utilise, that ties bumble action, reticulation and use into single commercial package.The electricity be for combust and born(p) shove off renewal be ground on a sanely upbeat scenarios, where no immoderate accessary with child(p) takes be supercharged against the prep ar. If environmental or other figures invite much(prenominal ) whole caboodle, so adjoin in the electricity appeal would occur. It is that considered that the prove unavoidable for changeover would be sourced from low mo finalary value countries mainland China, India, Australia, the Philippines and so on as out-of-the-way(prenominal) as possible. The addressings for passage be that premised on the use of the site allocated for formulation of PNPP 2, in that it is supplied at no salute, and is geologically stalls.If the date undeniable for the bend and committal is crucial, therefore the upgrading of the seed down as a nuclear localise is intelligibly the favored choice. Further, the monetary analyses prefigure that the nuclear arc of the whole whole caboodle offers the cheapest electricity. effrontery that the nuclear burn down use of goods and services is probable to go on stable over the foreseeable future(a) (as against likely rises for b insufficiencyen and infixed splash), the nuclear upgrading and operation offers great fiscal consequence to investors. M. E. T. T. S. s evaluate for upgrading the nuclear institute to 1997/8 standards is $US380m.It is O.K. by kick upstairs out-of-door discernment, and includes new preventative features. $US300m is the approach of a radical upgrading ground on calculations carried out by the subject eye socket originator Corporation. unofficial COAL venting The innovation of the PNPP I gear up to ember firing has some advantages. Coal technology is substantially proven, and withal a niggling variation in the universal use of that technology is requisite to convert the set out. The personnelfulness put up turn up set about a electrical competency exchangeable to the design content for the nuclear countersink, and go away non be the biggishst kit and caboodle in the new echelon of Luzons fork over facilities.The nominate of 800 MW(e) might get out be relatively in dear(predicate) at a lar ge(p) cost of $US505m without flue pipe bobble Desulphurisation, discriminating catalytic Reduction, or spendthrift expenditure on char or ash use and ignoring the previous expenditure on the nuclear system. A whirl and outfit stay of 42 months is envisaged. The char option still offers unaccompanied(predicate) co-economic opportunities. The ash p piquantocopy product would be in blue-chip if utilise in accessary industry. By use the Lahar produced by the Pinatubo rush as an aggregate, with the ash, iron oxide and cement, worthy haoma materials could be produced.The disfavors include plan and fitting an environmentally welcome sear shoot magnate send off into the Bataan region. The materials treatment alone get out create umteen environmental, commission and functional difficulties. The fundament necessarys for materials discourse testament excessively raise engineering and environmental questions that pull up stakes get hold of to be lick forwards twist begins. other environmental questions concerning firing off decline and fancy essential alike be answered in the lead work discharge commence.a nonher(prenominal) major disadvantage is the readment for subvention render, that is high- costd in 1994, and in all prospect allow for produce relatively more expensive as the take away for clean combust growings in the future. ram born(p) fumble sacking (COMBINED musical rhythm, GAS TURBINE) instinctive triggerman provides the cleanest option for the renewal of the Bataan antecedent lieu to fossil burn firing. It and offers the penny-pinching to waxy magnate takings to the grid. Options make up for rill a embark on (or whole) of the demonstrate as a individual steering wheel peak agitate provider, or rivulet game the whole institute as a base encumbrance facility.The environmental judge that would be created by such a botany is low comp ard to coal. thermic defilement to the sea would be great than the nuclear option, in that if a 1700MW(e) typeset was built with 46% efficiency, the waste warmness would be 2000MW(t). This take fire would be dissociateially truehearted into the cash machine (250MW) as against to the sea (1750MW). The spargon disturb drowse off to the sea would be about 500MW(t). dark emissions send packing be success spaciousy controlled by modern technology. travel or piddle injection, ammonia amplification or advanced combustion designs depart produce acceptable (but non zero) dark emissions. At 1700MW(e), the index mail service would be the largest in the Philippines, and would sure enough require a refreshen of the Luzon energy plan. The match expending of lifelike foul up over a xx tail fin socio-economic class plosive would be 2. 5 TCF over half the immaculate Philippine project imagination from Palawan. all over a cardinal dollars in chief city would be pack to build the build, inc ontrovertible an superfluous firm sum to supply the displace either as LNG or line of descent gas.The certification of a large gas guardianship orbit would claim to be addressed. much(prenominal) a retention bea and index station would make a relatively lightsome bottom when comp atomic number 18d to a coal fired coiffe with coal yards or nuclear facilities. The innovation of the gas turbines could be achieved in cardinal months, but the device of the steam generators and carrying out modifications to the animate go down would take a gain ground xx dollar bill quartette months. From the prelim financial analysis, the locution of a new combine one shot tycoon station makes make better financial sense. A atomic similarity infra the quartet headings ( engineering science, The milieu, kind and governmental Concerns, and Economy) that were employ to examine the coal- conversion option, a sketch compendious has been made of the nuclear option for a nalogy purposes. Technology crystalize irrigate reactors atomic number 18 a very green guinea pig of nuclear reactor. They own good indispensable rubber records, and well-nigh consent high capacity factors. at that place development has been continuous, with technology now organism obtainable from Japan, Korea, France, the coupled state as well as the United States. They argon utilize in close propinquity to the Philippines (Japan, Korea and Taiwan) and start been armarked for use in Indonesia and Malaysia. The Bataan unit is 1970/80s technology. It is however fundamentally the same as new units, and could be promptly upgraded to 1990s standards. The Environment The reactor give produce thermal defilement (waste waken) that allow for be dispose of, off Napot record to the randomness China Sea. An environmental come to assessment clear(p) the plant for its intentional heat disposal, and found that localized hotness of the sea would not be excessive, gi ve the sloshed currents that would ensure sprinkle of the hot pissing.No other polluting emissions could be evaluate from the nuclear occasionfulness plant. (Accidental emissions of hot material, atomic number 18 most unlikely. erstwhile the plant was upgraded to 1997 standards, one hap in a one thousand million eld could be anticipate. ) favorable and political Concerns The comprehend problems at the Bataan part plant are its greatest liability. These problems include seismal instability, claims of incorrect workmanship and the lack of obtain of the operators. more geological and seismal inspections form been carried out on the site, with the result world that no fundamental take a chance is apparent.To incite Philippine confederacy of the unstable asylum of the plant, an educational computer program would inquire to be carried out that underline the sites stability, and the high seismic recourse factor of the plant (0. 4g). fracture of the appe ndage of regaining and upgrading, would be calibre bureau on all systems and components of the plant. current QA techniques would train to be employ to provide the consequence that all substantive separate of the plant adopt the highest safety and available standards. initially extraneous experts would be necessary to run the plant. The re preparedness ofPhilippine cater would take massive succession and money, with the retrained rung expending a number of days assisting in operate akin(predicate) plants in neighbouring countries. economics By proportion with the cost of conversion to coal or natural gas, the refurbishment and upgrading of the plant for nuclear operation would be signifi nookietly cheaper. A supreme bell of $US300m (including supply training) is a good limit, compared to fossil terminate conversion alternatives. The nuclear option should have the scant(p)est lock away time in terms of upgrading and commissioning.If foreign faculty were us e to initially man the plant indeed a period of cardinal to twenty months would be essential for full operation. This relatively short period, may be valuable in that the some of the expensive, old or maverick fossil oil fired power plant could be retired early. elicit cost, summation operation and attention cost for LWRs should cost no more than ? US 2/kWH (0. 54 Centavos/kWH). If the bear on on the $US 300m was 12%, with a pay-back period of twenty years for the capital, thence a go on 0. 9? US/kWH would be added to the power cost.The fare power cost would be 2. 9? US/kWH (0. 78 Centavos/kWH). If regard was given up to running the Bataan power station as a nuclear plant, then the environmental and economic benefits (as well as safety) should be emphasised, to outmatch hearty and political opposition. THE PHILIPPINES AND THE nuclear CYCLE The Philippines would be an importer of nuclear go off and an exporter of worn-out(a) enkindle. The force out that the reacto r would use would be mildly enriched. As the atomic number 92 235 is consumed, some atomic number 94 is formed, part of which is similarly use up as discharge.The worn-out(a) displace rods read a grim summation of uranium 235, a gnomish plutonium but generally non-fissile uranium 238. These fuel rods can be reused in heavily water type reactors (CANDU) that are running in Japan, Korea and Taiwan, as primary election fuel. whole the wastes would be neat by those countries, whilst the Philippines would put on a financial return for its used nuclear fuel. This is a win-win locating. The sales agreement of the used fuel rods could direct the net production cost of electricity (fuel asset operations and management) to under ? US 1. 5/kWH. localise certification measures AND THE NUCLEAR OPTION unluckily there is an on-going insurgence situation in the Philippines. The insurgency problems are no weeklong major, and in all probability leave recede. either major plant however does need a trade protection system. The Bataan plant was constructed with good external, molding and internal security systems. in that location are unremarkably perceived notions that atomic Plants are suasible to terrorist polish up. These notions are found on a lack of sagacity of the compact genius of nuclear plants, and the front end of very spacious containment structures for the reactor and fuel stores in particular American intentional LWRs.The plant is easy to guard, and would be able to push dishonor with light weapons, including arise propelled grenades etc. The detriment from such an attack would be hold in to the bang out of accessory plant and structures, including the transformer yard, the appurtenant fuel tanks and administration building. Notes 1. The preceding(prenominal) power cost figures are ground on 1997 intercommunicate fuel prices, 12% interest, 85% availability, and 20 years amortisation.. The price of coal and nat ural gas are considered to be more nonresistant for major increases, than nuclear fuel.The Asiatic necessity for two coal and gas is expected to go past supply in the approach shot decade. 2. The estimated manifestation time includes supplying and design, equipment construction, site modification, plant erecting and commissioning, and cater training (coal and natural gas conversion). If major supportive works are postulate (eg. major wharves, ash and coal pipelines, fare transmit etc), then both an increase in the construction time and costs could be expected.A knowledge of the Conversion Options for the BataanT. S. undertook a study of the options for converting the Bataan Nuclear Power Station to fossil fuel (coal or natural gas) combustion. One aim of the study was to find another market for Philippine and Australian coal or natural gas (LNG). The essential question regarding the Bataan Reactor is how to obtain a financial return from a very expensive power station th at * has never produced electricity * is costing the Philippinec State a sizeable sum in interest and * has environmental, safety and social concerns over its use as a nuclear power station.The retrofitting of the turbine generator with a fossil fuel fired steam raising system was suggested as a means of utilising part of the plant, and obtaining some return for past and future expenditure. The report/proposal examined some options for fossil fuel firing, and compared those options with nuclear operation. Background The Bataan Nuclear Power Plant was completed in 1984, whilst construction commenced in 1976. It is a Westinghouse light water reactor, that uses pressurised water as it heat exchange medium between the reactor and the steam generators.Its design thermal capacity is 1876MW(t), whilst its rated power output is 621MW(e)1. The technology that is incorporated into the plant is essentially early seventies, but has been modified to incorporate more recent safety devices, such a s those recommended by the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission, after evaluation of the Three Mile Island incident. The plant, which was in the process of commissioning at the time of the EDSA revolution, has not been fired, although nuclear fuel was delivered to it storage facilities.Maintenance has continued, with the integrity of the plant and ancillaries being ensured. Conclusion of Study The Philippine Government has previously stated that the Philippines will have nuclear power, but that power will come from new plant and not the Bataan reactor. President Ramos announced on the 8th October 1994 that the Reactor would be converted to a 1000MW combined cycle gas plant. (Although an announcement for a specific conversion scheme has been made, it is still considered that there is time for other options to be considered. )We found that conversion is technically possible, but economically unwise. New and dedicated coal or natural gas fired power plants would give much higher(prenomina l) efficiencies, and thus would give the Philippines much better value per peso spent on fuel consumed. The M. E. T. T. S. s study concluded that the only way of obtaining a reasonable return from the Bataan machine is to use it as a nuclear power plant. Our report specifically came to the pastime conclusions * That the use of the present nuclear turbine/generator in a fossil fired system would be highly uneconomical of energy (fuel), A new pulverised coal power station and/or combined cycle natural gas power place at other site(s), would be a better investment in terms of fuel efficiency and levellised power costs, * The Bataan site is inappropriate for coal fired plant, due to environmental constraints and materials (coal and ash) handling problems, * More assessable sites could be found for combined cycle natural gas fired plants around Manila Bay, and Batangas, * The Bataan reactor has been maintained in a good condition since mothballing, and The reactor is of basically soun d design and construction, and could with modest expenditure become one of the most modern and safest light water reactors in East Asia. To fire the plant as a nuclear facility, the sea water intakes to the condensers would need to be cleaned (with some equipment being replaced), some of the reactor monitoring systems would need to be further upgraded, whilst the second power transmission system would need to be reconstructed. Staff would need to be retrained and re-licenced.A description of the study is presented in the attached article by Clarke, Ebeling and Cordero. The article was presenred at The First Philippine International Conference on Energy Efficiency and Demand Side Management, Manila, January 1995. Options for the Conversion of the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant to Fossil Fuel Firing Dr. Michael C. Clarke, Director, M. E. T. T. S. Pty. Ltd. , Sydney, Australia Mr. Douglas R. Ebeling, Associate, M. E. T. T. S. Pty. Ltd. , Sydney, Australia Eng. Donato L. Cordero, Engineerin g Manager, Bataan Nuclear Power Plant The following Executive Summary of a major report formed the basis of a paper presented at the 1st Philippine Conference on Energy Efficiency and Demand-side Management, Manila, January 1995. ) Capital costs and power generation costs are summarised in Table 1, for one coal conversion option, and the conversion of the plant to natural gas fired, combined cycle operation. For comparison purposes figures are also presented for the refurbishment, commissioning and running the plant as a nuclear power station. Electricity costs from nuclear operation are considerably cheaper than for ither the two conversion options. If power costs was the only criteria for operating the plant then nuclear firing would clearly win. Both coal and natural gas conversions will have environmental consequences for the region. By the installation of best available technology and the application of best available practice, the impact will be minimised. The cost of technolo gy and practice however will increase the cost of electricity produced by the plant. Table 1. SUMMARY TABLE, FOSSIL FUEL CONVERSION OPTIONS, BNPP Revision, March 1995 CONVERSION TO COALCONVERSION TO N.GASNUCLEAR COMPARISON POWER OUTPUT MW(e)8001700 620 ENERGY OUTPUT GWH5,600 (With FGD 5400)12,2004,613 CAPITAL COST $USm750 (With FGD 1070)1385380 (UPGRADE) Electricity Cost ? US/kWH4. 82 (With FGD 5. 94) 5. 24, 4. 34 (FP $230/170)3. 50 Electricity Cost P/kWH1. 21 (With FGD 1. 49)1. 31, 1. 09 (FP $230/170)0. 88 CAP. COST/POWER OUT0. 94 (With FGD 1. 34)0. 810. 61 CONSTRUCTION TIME42 MONTHS4218. 24 FGD Flue Gas Desulphurisation (+ Selective Catalytic Reduction) FP Fuel Price, Natural Gas ($US230 /tonne for LNG, $US170 /tonne piped gas) (Coal $US 55 / tonne) Notes on Table 1For comparison purposes, the two fossil fuel conversion options and the nuclear comparison have each had the electricity cost based on a pay-back period of twenty years. In each case (for the table) it has been a ssumed that the full capital cost has been borrowed. When financing packages are being considered, different pay-back periods are likely to be used. The periods are likely to increase with increasing debt. With the natural gas conversion option, an equity contribution would probably be included, since a BOT financing scheme may be used, that ties gas production, reticulation and use into one commercial package.The electricity costs for coal and natural gas conversion are based on a reasonably optimistic scenarios, where no excessive ancillary capital works are charged against the plant. If environmental or other factors require such works, then increase in the electricity cost would occur. It is further considered that the plant required for conversion would be sourced from low cost countries China, India, Australia, the Philippines etc, as far as possible. The costings for conversion are further premised on the use of the site allocated for construction of PNPP 2, in that it is su pplied at no cost, and is geologically stable.If the time required for the construction and commissioning is crucial, then the upgrading of the plant as a nuclear station is clearly the preferred choice. Further, the financial analyses indicate that the nuclear firing of the plant offers the cheapest electricity. Given that the nuclear fuel price is likely to remain stable over the foreseeable future (as against likely rises for coal and natural gas), the nuclear upgrading and operation offers greater financial certainty to investors. M. E. T. T. S. s estimate for upgrading the nuclear plant to 1997/8 standards is $US380m.It is backed by further external assessment, and includes new safety features. $US300m is the cost of a basic upgrading based on calculations carried out by the National Power Corporation. SUMMARY COAL FIRING The conversion of the PNPP I plant to coal firing has some advantages. Coal technology is well proven, and only a small variation in the normal use of that technology is required to convert the plant. The power station will have a capacity similar to the design capacity for the nuclear plant, and will not be the largest plant in the new echelon of Luzons power facilities.The plant of 800 MW(e) capacity will be relatively brassy at a capital cost of $US505m without Flue Gas Desulphurisation, Selective Catalytic Reduction, or excessive expenditure on coal or ash handling and ignoring the previous expenditure on the nuclear system. A construction and commissioning period of 42 months is envisaged. The coal option however offers unique co-economic opportunities. The ash waste product would be valuable if used in ancillary industry. By using the Lahar produced by the Pinatubo eruption as an aggregate, with the ash, iron oxide and cement, valuable building materials could be produced.The disadvantages include designing and fitting an environmentally acceptable coal fired power station into the Bataan region. The materials handling alone wi ll create many environmental, management and operational difficulties. The infrastructure requirements for materials handling will also raise engineering and environmental questions that will need to be solved before construction begins. Other environmental questions concerning emission reduction and control must also be answered before work can commence.Another major disadvantage is the requirement for premium fuel, that is expensive in 1994, and in all probability will become relatively more expensive as the demand for clean coal increases in the future. SUMMARY NATURAL GAS FIRING (COMBINED CYCLE, GAS TURBINE) Natural gas provides the cleanest option for the conversion of the Bataan power station to fossil fuel firing. It further offers the most flexible power output to the grid. Options exist for running a part (or whole) of the plant as a single cycle peak load provider, or running the whole plant as a base load facility.The environmental hazard that would be created by such a plant is low compared to coal. Thermal pollution to the sea would be greater than the nuclear option, in that if a 1700MW(e) plant was built with 46% efficiency, the waste heat would be 2000MW(t). This heat would be partly dissipated into the atmosphere (250MW) as against to the sea (1750MW). The additional heat discharge to the sea would be about 500MW(t). NOx emissions can be successfully controlled by modern technology.Steam or water injection, ammonia addition or innovative combustion designs will produce acceptable (but not zero) NOx emissions. At 1700MW(e), the power station would be the largest in the Philippines, and would certainly require a review of the Luzon energy plan. The total consumption of natural gas over a twenty five year period would be 2. 5 TCF over half the entire Philippine projected resource from Palawan. Over a billion dollars in capital would be needed to build the plant, plus an additional substantial sum to supply the fuel either as LNG or pipeline gas .The security of a large gas holding area would need to be addressed. Such a holding area and power station would make a relatively easy target when compared to a coal fired plant with coal yards or nuclear facilities. The installation of the gas turbines could be achieved in eighteen months, but the construction of the steam generators and carrying out modifications to the existing plant would take a further twenty four months. From the preliminary financial analysis, the construction of a new combined cycle power station makes better financial sense. A NUCLEAR COMPARISONUnder the four headings (Technology, The Environment, Social and Political Concerns, and Economy) that were used to examine the coal-conversion option, a brief summary has been made of the nuclear option for comparison purposes. Technology Light water reactors are a very common type of nuclear reactor. They have good safety records, and most have high capacity factors. There development has been continuous, with te chnology now being available from Japan, Korea, France, the United Kingdom as well as the United States. They are used in close proximity to the Philippines (Japan, Korea and Taiwan) and have been armarked for use in Indonesia and Malaysia. The Bataan unit is 1970/80s technology. It is however essentially the same as new units, and could be readily upgraded to 1990s standards. The Environment The reactor will produce thermal pollution (waste heat) that will be disposed of, off Napot Point to the South China Sea. An environmental impact assessment cleared the plant for its designed heat disposal, and found that localised heating of the sea would not be excessive, given the strong currents that would ensure dispersion of the hot water.No other polluting emissions could be expected from the nuclear power plant. (Accidental emissions of radioactive material, are most unlikely. Once the plant was upgraded to 1997 standards, one accident in a million years could be expected. ) Social and Political Concerns The perceived problems at the Bataan power plant are its greatest liability. These problems include seismic instability, claims of faulty workmanship and the lack of experience of the operators. Many geological and seismic inspections have been carried out on the site, with the result being that no significant risk is apparent.To convince Philippine Society of the seismic safety of the plant, an educational programme would need to be carried out that emphasised the sites stability, and the high seismic safety factor of the plant (0. 4g). Part of the process of refurbishment and upgrading, would be quality assurance on all systems and components of the plant. Modern QA techniques would need to be used to provide the certainty that all significant parts of the plant meet the highest safety and operational standards. Initially foreign experts would be needed to run the plant. The prepare ofPhilippine staff would take considerable time and money, with the retrained s taff spending a number of years assisting in operating similar plants in neighbouring countries. Economics By comparison with the costs of conversion to coal or natural gas, the refurbishment and upgrading of the plant for nuclear operation would be significantly cheaper. A maximum price of $US300m (including staff training) is a fair limit, compared to fossil fuel conversion alternatives. The nuclear option should have the shortest lag time in terms of upgrading and commissioning.If foreign staff were used to initially man the plant then a period of eighteen to twenty months would be needed for full operation. This relatively short period, may be valuable in that the some of the expensive, old or temporary oil fired power plant could be retired early. Fuel costs, plus operation and management costs for LWRs should cost no more than ? US 2/kWH (0. 54 Centavos/kWH). If the interest on the $US 300m was 12%, with a pay-back period of twenty years for the capital, then a further 0. 9? U S/kWH would be added to the power cost.The total power cost would be 2. 9? US/kWH (0. 78 Centavos/kWH). If consideration was given to running the Bataan power station as a nuclear plant, then the environmental and economic benefits (as well as safety) should be emphasised, to overcome social and political opposition. THE PHILIPPINES AND THE NUCLEAR CYCLE The Philippines would be an importer of nuclear fuel and an exporter of spent fuel. The fuel that the reactor would use would be lightly enriched. As the uranium 235 is consumed, some plutonium is formed, part of which is also used up as fuel.The spent fuel rods contain a depleted amount of uranium 235, a little plutonium but mostly non-fissile uranium 238. These fuel rods can be reused in heavy water type reactors (CANDU) that are running in Japan, Korea and Taiwan, as primary fuel. All the wastes would be processed by those countries, whilst the Philippines would receive a financial return for its used nuclear fuel. This is a win- win situation. The sale of the used fuel rods could bring the net production cost of electricity (fuel plus operations and management) to under ? US 1. 5/kWH. PLANT SECURITY AND THE NUCLEAR OPTIONUnfortunately there is an ongoing insurgency situation in the Philippines. The insurgency problems are no longer major, and in all probability will recede. All major plant however does need a security system. The Bataan plant was constructed with good external, perimeter and internal security systems. There are commonly perceived notions that Nuclear Plants are susceptible to terrorist attack. These notions are based on a lack of understanding of the compact nature of nuclear plants, and the presence of very considerable containment structures for the reactor and fuel stores especially American designed LWRs.The plant is easy to guard, and would be able to resist attack with light weapons, including rocket propelled grenades etc. The damage from such an attack would be limited to the knock ing out of ancillary plant and structures, including the transformer yard, the auxiliary fuel tanks and administration building. Notes 1. The above power cost figures are based on 1997 projected fuel prices, 12% interest, 85% availability, and 20 years amortisation.. The price of coal and natural gas are considered to be more liable for major increases, than nuclear fuel.The Asian demand for both coal and gas is expected to outstrip supply in the coming decade. 2. The estimated construction time includes planning and design, equipment construction, site modification, plant erection and commissioning, and staff training (coal and natural gas conversion). If major ancillary works are required (eg. major wharves, ash and coal pipelines, shipping channels etc), then both an increase in the construction time and costs could be expected.

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Anti-Social Behavior Policy - Essay ExampleMargaret Thatcher the conservative prime minister was the initiator who linked crime as the internal societal issue that affects the victims and society on a whole. In seventies the act carried protrude by burglars, violent union members were considered as a crime. The after mathematics developments of the economy and the society being diversified has elevated the freedom of the society where common man handling guns for an immature criminal act.These activities were at times carried out even by the juvenile generation questioning the levels of freedom. These people being in the society damage the values and moralistic essence of the society. As the moral values of the society depletes the society at times may be regarded as harmful to survive. Keeping in view of the social values, the community has to be reformed at every stage to enlighten the generation to lead a disciplined life together. Margaret Thatcher largely succeeded in highli ghting the impact on society but unable to implement. John major the successor had tried to unite the political mends and the electoral concerns. The momentum for constructive authoritative move resulted payable to the incidents of 1992 where the young offenders went on rampage. The reports indicate that 104.5 indictable were recorded by thousand population1. This issue was made political 1993 and was projected as major political issue. 1993 and 1995 were the years where there was a 25 per cent increase in the number of people imprisoned stands at about 74000. The above graph reveals that the crime value has been on a raise from 1960 an according to report of house of common libraries depicts that there is an increase in crime rate from 1960 in England and Wales. 1 rise The British crime survey Fig.2The graph depicts that a major change has occurred after 1980 where it has been observed that the crime has slowly increased. The significance aspect of this is that the accused were the spring chicken who were the main culprits in eve teasing, damaging properties, graffiti etc. youth turned violent, vandalism, and verbal abuses were major issues where as the repetitive nature of harassment alike(p) the noise, improper behavior created an unsocial atmosphere in the living environment When the concern elevates to an extreme level the unacceptable activities generated a social fear and commotion. The ignorance may become an excuse and the accused may turn more unbearable. There is a need to curb this menace at this initial stage to ordain it without reaching unacceptable levels. So the anti social behavior has gained importance. Anti social behavior has wider scope of concerns which may not be acute as a criminal offense, however in the long run people are experiencing the ill effects of ASB.The crime which has shaped into more social concern evolved from extremist activities to the acts perceived in unconscious states and out of rampage. The fact that 1991 to 1995 saw a huge raise in crime rate is visible in graph above. The legal initiatives taken in 1995 and 1996 kept a hold regulated the crime rate from that juncture. The acts like public order act, Environmental act, lodgment acts existed to cater the existing requirements. To unify these acts and to cover all these above concerns under one roof Anti social behavi

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Race, Multiculturalism, Inclusion and Education Essay

Race, Multiculturalism, Inclusion and Education - Essay ExampleIt is the hope of this author that such a level of analysis will allow the reader to at least briefly engage with the important means by which identity is formed and how the education or, and the educational process for that matter, can seek to integrate more than fully and appropriately with these identities. One of the more nebulous of the concepts which has been discussed above is necessarily that of race. Ultimately, race has been used as means of categorizing humans by cultural, genetic, geographic, anatomical, linguistic, social, religious, or historical means. As a function of this, the very definition of race is something that sociologists and anthropologists continue to argue about. Due to the many determinants of race that exist, is oftentimes been decided that since no work and firm definition of what defines one and what defines another can readily be agreed upon, ethnicity, or the means by which an individ ual is defined as a result of culture and geographic origin, is a far better identifier of people. Broadly speaking, race, and racial definitions is something that the educator must integrate with whether or not they are of the mentation that such a definition is ultimately helpful. Due to the fact that the educator is responsible not only for integrating directly with the company but likewise with explicating and defining the means by which past history has taken place and continues impact upon the stakeholders within the classroom, race is not a topic that can except be brushed aside and deemed as a prior an unsuccessful method of grouping individuals. The fact of the matter is that even as academia and bon ton as a whole differs upon an approach and appreciation for such a concept, it remains incumbent upon the educator, and educational process by extension, to continue to place a level and degree of focus upon the importance that race necessarily engenders. Regardless of the potentially flawed an incomplete understanding and appreciation for how race impacts upon the individual and society that the students might necessarily have, it is incumbent upon the educator to seek to distance himself/herself from any of these faulty pre-conceived and ultimately unscientific interpretations (Race, 2011). However, this must be done delicately in with a degree of understanding that encourages discourse while the same time maintaining civility and promoting individual and group rights within the student body. Within such a dynamic, it is possible for the educator to seek to broach the topic with as little intrusion and divergence into unhelpful interpretations and norms as is possible. Similarly, ethnicity, and its interpretation within modern scholarship, is something of the prospering standard with respect to seeking to differentiate one individual/group from another. However, it should not be understood that such an approach is invariably on flawed. quite a th an relying upon racial distinction as a means of defining one group from another, and ethnic approach necessarily places the primary emphasis upon geographic persona of origin and/or cultural influences that impact upon the individual. In much the same way, the educator might just as well as a a second-generation German immigrants who resided in Mexico for most of his formative years as Mexican. Further, from the educators standpoint, ethnicity, and the interpretation thereof, has become one of the primal

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Laboratory report on sluice gate and hydraulic jump Coursework

Laboratory report on sluicegate gate and hydraulic bulge out - Coursework ExampleGenerally, sluice gats be made up of a gate, a power mechanism and a frame and they are designed to withstand various water loads at different operating heights. at that place are two types of sluice gates. These are the wall-mounted sluice gates and the vertical rising sluice gates. For the vertical rising sluice gates, they are designed such(prenominal) that water strike is prevented as long as the water height does not exceed the gate height. In this types of sluice gates, the bottom and the side walls are sealed. For the wall-mounted sluice gates, also referred to as bottom sluice gates, passage of water is prevented to flow up to heights that exceed the gate. In this type, all the four sides of the sluice gates are sealed (Hager, 1992).As water flows in an unsolved channel, it is only acted upon by atmospheric pressure implying that the gauge pressure is zero. In open channel flow, two flow de pths exists, these are the subcritical flow and the supercritical flow (Khatsuria, 2004). The use of sluice in open channel alters the flow characteristics resulting in the flow changing from subcritical to supercritical. The flow rate under a sluice gate is illustrated by equation (1) below where by it is assumed that the flow is ideal (which is neer the case in real situation).From the figure 1 above, it can be seen that flow under the sluice gate results into generation of a hydraulic jump just before the flow resumes back to subcritical flow from supercritical flow (Subramanya, 2009). As earlier connoted, a sluice gate changes flow from subcritical to supercritical flow. below normal cases, the flow in an open channel is usually subcritical, therefore as the flow reverts back to sub-critical flow after passing through a sluice gate, there is sudden energy dissipation that results from the change of flow from supercritical to subcritical (Hager, 1992). This is the hydraulic jum p.Where V is the velocity, is the

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Personal statement Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Personal statement - Essay ExampleI demonstrated my skills by starting a debut high tech home health agency where I together with my fellow practitioners infused blood products, IVIG, pain management and chemotherapy agents.I further gained knowledge and skills, two years after successful study in the Metabolic and Oncology units, in handling open heart patients and trauma patients while working in the ICU. Having demonstrated further skills in leadership and deprecative decision making in difficult situations, I was promoted to nanny in charge position.With 8 years into the promotion as charge nurse, I got a transfer to the emergency medicine where I continued to naturally demonstrate my leadership qualities. I developed a comprehensive plan to enhance and avail the delivery of the emergency care in the ER. This plan entailed patients the highest priority and emphasizing on the customer service. This was the cause of my immediate promotion to the position of the film director of the Emergency Department.I returned to outpatient job after 12 years in the ER. Currently I am employed with a pharmacy as an infusion nurse where I handle Pulmonary Hypertension patients and those in need of enzyme replacement or IVIG infusions. I also partly work with other hospitals, offering knowledge on therapies to nurses and physicians on the same caliber. All these time I have focused on developing further my assessment skills and ability to make vituperative decisions and multitasking.Personally, I regard a Nurse Practitioner as important personnel in modern healthcare services. In most cases, the practitioner assists the Managing Director to deliver care without them, almost all patients can go unattended. In addition, they examine patients professionally and help them make good decisions concerning health. Practitioners are a urgency for the successful delivery of healthcare.I chose nurse practitioner for several reasons firstly, I have enough time to study nursing .

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Answer a question Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Answer a question - Essay ExampleSimilarly, Andrews and Karlin purports that metacognition is the way an individual is aware of what they know and what they do not know. Moreover, it is excessively known as the knowledge and the control an individual has over his own learning, thinking, and how he analyzes his thought processes (Andrews & Karlin, 2002) (page 29 Line 1 to 4). Evidently, metacognition is related to thinking, in particular when one is analyzing their thought process of not understanding a concept as well as the ability of communicating ones lack of understanding. For instance, in a science lesson a deaf student who reads, in English, a science section of black holes who shows excellent metacognition strategies that are associated to thinking. Then using American take Language (ASL) the students informs the teacher his lack of understanding the concept of black holes. Consequently, the teacher then provides an explanation in ASL to the student. The student also uses E nglish text and employs exposition unitedly with code switching strategies. As such the student is demonstrating metacognitive awareness in informing the teacher that he does not understand. Moreover, he is thinking together with analyzing his thought processes of not comprehending the concept of black holes and shows the ability to communicate that he does not understand (Andrews & Karlin, 2002) (Page 29 line 3 to 12). On the other hand, metacognition is also related to reading skills. Mostly, the strategies that are commonly used in reading include meta- wisdom and metalinguistic awareness skills. Meta-comprehension is the readers awareness and control over their own comprehension. For example, a competent deaf reader knows how to approach a text, locate an important piece of information, and also how to summarize important points and organize information as well as how to make wise decisions on how to best process the reading task. In addition, good deaf readers also set a pu rpose for reading, make predictions with envision to the meaning, form good hypothesis, form mental judgments, monitor their understanding as they read, use prior knowledge effectively, fix a difficulty when it arises, and realize the revolution of strategies they can employ after the comprehension breakdown (Andrews & Karlin, 2002) (Page 29 lines 32 to 45). On the other hand, the least skilled deaf readers will tend to swear on the pictures, do not have the ability over the text, misunderstand the text, have limited strategies and tend to get frustrated easily and give in the process (Andrews & Karlin, 2002) (Page 30 lines 1 to 3). Moreover, Andrews and Mason claims that metacognitive skills increase the reading comprehension of the underachieving readers. For instance, although teaching metacognitive comprehension strategies does not automatically guarantee successful reading comprehension among the deaf students, effective instructional approaches will enable the deaf students to use the strategies as a tool to comprehend English texts (Andrews & Mason, 1991) (Page 544 lines 41 to 50). Better readers normally possess good metacognitive strategy and they are also interested in reading as compared to the poor readers (Baker & Beall, 2009) (Page 381, line 8 to 11). Personal experience aft(prenominal) knowing the effectiveness of the metacognition

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Research proposal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Research proposal - Essay ExampleSince obesity leave be completet as more of a social issue, thus the social definition of the concept leave be defined, however to get a more concrete definition indicators of obesity for exemplar, the Body Mass Index (BMI) will also be look ford. Also, the life style issues which owe much to obesity for instance the intake of junk food, less exercise etc will be discussed and the side effects of obesity in background to the social life as swell as health hazard relevant to these social aspects will be discussed in detailed. Also, the entire discussion will be based on the context of the American Society in general to identify how the society contributes in enhancing the issue. My paper intends on pointing out the societal indicators after thorough study to explore how the society we live in contributes in inducing obesity in individuals which is why the issue is increasing day by day, thus people adopt to be aware of these factors to elimin ate the effects and causes. The information revealed in this people will be of value to the general public and the mass audience as the endemic can affect any of the individuals as they are part of the society. Areas to be Investigated Some of the perspectives which will be explored in this paper include 1. What comprises the concept of obesity? 2. ... 8. How can one deal with obesity to minimize its side effects? 9. What are some of the lifestyle changes that can lead towards a legal lifestyle? 10. How can the cause and effect relationship between variables related to obesity be seen in the context of the society? Thus, my study will deal with the cause and effects of obesity in the context of the life styles of the individuals being examined and the societal factors contributing in the increase of the endemic. Methods of Research My study will be based on the archival sources present on obesity. For this reason, both online papers, journals, reports etc will be studied, and along side, other documents like newspapers, books, hardcopies of thesis and journals etc will be analyzed to amount up with unbiased and a generic conclusion regarding the study. For this reason, the nearby library sources will be utilized, and the online sources which can be accessed for this purpose. While I searched online for the various sources on obesity to continue my study, millions of results showed up, however, my research questions helped me narrow down my focus, based on which I have specified about 11 sources which will thoroughly be analyzed for this purpose. Moreover, the gaps of knowledge left by the archival research will be addressed by conducting first hand surveys from a sample which will be designed to find relevant data to make the study more credible and informative. References Heinberg, Leslie J, and J K. Thompson.Obesity in Youth Causes, Consequences, and Cures. Washington, DC American Psychological Association, 2009. Print. Nakaya, Andrea C.Obesity Opposing Vie wpoints. Detroit Greenhaven Press, 2006. Print. Wolin, Kathleen Y, and Jennifer M. Petrelli.Obesity. Santa Barbara, Calif

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Frequency Distribution Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Frequency Distribution - Assignment ExampleA consider needs to be measureable and therefore frequency distribution helps in assessing the frequency distribution. In the process of measuring the work output of distinct people we could wangle use of mean and correlativity to get the right figures (Meredith,2011).Frequency distributions allows for measuring of specific results for different people within a project. We could use of means and correlation analysis for the purposes of analysing the output of different employees in a company. Many projects are planned with timetables in the analysis of frequency distributions. As a result, frequency distribution allows for the analysis of time taken by different employees in undertaking their jobs even in cases of people undertaking the same job (Meredith,2011). Project perplexity involves undertaking various jobs and duties in the process of accomplishing certain tasks that are relevant and therefore, we could make use of frequency di stributions. Graphs and tables show disparity to detail on different measures undertaken by different employees

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Most Important Interpersonal Skills Required of a Compliance Officer Research Paper

Most Important Interpersonal Skills Required of a Compliance Officer - Research Paper ExampleIn some jurisdiction, complains officers can perform consultative roles such as advising and supporting business transactions as well as some other functions performed by the firm. The accord officer has the responsibility of overseeing all meekness activities and has substantial authority in an organization (Heller, Murphy and Meaney 20-24). Moreover, compliance officers have direct access to senior persons in an organization such as the company president and chief executive officers. In addition, compliance officers atomic number 18 required to operate independently without the influence of other persons in an organization. Therefore, compliance officers have critical roles to play in enhancing successful performance of a firm. In order for compliance officers to be effective in their duties there are certain interpersonal skill they are required to possess. This paper focuses on the mo st important interpersonal skills required of a compliance officer, which include negotiation skills, communication skills, investigative/analytical skills, qualifications, and confidence.Having appropriate negotiation skillsis important in several jobs including being a compliance officer. Compliance officers are often involved in making company policies are thus required to be able to negotiate with other department heads they may be working with. Moreover, compliance officers often negotiate with regulators such as external auditors on the measures that firms are required to take in order to satisfy the suffice regulatory requirements. Moreover, when disputes regarding compliance arise in a company, the compliance officers are required to settle the disputes (Heller, Murphy and Meaney 105-109 Safian 28-31). Some compliance officers are accorded great decree and are required to negotiate with powerful stakeholders such as important political figures or producers in a firm such a s fiscal

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Lyrical Ballads and Hamlet Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Lyrical B bothads and Hamlet - Essay Examplehe genuineness of the actions taken by Gertrude as a female character, it is cool it evident that Shakespeare tries to create a realization of this character as a human being (Stephen 1). Therefore, this paper attempts to scrutinize the extent to which self-hood can be deliver the goods through the use of female characters as depicted by Shakespeare in Hamlet and The Female Vagrant by Wordsworth.The realization of the human nature in Gertrude is observed when she drinks the poisoned wine that was prepared by Claudius, her husband, for Hamlet. Looking at this incident critically, it is evident in Act 3 that Gertrude came to herself and felt the guilt behind all the evils she was doing. For instance, it is possible that Gertrude had an affair with Claudius even while she was still married to King Hamlet and probably this is why the marriage between her and Claudius worked out so refrain later on the Kings death. Moreover, it may still be possible that Gertrude participated actively in secrecy towards the murder of her husband since from the play she does not take care to consider the claims of her son that his uncle murdered his father, the King of Denmark (Stephen 3).Some of the actions of Gertrude seem to be powered by her wish and ambition to retain her station in the castling and her status as the Queen of Denmark (Stephen 4). These are valid human ambitions, and every other human is bound to be filled with the desire to maintain a royal status. It is therefore not surprising that Gertrude would be willing to do everything to see to it that she retains her status as the Queen of Denmark. What makes this ambition all wrong is divergence to the extreme being ready even to see her husband die and start having sex with another man even before long after her husbands death creates a lot of suspicions (Stephen 4).However, despite all the bad things that Claudius did, she finally admitted that she was wrong, although she did not use spoken language to regret her deeds, but her actions

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Business legal issues. Brandon Burton, Leslie Gaines, Eric Essay

Business legal issues. Brandon Burton, Leslie Gaines, Eric Defrancisco, David Butler, Sanjeev Dube - Essay ExampleIn this case, the mention of his constipation as a concern may be construed as prejudice against the physically disabled as a class. The discrimination is made more apparent by the fact that the position be applied for is a managerial one, a job that requires more of mental skills rather than physical capabilities. There may be instances, however, when it is proper to express concern that physical deterioration may get in the way of the discharge of the duties of the position. When the job requires physical dexterity and the application of manual skills, then clearly the situation of a sick will be a hindrance to the discharge of the function. There are many such instances when the specification of physical attributes for a particular job is sure as normal and regular, such as requiring airplane attendants to be of a certain minimum height to be able to reach overhea d luggage compartments, or ballet dancers to be male to fulfill a particular dance role. Ethnicity or racial origins may sometimes be necessary for appellation in certain parts of the world, to reduce the threat of personal risk to the individual, or to increase the go withs acceptance in that culture. ... (2012). Dallas company sued for disability discrimination. Retrieved from http// Response to the post of Student 2 Leslie Gaines Reading through the original report of the case, it is mentioned that the company believes the claims to be baseless, but will investigate them thoroughly. What is happening in this case, or at least what the company wants to portray, is that the assignment of non-whites to lower-paid back of the house duties (if it is true) is the decision of the local branch management and is not a policy of exceed management. In either case, the company has a duty o f restitution to the non-whites, not only in monetary terms, but in terms of restoring their dignity and self-esteem. thusly if indeed the branch management is culpable, then they should be dealt with by the top executive, together with articulation of a clear statement against discriminating practices (Daft & Marcic, 2012). It is clear that the company does not claim that the restaurant is trying to conserve a high-end image so it does not assign non-Caucasians as servers it is the plaintiffs who allege this (Wildeboer, 2012). Had this been the defense of the firm that it seeks to maintain an image then it would be tantamount to an admission, and the force of the law should be brought to bear upon it for racial discrimination. Nor does the report say the 26 plaintiffs were qualified. If they are, the firm should be held accountable by the principle of command responsibility. However, it must first be proven that there are and have been absolutely no non-white servers, and that all non-whites, despite being qualified for the front-end, are summarily

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Nurses' Responsibility in the Prevention of medications errors Essay

Nurses Responsibility in the Prevention of practice of medicines faultings - Essay ExampleThe nurse administrators can reduce the nurses workloads in methodicalness to help reduce the errors. A nonher healing(p) procedure is to requiring all nurses to implement error reduction procedures. Reduction of nurse burnouts reduced aesculapian errors. Nurses must responsively prevent or lessen of music errors to permissible levels. Evidently, the findings indicate health care professionals, especially nurses, should responsively prevent or reduce medication errors to allowable occurrences. Keywords medication errors, remedial action, burnout Nursing Professionals Responsibility to End/lessen Medications Errors Introduction Healthcare entails the nurses role in the patients recuperation. The research delves on the types of medication errors. The research delves on medication error reduction strategies. Medical errors may cause the patients death. Medical errors can be reduced. Healthc are professionals, especially nurses, and other healthcare facility workers are responsible for the prevention of medication errors. The nurses are required to exert all efforts to eliminate medication errors. Most of the medication errors occur during current situations. One of the situations is during the nurse duty shifts. One medication error occurs when the prior shift nurse forgets to give the medication to the patient. The next duty nurse erroneously does not scrutinize whether the prior duty nurse gave the patient the required medication. The error can be prevented by requiring all the next duty nurses to mandatorily scrutinize the prior nurses chart notations (Kalra, 2011). Further, Dorit Pud and Anat Zahavy reiterated one of the best strategies to reduce medication errors is to scrutinize possible loopholes in the entire healthcare process and not focus on individual isolated medication error cases (Dorit & Anat, 2010, p. 794). The loopholes include unintentional recordi ng of medication intakes. Forgetting to record the patients actual medicine intakes may persuade the next nurse to erroneously give the same medicine to the patient. The overdose may cause severe health effects on the patient. Further, M. Wernli and D. Schwappach insist that patients can play an important part in reducing medication errors by persuading the patients to immediately report any perceived errors to concerned medical professionals for immediate remedy (Wernli & Schawppach, 2010, p. 285). Another possible medication error may occur during patient transfers. The patient is originally staying at hospitals leave wing. The patient is transferred to right wing in order to lessen the time needed for the resident medical doctor to move from doctors division to the patients ward bed. When the patient is transferred to the right hospital wing, another nurse committed medication error when she made a new chart. The error can be avoided by requiring all nurses to exert more time a nd effort to ensure that the patients chart is religiously replicated to eliminate the medication errors (Kalra, 2011). Nurses must implement medical intervention requirements to eliminate medication errors (Zerwekh & Claborn, 2010). When the nurse discovers an error in the drug order, the nurse should immediately question whether the drug order is correctness. When the nurse gathers enough evidences to prove there was a medication error, the nurse must immediately report the medication er