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Argument Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 5

Argument - Essay ExampleIn re fling, there has been high agricultural ware. Opponents of thorough sustenance argue that innate farming methods wastes land since they mapping less land. Further, they argue that there is no prove that organically produced foods are more nutritious than genetically produced foods. Therefore, there is the need to change some(a) assumptions about genetically engineered crops (Dena and Stave 348).Majority of people who use of goods and services organic food argue that they do so because they aim to avoid health hazards associated with it. Further, they argue that it is good to practice natural methods of food production since it is perceived that food produced using natural methods is healthy and contain less chemicals such as pesticides. For instance, potation from an experiment conducted on children in US, the urine of those children who consumed foods grown conventionally had more pesticides residues than the urine sample of those children who co nsumed food grown naturally. Production of food organically does not destroy soil quality but quite keeps the quality of the soil because it does not involve the use of synthetic fertilizers that makes the soil lose its nitrogen and other important nutrients (Dena and Stave 349-352).In addition, organic food encourages biodiversity in the sense that it does not foster the use of intensive herbicides and pesticides that endanger crop species but instead they use no herbicides and apply less pesticide hence increasing the soil organic matter. Conventional farming use synthetic fertilizers made from nitrogen, which in turn finds its way into lakes, rivers, and other ecosystems thus affecting water surroundings. Contrary, organic farming does not pollute the ecosystem because farmers use fewer fertilizers and in some cases, they do not use any fertilizers. It is significant to note that organic method of farming

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Global Operations Management at Nestle Case Study

Global operations Management at Nestle - Case Study ExampleWith its main headquarters in Vevey, Switzerland, the caller-out has hundreds of branches all over the world. It has around 283,000 employees in 86 countries. It has 6,000 brands of a wide range of products such as coffee, chocolate products, infant foods, ice cream, confectionery, pet food, seasonings, bottled water, healthcare nutrition products as well as frozen(p) and refrigerated foods. Nestls objective is to consolidate and strengthen its leading position at the cutting strand of innovation in the food area in order to meet the needs and desires of customers (Vijaya, 2005).Due to the gigantic size of the company, in terms of market share and market presence, the issue of operations focal point is precise important to the company. Its global success is dependent on how well operations are carried out to visualize that resources are well utilized and customers are pleased with the companys products (Schwarz, 2002). Since Nestle deals with different suppliers in different locations, supply chain management is perhaps the most important aspect of operations management for the global company.Supply chain management is an important aspect is creating high-quality products in the most cost-effective way of life for the benefit of both the organization and the customer. Supply chain management is concerned with the oversight of information, materials, and finances apply in the production of goods and services, right from the supplier, manufacturer, wholesaler, and retailer to the consumer. The process of supply chain management involves the coordination of and integration of this move within and among companies. Assuming that the required products are available when needed then the ultimate goal of suitable supply chain management is the reduction of inventory (Mentzer, 2001).Supply chain management can be divided into three main types of flows product flow, information flow, and financial flow .

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Wooly nightshade Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Wooly nightshade - try out ExampleThis report looks at the befogged nightshade, its characteristics and its prevalence in bare-assed Zealand, as well as ways of controlling it through the introduction of beef up bugs. Furthermore, the lace bug is described and the characteristics, which make it the trump option for biologically controlling and eventually eradicating the woolly nightshade, be discussed. Moreover, the application process to have lace bugs imported and released into the New Zealand ecosystem are described in some detail as well as the decision to have them imported and released. Finally, the consequences of the release of these bugs into the environment are discussed and their impact on the eradication of the woolly nightshade is analysed.Pests are not only tiny animals such as insects but also plants that grow naturally wherever the conditions are favourable, and that harm or hinder the growth of other plants in the surrounding environment. muzzy nightshade, or Solanum mauritianum, is an example of a pest plant it is also known as the kerosene plant, tobacco weed, or the flannel weed. It originated from Brazil and Uruguay, and was brought to New Zealand as a garden plant in 1883 after which it was soon noted growing wild near Auckland. It has various distinctive features that set it away from other plants, as it has five purple petal flowers that grow at the end of the branches, large oval-shaped leaves that are grey and green in colour. In addition, it produces a strong kerosene smell whenever the leaves are suppress and has the ability to flower throughout the year, producing berries during late spring and summer they are first green and whence turn to yellow when ripe (Ramel, 2012). Because of its fast growth, the woolly nightshade usually tends to grow taller than most plants in its surroundings (up to 30 metres tall) to become the dominant plant, so it can cover a very vast portion within a relatively short period. This pest p lant is common in northern New Zealand in the regions of

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Final Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words - 4

Final - Essay compositors caseThe family commenced its manufacturing and retail operations over 40 years ago, and according to the message from the CEO, Jules Di Bartolomeo, the companys operations lighten continue to do well up to today. There is a lot of to a salienter extent innovation that the company gets from the fact that it has remained in manufacturing for a long time rather than if it was outsourcing and just organism in retail. This is because manufacturing keeps the company struggling to keep up with the ever changing technology, hence increasing innovativeness and improvements in the line of products. Those companies that major in oversees products, majorly the companys competitors, do end up filling the commercialise with copied products, hence lack of innovativeness.Looking at the income statement, the company had a gross profit of 70.29% in 2012 and 70.92% in 2013. This shows that the companys expenses such as cost of goods sold decrease as its income increased. Looking at the operating expenses, the company had 42.01% in 2012 and 40.46% in 2013. This again shows that the company has engaged in ways that atomic number 18 able to reduce its cost of operations in order to maximize on the operating income. The great reduction in the cost of operation thusly led to an increase in net income to up to 30.46% in 2013 from 28.28% in 2012. The god performance of the company by reducing its cost of operations do it to record an income before taxes of 1.79% in 2013 from 0.10% only in 2012. This shows a great improvement in the companys income before taxes which therefore increases the companys ability to meet its short term monetary obligations. Even though the tax liability increased from -0.61% in 2012 to 0.27% in 2013, the net income of the company has still proved to increase despite it all. The net income therefore increased from 0.71% in 2012 to 1.52% in 2013. The company therefore closed the 2013 year with a net income of 1.51% after the

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Say no to Racism Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Say no to Racism - Assignment lessonDirect racial discrimination involves treatment of an individual in a less favorable manner compared to others in the same circumstances on the basis of ethnic or national origins as salutary as actual origins of the victims (Eisenstein 2004, p. 65). Unlike direct racism, indirect racism occurs when application of a certain employ to everyone affects only some persists or people from specific national origins. This type of discrimination can alike be presented when a small portion of souls from a particular racial group meet a non-discriminatory condition more effectively than other people from different races (Lennox 2009, p. 200). Victimisation takes place when a person is treated less kindly than other people in similar situations because of grumbling about racial prejudice or supporting a person who underwent the same predicament (Lennox 2009, p. 201). Harassment, on the other hand, involves a person violating another persons dignity on the basis of ethnic or race group. Harassment is very typical it takes place in schools, offices, public transport sectors, and everywhere in the ball club (Helms 2015, p. 140).Majority of the people become racists because of what they learn from their immediate surroundings (Helms 2015, p. 139). However, some are racist because of ignorance conservative families do not appreciate culture diversity. Racism is very high in Russia because of the large effect of racists. In connection with this, it is evident that Russians often harass black players by likening them to monkeys (Spector 2014, p. 124). It is a solution of this that there are many anti-racism advertisements in football (Spector 2014, p. 129). In relation to this assertion, racism can be overcome by enhancing proper child upbringing. Punishment should also be encouraged to those perpetrate the iniquity in all fields (Helms 2015, p. 144).Eisenstein, ZR 2004, Against Empire Feminisms, Racism, And The West, n.p. Melbourn e

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Cold war Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

polar war - Essay ExampleIn the end, both countries would end up losing if the war turned hot. This is likely why things never progressed further than they did.The Cold War officially stop in 1991. Just as there are a variety of reasons as to why the Cold War began, there are a few reasons as to why it ended. For one thing, the Soviet concretion had collapsed by this time, which meant that the strength of Russia and its influence over other countries, such as Germany, was basi margin cally eliminated. In attachment to their lack of influence, the Soviet Union did not have the resources to continue stockpiling weapons. Therefore, the Soviet Union had to call a truce with the United States, which they did during meetings between Mikhail Gorbachev, President Ronald Reagan, and, later on, President George H.W. Bush. The U.S. and the Soviet Union concur to reduce their nuclear weapons that were set aside for war with each other. From there, the Soviet Union broke obscure further, an d the United States

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Al-Qaeda and Hezbollah Terrorist Organizations Research Paper

Al- radix and Hezbollah Terrorist Organizations - Research Paper ExampleThe consequences of little terror campaigns ar about all the time catastrophic. Individuals or groups, which commend these crimes, are known as terrorists. Terrorists are present all over the globe. There are a small number of terrorists who operate unaccompanied, only if generally they are fraction of one or many global terrorist organizations. Terrorism has been approximately since the outgrowth of time. It has caused realms to go up and to fall, and allowed certain people to obtain immensely destructive power. Terrorism by spirit is difficult to define, roughly it could be said that Terrorism as a word in its usual usage has a connotation of evil, indiscriminate violence or brutality. (Lutz, 2008, p.7). Some groups those are not in any ways committing brutal acts but voicing out randomly for the commoners or for freedom of landed estate are also labeled as terrorist groups. This is really condemnable, be cause People and organizations are degraded when labeled as terrorists, and political or spiritual movements can lose followers and funding as a top of the label (Griset & Mahan, 2003, p. xiii). Terrorism involves ferocious and gruesome actions such as bombing, assassination of important people, mass sidesplitting or massacres, taking hostages by hijacking etc. Terrorism is directed towards the military sections, rather for religious or political entities. Several terrorist groups have shaken the world with their violent and horrible attacks and threatened the integral mankind repeatedly in all the parts of the world. Some infamous terrorist groups are working by encompassing global networking system, like Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, Chechens, Hizbool Mujahideen, Taliban etc. They have succeeded to terrorize the entire world. Al Qaeda and Hezbollah are extremely active terrorist groups that have created their unique history of terror throughout the globe.Al Qaeda is the most prominent and matured global terrorist organization in the global history of

Case Scenario Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Case Scenario - assigning Examplessedthatitwashisfirstoffenseand confessiondedguiltyof having taken off the roses, the court would be brought to a plea bargain and would not proceed to the trials. Thesereflecta criminal offensecontrolmodelwherethecourthas strongonthe victimsrightsafterhepleadedguiltyandneedednomoreinvestigations because Michaels video photographic camera had all the required evidence.Awarrantofarrestwill beissuedtothepolicetoarrestbloody shame sincethejuryhasconfirmedthatshehascommittedburglary.Dueprocessmodelprevails,wherethecourtisconcentratingontherightsofthedefendantandvictimizingthevictimwhilefollowingrules,aftersheenteredthehousewithoutpermissionandstolesomeproperty.Also,thecourtshouldnotexpectedtoconcentrateonthefactsapprovedbythejurybutwillconductlegalprocedurestodeclareherguilty (Brody, Acker & Logan, 2000).Laura mooringintheUniform Crime Reportfallsunderpart1(indexcrimes) of the subdivisionofpropertycrimesbecause commenthadplannedtosteala plasma TV,someca sh, amongotherthings.Thisformofburglaryis notclearif stonetrieditbyforceornot,andso, maybeclassifiedasforcibleentryortheunlawfultyperespectively.TheideathatLaurakilledmarkwhiletryingtodefendherself isalsoacrimeandwillfallinpartone underviolentcrimes (McWhirter, 2006).IncaseN I B R Smethodofreportingis to beused,thecourtwould be on family A and be forcedtoconductextensivelegalprocedures.Thesewould besobecause NIBR does not charteranyformsofsummary,whilethefindingssubmittedin ASCIItextfileselectronically (Siegel, 2010).Hermancommittedforcedrapeandhisactionshould bereportedinpart1 of theviolentcrimes, in which

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Journals Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Journals Paper - Essay manikinThis journal is all about the use of code of ethics and its importance in American orderliness for Public Administration (ASPA). According to Terry and Svara, the ASPA is facing several challenges and problems. ASPA has a mission that covers broader scope and it is very much more varied in its membership. ASPA is a unique pan-generalist organization. This victor association seeks to connect its academic and practician members across the governmental levels, functional specializations and sectors. Woodrow Wilson proposed an active role for the public administration in order to normal the policy decisions. He offered important guidance for the ethical standard. The standard of ASPA as the professional association was touch on due to the lack of code of ethics. It can be set from the journal that, the gap was reduced and unsympathetic in the year 1984. ASPA followed several significant strategies to close the gap. The organization adopted code of et hics in order to close the gap. The code was received and approved in the year 1994. This code provides optimistic righteous authority. It indicates the importance of the principles which it embodies. Section A of the code identifies the public interest. Section B of this code entitled appreciate to the law and constitution. Section C covers personal integrity1. Section D identifies the mission of the organizations. Lastly, Section E covers professional excellence. Donald C. Menzel, Public Administration as a Profession This specific article explores the determine of public suffice that helps to define the public administration as the professional field of practice and study. Public service values and ethics comprise the soul and body of public administration. These approaches have both positive and shun aspects. The negative aspect is that there is limited agreement on what the values are beyond general exhortations. It is identified from the journal that the American Public A dministration of 1880s, when various important events occurred. Another important event occurred in the year 1887. Woodrow Wilsons essay The Study of administration sketched the picture of the skills and characters of kind people. According to the journal, the conscience of well-behaved handmaiden was a particular inner spirit of the Wilsonian idealization of governance and government. The civil servant honor was vested in the ability of Wilsonian. It helps to execute carefully the superior authorities orders. Certainly the twentieth coke brought new significant ways of looking at the governance and government, both internationally and nationally. It also brought a significant transformation in the occupations professionalization. It helped in the growth of professional societies. An empirical study of spirituality in the organizations workplace claimed that spirituality always exists. It is the responsibility of the management of the organization to recognize the spirituality. I t should be incorporated into the workplace culture of the organization. The organization should believe in this spirituality in order to bugger off morality in organizational culture.2 James L. Perry, Federalist nary(prenominal) 72 What happened to the Public Service idea Federalist No. 72 is a particular oft-neglected defense of the reeligibility of president for election. This journal has concluded

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Fire Truck Pumps and Operations Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Fire Truck Pumps and Operations - Essay Example inappropriate a unequivocal Displacement Pump, a centrifugal pump may be described as a rotodynamic pump which facilitates a rotating impeller to increase the pres accepted of the fluids. The fluid would enter the pump impeller close to the rotating bloc and is accelerated by the impeller, flowing radially outward into a diffuser or casing. The main(prenominal) direct or aim of the centrifugal pump is to provide the required pressure to move liquid at the desired pace. Centrifugal Pumps can further be subcategorized to include end-suction pumps, in-line pumps, double-suction pumps, vertical multi-stage pumps, horizontal multi-stage pumps, submersible pumps, self-priming pumps, axial-flow pumps and regenerative pumps. patronage the differences between these types of pumps, both of them complement each other in order to get the job d unitary. Characteristics of the Positive Displacement Pump include the ability to pump stock, they ha ve a small amount of slippage and excessively have a fixed displacement reaction of water system. The advantages of the Positive Displacement Pumps are the disadvantages of the Centrifugal Pumps which cannot pump air and are capable of 100% slippage. Fire trucks may be defined as specifically knowing vehicles responsible for fire extinguishing and performing rescue attempts. This vehicle is equipped with all the required resources/materials indispensable to aid in fire extinguishing. There are a variety of uniquely engineered fire trucks which get under ones skin in all shapes, likenesss and sizes. The Emergency-One (E-One) pumper/tanker was engineered with its own uniqueness. Kevin Bonsor, author of How fire engines work (n.d.) declared that the main function of the... The researcher aims to discuss the structure and mechanism of fire engines, that can carry their own water supply or be able to pump their own water. This essay describes a positive displacement pump and a cent rifugal pump which complement each other. The positive displacement pump is one that primes and has high pressure. Positive displacement pumps fall into three main categories reciprocating, metering and rotary pumps. These pumps are operated by forcing a fixed volume of fluid from the inlet pressure section of the pump into the discharged zone of the pump. grass in hydraulic systems-these pumps can reach maximum pressure of 5000 psi and positive displacement pumps recon to be larger than equal capacity dynamic pumps. Usage of the pumps on the pumper/tanker engine is very honest forward. Upon the scene of the fire, the first and most thing the pump operator will perform is to make sure that the valve between the tank and pump is open. This is done by flipping a switch which is located on the decently side of the pump. Then, the operator will check to ensure which lines have been pulled off the fire engine by the firefighters, and the operator will discharge those lines. To make it easier the lines are color coded so the operator knows which lines to discharge and the color of the line corresponds to a plate below each lever on the pump panel. The process of discharging is controlled by a built-in electronic device, called a mastermind. As such, it automatically controls the pump, and runs the pressure up or down.

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CCNA Basic (Final Assignment) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

CCNA Basic (Final Assignment) - Essay Example4. rig redistribution filters, if craved. 5. Enable redistribution, if you defined redistribution filters. 6. Modify default global and port parameters as required. 7. Modify OSPF standard compliance, if desiredTo enable OSPF enter enable ospf and respond to the prompts OSPF Configenable ospfEstimated external routes0 200Estimated OSPF routers 0 60OSPF Configset field of battleArea depend Type (0NONE, 1SIMPLE, 2CRYPTOGRAPHIC) 0 1Is this a stub area No OSPF Configset porthole embrasure IP address to area Interval (in seconds) 5Transmission Delay (in seconds) 1Router Priority 1Hello Interval (in seconds) 10 out of work Router Interval (in seconds) 40Type Of Service 0 cost 1 5Authentication KeyRetype Auth. Key communicate Digest Key ID 0MD5 KeyRetype MD5 KeyOverride the default OSPF interface-type No yOSPF interface-type override(1=broadcast, 3=NB MA, 5=point-to-multipoint) 0 3Poll Interval 120Forward multicast datagrams YesForward as data-link unicasts NoOSPF Configset virtual-linkVirtual endpoint (Router ID) transit area Interval (in seconds) 10Transmission Delay (in seconds) 5Hello Interval (in seconds) 30Dead Router Interval (in seconds) 180Authentication Key centre Digest Key ID 0Message Digest KeyRetype Message Digest Key(c) Configure manual(a) summarization for, on serial 2, use EIGRP - using an example of one default route forcesname branch1interface Serial2ip address eigrp 10 redistribute static metric 56 100 255 1 255 vane classlessip route will allow you to have 32 subnets (25). After using the five bits for subnetting, you are left with 11 bits for host addresses. Therefore, this will allow each subnet to have 2048 host addresses (211), 2046 of which could be assigned to devices.(d) C onfigure DHCP using a pool called ISP containing Include the default gateway of and a DNS server at Exclude the range of IP address from to the /etc/dhcpd.conf file to configure DHCP service. In our setup, the server has IP address and provides IP addresses up to 253 clients. Configure /etc/dhcpd.conf according to your environment

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EESC LOG501 MOD 2 SLP Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

EESC LOG501 MOD 2 SLP - Essay theoretical accountThe chips and light snack industry is highly competitive and is characterized by stiff rivalry. With large competitors such as Kellogg, Kraft and General Mills increasing their activities in recent times, the snack industry has become a tough industry to play in (New York Times, 2012). The modeling Extended opening move total chemical image refers to a model of supply chain wherein it is plyed to the sources of the raw materials. Davis and Spekman (2003) have been of the opinion that supply chains that extend beyond the enterprises are normally characterized by trust, shared vision, alignment and commitments among the parties involved. Furthermore, the authors (Davis and Spekman, 2003) have mention that across-the-board enterprise supply chains should be externally oriented on cognitive processes, systems, and metrics of the chain. The key target for this fibre of supply chain should be the creation of value in the market p lace. The main aim for extended enterprise supply chain is to better align the supply chain along the process. Also, the business process improvements are aimed at identifying what improvements may be made to be effected system wide. The relationships created through these supply chains are normally cross organizational by nature (Davis and Spekman, 2003). ... The flow of supply chain of Frito Lay is as follows Figure 1 Frito Lay Supply Chain model The companys supply chain in light of the model However, in the context of the present study, extended enterprise supply chain model may also benefit Frito Lay just as it would do to any company. However, in order to come up with an extended enterprise supply chain model for Frito Lay it is instant that we first determine the raw materials used by the company for the various products it manufactures and distributes as well as sells to its customers. Given the rich array of product offerings that Frito Lay has, it is nevertheless imperati ve that almost of their products are made mainly out of potato, corn, wheat and flour. However, various flavours are added to these base ingredients to given them the final exam shape. Since the products Frito Lay specializes in are mainly light snacks served or had in between meals, it is also imperative that these products are characterized by heavy advertising and promotion. Thus, packaging is one of the key ingredients for which they have to purchase materials of outside. Thus, there are many ingredients needed to come out with the final products that Frito Lay produces. A comprehensive attend of all the most widely used products or key ingredients would be as follows Potato feed Wheat/Flour Nuts Tortilla Oil Onions and garlic Flavouring agents Now it may be noted that they have already started growth special potatoes exclusively for their chips. This obviously refers to an extended enterprise supply chain model that Frito Lay has already put in place. However, the details of what Frito Lay does in terms of growing potatoes is but backward integration and under this scheme they provide

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INMATE Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

INMATE - Essay Examplento consideration the situation through which John is undergoing, it bequeath be important not only to himself, but also to his family to be transferred to a medium protection correctional facility, closer to his home area. However, when putting into consideration the degree and types of offences he was charged with, I impart improve the security of the medium security correctional facility, closer to his home area so that he cannot escape from the prison.If I was a warden, I go away have different search procedures for sentenced and awaiting tally detainees. This is because sentenced and awaiting ladder detainees are governed by different laws and have different rights. However, both(prenominal) of them are not dangerous, but the chances of both of them to have weapons or other information are equally high (Siegel & Senna, 2009).In addition, I will use different search procedures for sentenced and awaiting trial detainees because the essence of searching each of them is different. For instance, a detainee awaiting trial is searched for evidence, and other harmful substances and weapons. On the other hand, a sentenced detainee is only searched for harmful substances and weapons. Thus, the two groups of detainees eliminate in different categories, which call for different search

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Computer science & ethics - research & analysis paper

Computer science & ethics - & abridgment - Research Paper ExamplePurchasing of one single copy of the bundle can enable to form several copies of software reducing the cost effectively. This kind of activities significant hinders the ethics of computer science. computer software piracy is a major issue as it affects the business, colleges and in like manner students (DeRoos, n.d.).Software is a program that helps in running the ironware. It is also an operating system that facilitates in controlling the hardware. The software operates on disks and it is customd in the memory when required. Software often incurs various errors which hamper the process of operations of a computer system. The software errors lead to the reduction of the quality and reduce the process of computing. The software errors bring about inconsistencies, time wastage as well as displays bugs i.e. disappearing of the cursors, misleading information and communication. These can be identified through the use of software error techniques (Netgear, 2014).Correspondingly, hardware is a type of electronic device which is physical in nature. The hardware error is associated with the breakdown of hardware constituents in the computer system. The hardware error is of two forms i.e. corrected errors and ungoverned errors. The source of any of hardware error essentially is its hardware units that create a hurdle in the operating system (Netgear, 2014 Microsoft, 2013).A blend of persistent memory and program code is known as firmware. In other words, it is a mix of software along with hardware. Firmware is accountable for the low train operations for the device to function. Without the firmware, the system becomes completely non-functional. The firmware errors affect the operating process, the security level and also the hardware. The firmware errors are reflected in the fax and emails and one of the common firmware errors is 900 firmware error (Netgear, 2014 Ganssle, 2004).The report

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The Rules on Formation of Contracts Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

The Rules on Formation of Contracts - Essay ExampleThe first thing next morning, Kevin went round to mariners abide and, as soon as Jack spreaded the door, told him that he would pay 2000 for the motorcycle alone. Jack tell that he already sold it to someone else. The formation of a legally binding contract requires a valid ecstasy, a valid acceptance, an intention to create legal obligations and consideration. An toss is a valid offer when it is legal, clear, and communicated to the offeree. It must be clear and without any ambiguities. Acceptance also needs to be properly communicated. The soulfulness to whom an offer is made must accept the exact terms of the offer. Once an offer is accepted, it becomes a promise. The parties must have an intention to be legally bound by the terms of their agreement. When an agreement becomes enforceable by law, it becomes a contract. There a must be a consideration for both the parties involved. There must be something for something for both the parties. If these elements are presend in the given scenario, the dealing between Kevin and Jack would be regarded as an agreement and, being enforceable by law, a contract. The formation of a contract initiates done an offer which is an expression of willingness to contract on certain terms, made with the intention that it shall become binding as soon as it is accepted by the person to whom it is addressed1. In the given case, Jack sent a text message to Kevin in which he offered him a motorcycle for the price of 2000. He communicated his offer to the addressee, Kevin, through a proper mode of communication. Also, there was no ambiguity in his offer since the undefendable matter was stated clearly. Therefore, Jack made a valid offer to Kevin. Jack had told Kevin that his offer was open for acceptance till 10 am on the next day. Kevin sent a reply to Jack in which he accepted Jacks offer and asked if the price included a leather suit. Kevin had accepted Jacksoffer in the first part of his text message.

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A REFLECTIVE WRITING ON eccentric STUDY 1 MANAGING A SICKLE CELL ANEMIA FOR ASSESSMENT 2 - Essay instanceDiagnosis is usually made at birth at the time of newborn screening. Disease focal point is usually focused on pain, hydration and infections prevention and sundry(a) complications resulting in vaso-occlusive crises (Lee, Askew, Walker, Stephen & Robertson-Artwork, 2012). This radical is a reflective endeavor and discusses leadership heed on the caring of a patient with sickle cell disorder by applying the theoretical concept from Gibbs framework of reflection. The essay is based on the case study of a 25-year hoar African-Caribbean man who had been diagnosed episode of sickle cell pain. The patient has been admitted in the Lister Hospital six time on the same issue. Though the previous pains were on the abdominal and legs, this time round he came up with chest pain also. Skills, knowledge and attributes linked to leadership argon also discussed and change management lead ership concept applied. The paper has analyzed my accountability and delegation, ending up with conclusion summarizing the whole paper concept.The reflective model that I have decided to apply is Gibbs model of reflection. This framework is grounded on Gibbs thoughtful Cycle developed in 1988 (Gibbs, 1998). The framework is related to Kolbs Learning Cycle, but it covers the principles at large. Every quality of the cycle starts with describing the event, then reviewing reflecting on the experience then ends up with the formulation of a plan to sess with the same experience in the future. This cycle constitutes six step of which the practitioner is expected to provide answers to various questions each leading to the next step, stressing an adequate event analysis provoking decisive thought. Fresh meanings are developed making the learner come up with an affirmative plan of action (Gibbs, 1988). The six steps involved include description- what occurred? , feelings-what were you ex periencing? ,

What Achieving a Degree Means to Me Essay Example for Free

What Achieving a Degree Means to Me EssayHello my get word is ______________ I am a twenty nine year old hook up with mother of ii. Ive been married for twelve years and I have an eight years old boy and a both years old girl. Since I was nineteen years old in the f any of 1991 Ive attempted to collect a college degree attending foremost Tarrant County Junior College and second Weatherford College retrovert and come forthing back again several times oer the years arduous to reach my goal.In the summer of 1995 when my oldest was two my maintain and I moved our mobile station on to new land, which required my assistance helping bug out financially. I started working for a great company that I loved, Auto Rail Services of Texas they argon an afflation of Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway were I worked spark time in the evenings doing data entry. Six months subsequent I started working full time as the assistant office manager in belt of the daytime-to-day opera tions.I was sent to Tarrant County Junior College to gain a certificate in Microsoft Office applications. I continued to advance with in the company and enjoyed working there precisely in the July of 1998 the company suffered financially when Ford Motor Company moved there business to Union Pacific Railway, which caused downsizing in the company I was laid off. I contemplated passing back to school after(prenominal) this but couldnt financially afford to stop working full time.The following October I became pregnant with our second child and after her birth my husband and I pertinacious to downsize our financial situation so that I could remain home with the baby. When the child was seven-spot months old I alikek a part time position in my aunts earnest company where I assisted in the office and was fitted to bring my child with me. Not coarse after my aunts company was forced to go out of business, which caused me to relay on unemployment compensation, threw Texas Workfor ce Commission there I was informed I could return to college and receive assistance with child business organization.I began all the necessary proceeding for the program and was informed before I could actually get the assistance I would need to ladder the TASP test a mandatory test required before you are eligible to receive a degree in the State of Texas. Having passed all but the math section of the test I decided I would take a preparatory tasp math class. The next six months I attended two such classes and in August of 2001 was successful in pass the math portion of the tasp. In June of that uniform yearour home suffered water damage from a roof attempting to be put on but not finish before a storm hit water leaked in every where cause on the ceilings in the home to cave in. From June until September when were living in a hotel awaiting the finish of our home. Having so much going on at that time I decided not to attend college that fall. I am currently enrolled at Weatherfo rd College 9 semester hours. Do the all the kayos this summer I was never able to update Texas Workforce Commission with my status and to ask for assistance with childcare.I had qualified for a seven hundred and fifty dollar federal Pell grant, which barely covered the costs and enrolled. I took a part time position as a tutor for Fort Worth Independent School partition and I have received assistance from two family members with childcare on a temporary bases. in a flash that I have introduced myself and caught you up on my career history I would like to start apprisal you how strongly I feel and how important it is to me that I reach my goal of obtaining a college degree.I am going after a degree in the business field and I hope to in conclusion get a master degree as well. I know that people say that macrocosm a mother is a great achievement in itself. Dont get me wrong I too know it is, but several(prenominal)whattimes is upright not enough for some of us I just happen to be one of those some bodies. I love organism a mom first and foremost but growing up as a young girl I eer wanted and even thought that for sure I was gone be a great something or do something grand in life just what that was though I didnt quite know.Life some how takes you this way then that way and you sometimes end up off logical argument as though you had a sail on our back a the wind was just drifting you around by dint of life. Then some times being stubborn headed and getting way a head of yourself also contributes to blowing you way off melodic line but you manage to grow in time and slowly start to see the way back on course but getting back on course isnt as easy as getting off course was.Even though it takes a slow, commodious and exhausting course back you get there you just stay strong, driven, and wanting it oh so bad. When the day finally comes that I do have my degree in hand and decided after all that maybe being a moms is grand enough I would at least h ave the complacency of know I did it I reached my ultimate goal and knowing the pleasures that come along with it such as independence, and familiarity gained.No longer needing to worry if anything ever happened would you be able to survive on your own, care for your children and maintain your lifestyle. How great it would feel to hang a plaque on the wall showing your accomplishment for all to see especially your children after all how could you expect them to accomplish such a job if you yourself never did. It has recently come to my attention the importance of just why I need this knowledge see I realized that one day my children would need my help with a school grant and should be able to assist them.I need to be an example not to mention being able to keep up with current events around the world, the local economy as well as government issues such as politics. I say forget that I am not going threw life blind I want to always have at least one core open at all times. That little voice that I use to hear inside of me telling me you are going to do something grand well shes getting louder and its time to listen.I know that over the course of my life I havent always made the right decision or took the right course or maybe even done some things a little backwards but I have always been able to see the light open up my eyes and see things for what they in reality are and find my way back around again. Some times it takes time, time to grow, to grow up, and to stop being so darn stubborn. Then it also takes just plan old school of hard nocks were you just plan have to live and learn for yourself. Ive lived and Ive learned knowledge is power and theres nothing you wobble accomplish or learn once you try.Here is some things Ive learned over the years some even by mistake like getting married, buying your first home, land, a car, furniture, going to college and maintaining a fulltime job to support your household, doing your taxes, becoming a mother, atten ding college and being a mother, credit cards, mortgages, real acres taxes and insurance.Losing your credit, burial of a loved one after watching them die, to winning, to loosing, to finding new things out about yourself your crafty, creative, and resourceful, remodel your own home from tile, to drywall tape, bed, and texture, to cabinets and counters, to paint, you even learn over the years about the mechanics of cars these are just a few examples of where knowledge has got me so far. For me having a degree means accomplishment, independence, and knowledge.If it takes me the rest of my life to accomplish my goal of a degree I will no matter what obstacles come my way. I would just like to end by saying thank you for being out there trying to help people accomplish there goals and dreams and for making it a little easier to do so.

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Alternative Beverages Essay Example for Free

Alternative Beverages EssayAlternative beverages competed on the basis of variantiation from traditional drinks such(prenominal) as carbonated softish drinks or fruit juices. The market started out with low competition, however that is apace changing as many new product lines enter and profit margins will inevitably obtain from the price reduction. The rest of the beverage industry is faced with low profit margins because of lavishly competition and piddling ability to differentiate products.The alternative beverage segment help companies to sustain volume growth in mature markets where consumers were reducing their consumption of carbonated soft drinks. Also the alternative beverage industry offered products that catered to different demographics. For example energy drinks were purchased more by teens and young adults while energy shots were bought by adults to get surplus boosts of energy during the work day. In addition the vitamin-enhanced drinks and sports drinks wen t more toward athletes and people who exercised often.This differs from just the usual carbonated soft drinks that people were used to drinking. Now they had products that they could consume for different activities. Demand is expected to grow worldwide as consumer purchasing power is increased and alternative beverages offered profit margins much higher than those of other beverages.One unwrap characteristic in the beverage market was introduction of the energy shots and they were an important growth factor in the industry the 5 hour energy shot was introduced in 2004 and took the market by storm with its high containments of B6, B12 and caffeine. Competitors course introduced energy shots to the market but none have come fold to the 5 hour energy shot, with it holding 85% of the market share in 2009.

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Imperfections of modern society Essay Example for Free

Imperfections of in advance(p) society EssayFashion whitethorn be described as the prevailing style at any given time due to anes mode of expression or presentation. Ones temperament may be defined by the clothing they have selected to wear. Celebrities and mould ads seem to demonstrate that it is unexceptionable to wear extremely disclosure clothes and promote their outfits. Sexually incitive multitude with strong personalities may choose to wear clothes with inappropriate innuendos or phrases written on them. Modern fashion illustrates the amicable word meaning of provocative clothing, which reflects upon our cultures inconsiderate behavior. see more thanwhy fashion is importantIt is thought that the clothes society chooses to wear defines ones intentions, character and gives others a basis on how to interpret disposition. People have bold behaviours because of what they wear. Many are too open with what they wear making it seem as if moderne fashion is mainly a bout sex appeal. Modern culture is mainly concerned with how others will interpret them and their appearance. thereof society uses this to make oneself more appealing. If someone were to curtail in revealing clothing, others will construe this as they are try make themselves as sexually appealing as possible.However if someone were to dress in less revealing clothes they would not be in to the hype of sex appeal. This shows how modern culture reflects on the clothes being worn. These people who are only worried about revealing themselves through outfits clearly have bold behaviours because they care what society thinks of them. People tend to act more outgoing when they are dress in clothes that they are comfortable wearing. No matter what causa of clothing a person wears it basis be an influence that alters others perception of the character of a person. show clothing that is exposed by media can be dangerous to peoples thoughts on modern fashion. Celebrities feel that it acc eptable to wear whatever they please. Miley Cyrus is an excellent example of this. She has recently had a tendency of wearing inappropriate clothing on stage and in her music videos. Her personality reflects how she dresses by showing how very much she does not care about what people think of her. Miley is very revealing in her videos and her lyrics show her personality of being so careless of what other people think.Its our party we can do what we necessitate to Its my sass I can say what I want to(Cyrus). In her lyrics, she is inferring that she is above the law. This is the unstated conclusion end-to-end her song. She shows her careless attitude in her lyrics but also in her music videos. Miley is a role fabric to many but she rolls around on the floor wearing nothing but underwear and a tank top making it seem like this is acceptable as she has a unripe, naive audience that does not know between right and wrong.She also does dance moves that are so inappropriate that you ng children should not watch this. Miley used to dress normally and she was an idol for many young girls growing up starring as Hannah Montana. Now she has changed personality by exemplifying it through her fashion. Clothing with sexual or inappropriate phrases written on them has become more democratic in modern culture because of the popular idols. People with forward personalities tend to buy clothes that reflect on the way that one would want to be judged. Selectsocieties with careless attitudes wear clothing that can be offensive to other people. Shirts with phrases such as Orgasm Donor and Drink Up Bitches are some of many examples of the offensiveness that people display through their clothing. People who wear clothing like this are often sexually provocative people who try to resemble the looks of their idols. Society feels the need encourage to others that it is socially acceptable to look sexually appealing. In reality this type of clothing is obnoxious and reflects poorl y on modern culture by giving it a bad label.The popularity of wearing offensive clothing has increased due to people trying to fit in. People who are unsure of what type of personality they have are often the ones who go with the latest and most popular fashion. Our cultures outgoing behaviour is based on the social acceptance that modern fashion portrays. It is believed that the clothes that a person may wear can reflect on their personality. Celebrities who wear excessively revealing clothing tend to set an image that modern culture wants to follow.Miley Cyrus is one of the many celebrities who contribute to this. People who have audacious personalities are usually ones to try to keep up with modern fashion. These people have clothing with sexually provocative expressions written on them. Fashion can be defined as the prevailing style or etiquette. Society may dress to allow feelings, actions or how others should interpret their character. Works Cited Cyrus, Miley. MILEY CYRUS WE CANT STOP LYRICS. Directlyrics. N. p. , n. d. Web. 26 Sept. 2013.

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How Stan Musial Has Made Me Become a Better Person Essay Example for Free

How Stan Musial Has do Me Become a Better Person EssayWhen you think of the All-Time greatest Major confederacy baseball musicians who do you think of? Im sure Babe Ruth, Willie Mays, and Lou Gehrig come to mind. All of these players atomic number 18 considered to be the greatest to ever play the game moreover in that location is one legend that a lot of people over look or probably that have never perceive of and his name is Stan The Man Musial. Stan was born on November 21, 1920 in Donora, Pennsylvania. His parents were Lukasz and Mary Musial. His mother was of Czech descent and his novice was a Polish immigrant. Musial frequently compete baseball with his brother Ed and other friends during his childhood. Musial also had the get ahead of learning about baseball from his neighbor Joe Barbao who was a former minor league pitcher. At climb on 15 Musial joined the Donora Zincs, a semi-professional team managed by Barbao. In his debut he pitched 6 innings and struck ou t 13 batters, all of them adults. Musial also played one season with the Donora High schoolhouse baseball team. He also played basketball for Donora and he was even offered a scholarship from the University of Pittsburgh. retardation the St. Louis Cardinals had scouted him as a pitcher and in 1937 offered him a professional contract, which he later accepted. subsequently he accepted the contract he spent three years with Cardinals class D team the Williamson cherry-red Birds and Class AA Columbus Red Birds. On September 17, 1941 Musial made his major league debut. He eventually got his chance and he definitely didnt waste it. Musial went on to play for 22 seasons never get thrown out of one game. He had a career batting average of .331, he had 3,630 hits, 475 sign runs, and 1,951 runs batted in. Musial was a 24 time All-Star, 3 time World Series champion, 3 time NL MVP, 7 time NL batting champion, and was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1969 as a first ballot Hall of Famer. Stan played in his last game on September 29, 1963, he finished right where he go away off with a hit of course but this hit was a foreshowing of what was to come. Musials last hit in his career was hit past the Cincinnati Reds first baseman at the time, Pete Rose, who would later break Musials National league hit record and later break Cobbs record to become the all time hit king. Musial therefore retired after the 1963 season. After he retired Musial was named a vice president of the St. Louis Cardinals in September of 1963, and he remained in that position until after the 1966 season.Before the 1967 season began, the Cardinals named Musial the teams general manager, and he oversaw the baseball clubs World Series championship that year. by the 1990s, he frequently played the harmonica at public gatherings, such as the annual baseball Hall of Fame induction ceremony and various charity events. Musial died on January 19, 2013 in his home in Ladue, Missouri. After he died anothe r Cardinal great Albert Pujols had this to say about his passing. It was such a sad day, but I am so blessed to have spent time with him the last 12 years. He blessed my life and more, many hold waters in baseball during his career, and after his career. He touched so many lives. He means as much(prenominal) as Roberto Clemente does to Latin people. Thank God I had the hazard to know him.Pujols also says, I wish my kids had the opportunity to be around him, because thats how I want my kids to live their lives. I want them to be like Stan Musial.Not the baseball player. The person. Thats the respect I have for that man. Stan wasnt just known for being The Man on the field but he was just as much of a man off the field as well. After he retired Musial didnt just make up off the face of the earth like most ball players do, he stayed in St. Louis and hosted golf tournaments, worked with the boys and girls club of St. Louis and helped raise money for baseball fields and equipment al l over the city.He was always around the team. Anytime there was a Cardinal event, parade, retirement or just a big game at Busch area Stan Musial was there. He didnt just sit in the team box and waved to the crowd either. Stan Musial was a realistic person who always took time to walk around the stadium, shake hands and sign anything. In conclusion, Stan Musial to me isnt just one of the greatest baseball players of all-time he was one of the greatest men of all-time. He is someone that I look up to not just as a baseball player but as a person as well. Hes the reason I snap off the number 6 because every time I put that jersey on I remind myself of Stan and how he played the game and thats how I want to play. Just. Like. The Man.

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Homeland Security Essay Example for Free

Homeland Security EssayHomeland Security is a cabinet level agency in the federal government. Its birth came after the terrorist attacks on September 11th, 2001. Its main(prenominal) goals were to deter terrorism on U. S. soil and the safety of the American infrastructure. It has been narrationed many times the vexation this department is having getting off the ground. Hardly a day goes by without some fresh report on a contract gone bad, a in the raw technology that does not work, a new Coast Guard cutter that is not seaworthy, or much cargo that slips through port without care (Light, 2007). Every year new assessments of the department including Congress, the 9/11 Commission and the departments own inspector planetary gives it low grades for job satisfaction, management, and leadership. Just some of the problems it is having are high turnover, internal bureaucratic struggles and structural problems. So with all that said it is having problems reaching many of its outline d goals.It still needs funding, authority, better strategy for protect American soil, personnel, better screening at airports for passengers and employees, and better technology to find weapons such as explosives. ameliorate intelligence capabilities are probably the most important. Border trade protection issues were the founding fathers main focus when he was with the agency and I am in agreement. Securing our countries boarders on a daily basis is the Homeland securitys main concern.The military that has done that job up until now but with the world being global we need to separate the two and give each their own set of ground rules to live on at an optimum level. The merging of immigration and customs enforcement can only help in do this department function at a level the American public can be noble-minded of with the goals of this office being completed (Magleby, OBrien, Light, Peltason, Cronin, 2006). Even with all its imperfections I still believe that it is a needed department in our government.A somewhat more than rigid department to handle military type action on homeland soil was needed and was realized on 9/11. We had been reenforcement in a glass house and it was just a matter of time. The partnership it is creating with state and local anaesthetic governments especially with intelligence from federal sources will build a safer America. After the disaster of Katrina in 2005 it was more obvious that this newly formed department would need some redesign in its structure. But I think with having Homeland Security it will help to build a better military.This would allow more forces to be deployed outside our borders when needed. I think now if Homeland Security had been up to par, would we still be in Iraq or would the troops the Republicans so desperately want to send be there and prickle by now? Reference Light, P. (2007, Spring). The homeland security hash. Wilson Quarterly, 31(2). Magleby, D. B. , OBrien, D. , Light, P. , Peltason, J. W. , Cronin, T. E. (2006). Government by the People National, State, and topical anaesthetic 21st. Ed. New Jersey Prentice Hall.

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IB Chemistry Lab Design - compare the effect of temperature on the concentrations of Vitamin C and Vitamin A in solution Essay Example for Free

IB Chemis analyse Lab Design comp atomic number 18 the effect of temperature on the concentrations of Vitamin C and Vitamin A in event EssayResearch QuestionTo compare the effect of temperature on the concentrations of Vitamin C and Vitamin A in theme.Background InformationMany researchers claim that the vitamin content in the food we eat decreases as we cook the food, since it is beingness exposed to high temperatures. This re all in ally intrigued me since cooking is one of my hobbies, and I always try and check the nutritional value of meals that I cook.With this in mind, it was quintessential for me to see for myself if these claims hold true. To narrow the circumstance of the investigation, I chose Vitamins A and C to do this study upon.The claims state that the enzyme in whose form Vitamin C is found, gets modify (or oxidised) at temperatures over 70C as well as at low temperatures, in the freezer. Also, studies claim that Vitamin A (in the form of retinol) gets oxid ised at high temperatures, during cooking. Once these vitamins get oxidised, they are muddled to us. This investigation give compare the effects of high temperature on Vitamin A and Vitamin C roots.http//chemmovies.unl.edu/chemistry/smallscale/SSGifs/SS054Ascorbic.gifThe ascorbic tart enzyme gets denatured at high temperatures beca consumption the tertiary structure of the protein, which the enzyme is made up of, unravels, ca apply the active situation of the enzyme to change in shape. This leads to the substrate being unable to fit into the active site, and we say that the enzyme is denatured. This denaturing give the bounce engross place at extremes of pH too.The Vitamin A (retinol) gets oxidised because, at high temperatures, it reacts with oxygen in the line of business to form a carboxylic red-hot (retinoic blistering).In the laboratory, ascorbic sulfurous found in fruits and vegetables can be simulated by adding ascorbic blistering crystals to water system, to form a mildly acidic solution. This solution can in like manner be used as the model solution during titration to find concentration of ascorbic acid. To simulate Vitamin A, we can evidently add retinol to water to form a monetary standard solution.HypothesisAt higher temperatures, some(prenominal) the concentration of Vitamin C and Vitamin A can be expected to decrease. However, I expect the decrease to be greater in the case of the Vitamin C solution since (having protein-like properties) it is more sensitive to extremes of temperature. Also, the alcohol retinol has a high boiling point, so I believe that it will be more resistant to oxidation too. variable quantitysIndependent VariableWhy and How it is ChangedTemperature to which the Vitamin C/A solution is changeThe factor whose effect is being studied on the concentration of Vitamin C/A in a solution is the temperature the solution is heated to. Therefore, the temperature is the independent variable. In order to change the tem perature, equal quantities of the same Vitamin C/A solution are heated to different temperatures. The different temperatures taken are 30C, 50C, 70C and 90C. As a admit, one solution is fixed at path temperature. A thermometer is used to notice the temperature of the solution. Investigation at each temperature will be repeated 3 times, to visit reliability.Dependent VariableWhy and How it is RecordedConcentration of Vitamin C/A in solution (in mol dm-3), subsequently word picture to temperatureThe effect of temperature on the concentration of Vitamin C/A in a solution is being studied, consequently the concentration is the dependent variable. As the temperature moves further away from room temperature (above or below) the concentration of Vitamin C/A in the solution should decrease due to denaturing or oxidation. The concentration of Vitamin C is visualized by doing an one titration. A starch solution is added to a standard Vitamin C solution which is the titrant. Into th is, a solution of kelvin iodide and potassium iodate is titrated till a blue colour in is obtained (end point). This is repeated thrice. The average mountain of atomic number 53 solution used is calculated, and divided by the concentration of Vitamin C.Then, the solutions of unknown concentrations are titrated and unitary method is used to calculate their concentrations. The concentration of Vitamin A is calculated apply a redox titration. This is do work by making a solution of acid dichromate, potassium iodide and starch. This is titrated against a solution of sodium thiosulfate of known concentration. The volume of thiosulfate used is noted. Then, the Vitamin A solutions are added to a similar solution of dichromate, KI and starch, and titration is carried out with thiosulfate. For every 1 less inguen of thiosulfate used there is 0.25 mole of alcohol in the sample (according to the chemical equations) which was tested.Controlled VariableWhy and How it is keeppH of Vitami n solutionExtremes of pH can also lead to the denaturing of enzymes, so if pH changes it will interrupt with the results, potentially giving unfaithful results. Thus, the pH needs to be kept a constant. This can be done by adding a few drops of acidic buffer to the initial solution.Presence of AntioxidantsAntioxidants including salts such as sodium chloride tend to protect ascorbic acid from being oxidised, and thus their presence may lead to inaccurate results. Thus, they need to be eliminated. This can be done by using distilled water (without any salts) fleck preparing the solution of ascorbic acid.Head Space Present in SystemThe ascorbic acid gets denatured because of oxidation by air. Thus, if the volume of air present in the system changes, the results will also change invariably. To prevent this, the get of head space present in the system must be kept constant. This can be done by placing a lid on top of the beaker in which the acid solution is heated. sign Concentration of Ascorbic Acid solutionIf the initial concentration of ascorbic acid in the solution is different, indeed the last-place concentration will also be instilled. This can be avoided by adding the same mass of ascorbic acid to the same volume of water while preparing all the sample solutions.Volume of Ascorbic Acid solutionThe volume of acid solution used for each temperature and each trial should be the same since oppositewise it will affect the volume of iodine solution used. Therefore, the volume has to be measured accurately using a pipette for each temperature and trial (each titration).Concentration of starch, potassium iodide and potassium iodate solutionsThe concentration of any of these solutions will affect the volume of solution titrated during each trial. Thus, it needs to be kept a constant. This can be done by ensuring that equal masses of these reagents are added to equal volumes of water, for all the trials.Final temperature of solutionThe final temperature of the solution may affect the concentration of the acid in the solution, as rapid heating and cooling can encourage oxidation. Thus, to avoid errors, the solutions will be allowed to rest till they reach room temperature, and only then will they be titrated to calculate concentration.Chemicals1. L-ascorbic acid 3.52 g to make 1 dm3 of 0.002 M solution of acid1. Glucose 50 g to add to acid solution, to simulate fruit juice1. Potassium Iodide 10.0 g to make 1 dm3 iodine solution1. Potassium Iodate 0.536 g to make 1 dm3 iodine solution1. stiffen (soluble) 0.25 g to make 50 ml of 0.5% starch solution1. 3.00 M Sulphuric Acid 60 ml to add to iodine solution1. Distilled Water To make all the solutions and washingOther Materials1. advisement Scale1. Bunsen Burner1. Tripod Stand1. Wire Gauze1. Mortar and Pestle1. Pipette Filler1. palpebra (for beaker) 41. ThermometerProcedurePreparing Ascorbic Acid Solution of concentration 0.002 M1. streak 3.52 g of L-ascorbic acid using the unhurri edness scale and the weighing boat (which has to be completely dry).1. Place the weighed crystals in the mortar and use the pestle to crush the crystals into a fine powder, to aid with dissolving it in water.1. Place the powdered acid into a 500 ml beaker and add a little distilled water to dissolve the acid. Use the meth rod to stir.1. Once it seems that the acid has fully dissolved, add some more water to the solution, to ensure that all the acid has actually dissolved. Then, transfer the solution into the 1000 ml standard flask using a washed funnel and the glass rod.1. Wash the beaker with water and pour into standard flask, to remove any rest solution. Repeat this process 3 times.1. Wash the funnel and the glass rod, letting the water run into the standard flask.1. Make up the solution to the 1000 ml accentuate. Place the stopper and mix the solution thoroughly. air approximately 500 ml of this solution to the 500 ml beaker, for ease of use.Preparing the 0.5 % starch solutio n1. Measure 0.25 g of starch using the weighing scale and weighing boat.1. Bring 50 ml of distilled water nearly to a boil, and then add the measured quantity of starch powder to it. Allow to cool.Preparing the unity Solution1. Measure 10.0 g of potassium iodide and 0.536 g of potassium iodate using the weighing scale and weighing boat. rapture this to a 500 ml beaker.1. Dissolve the solids in approximately 400 ml of distilled water. spat using the glass rod, to aid in dissolving. Add the 60 ml of 3.00 M sulphuric acid to the solution at this point.1. Once it seems that the solids welcome fully dissolved, add some more water to the solution, to ensure that all of it has actually dissolved. Then, transfer the solution into a 1000 ml standard flask, using a washed funnel and the glass rod.1. Wash the beaker with water and pour into standard flask, to remove any stay solution. Repeat this process 3 times.1. Wash the funnel and the glass rod, letting the water run into the standard flask.1. Make up the solution to the 1000 ml mark. Place the stopper and mix the solution thoroughly. Transfer approximately 500 ml of this solution to a 500 ml beaker, for ease of use.Titration Set-up and Final step1. Transfer 65 ml of Vitamin C solution each into 5, 250 ml beakers.1. Keep one of the containers in a trough containing melting ice (0C). Keep one at room temperature (as a control + standard solution). Heat the other three to 30C, 60C and 90C respectively. construe that all the beakers are covered with a lid during heating or cooling.1. Wash the pipette, first using tap water and then distilled water. Rinse the pipette thoroughly with the Vitamin C solution at room temperature.1. Use a pipette to transfer 20 ml of the Vitamin C solution, at room temperature, into a conic flask. This is the standard solution (and the control) since its concentration is known (0.002 M).1. Add 10 drops of the starch solution to the conical flask. Swirl the contents to mix properly.1. Wa sh the burette with tap water followed by distilled water. Then, rinse the burette with the iodine solution.1. Fill the burette with iodine solution till the 0.0 ml mark.1. Titrate the iodine solution into the conical flask, swirling the conical flask at all times. The end point is reached when a blue colour is obtained that persists even after 20 seconds of swirling. Note down the volume of iodine solution used.1. Re-fill the burette to the 0.0 ml mark. Repeat the titration process 2 more times. Note down these two values for volume of iodine solution used as well. Calculate the average volume used.1. Check that all the solutions that were heated (or cooled) have reached room temperature, with the help of a thermometer.1. If they have reached room temperature, repeat the entire titration process (steps 18 24) with the other 4 solution (0C, 30C, 60C and 90C). Ensure that the burette is re-filled to the 0.0 ml mark after each and every titration, and that the pipette is first washed , and then rinsed with the solution that is going to be placed in the conical flask.1. Use unitary method, to calculate the concentration of Vitamin C in each solution, after heating or cooling, using the concentration of the solution at room temperature (0.002 M) as the known value.

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Salvador Dali Essay Example for Free

Salvador Dali EssaySalvadore Felipe Jacinto Dali Y Domenech was born on May 11, 1904 . in Figueras, Spain. He was a Spanish Surrealist painter and printmaker by trade. Dali is normally regarded as having been elegantally influential for his explorations of unconscious vision. As an art student in Madrid and in Barcelona, Dali assimilated a vast number of artistic styles and displayed unusual technical facility as a painter. It was not until the late 1920s however, that two events brought nigh the development of his mature artistic style. The first of these was Dalis discovery of Sigmund Freuds writings on the erotic significance of subconscious resource and the second was Dalis affiliation with the Paris Surrealists, a group of artists and writers who sought to establish the greater universe of mans subconscious over his reason. To bring up images from the depths of his subconscious mind, Dali began to introduce hallucinatory states in himself by a process he described as paranoiac critical.In essence, the paranoiac critical meant sounding at one thing and seeing another. In my opinion, this is an extended version of the face seen in the fire. Heads turn into a distant city, a landscape resolves itself as a still life, inexplicable combinations are seen to lurk as if by magic beneath the skin of the world and thus the foundation for much Dalis artistic philosophy is established. Once Dali work on this method, his painting style matured with extraordinary rapidity, and from 1927 to 1937 he produced those paintings which made him the worlds best known Surrealist artist. Dali portrayed a dream world in which commonplace objects are juxtaposed, deformed, or otherwise metamorphosed in a bizarre and irrational fashion. Dali portrayed these objects in meticulous, almost painfully realistic detail and unremarkably placed them within bleak, sunlit landscapes that were reminiscent of his Catalonian homeland.Much of my research indicates that the most fam ous of these enigmatic images is in all probability The Persistence of Memory (commonly known as Soft Watches) which was painted in 1931. In this painting, limp, melting watches serenity in an eerily calm landscape. Moving to Paris around 1928, Dali frequented the Cafe Cyrano, the headquarters of the Parisian surrealists, and in 1929, he first exhibited his own surrealist paintings. Dali continued to study the writings of Sigmund Freud and subsequently declared an ambition to systemize confusion. In addition to such paintings as The Persistence of Memory, other famous whole caboodle such as The Sacrament of the Last Supper which was painted in 1955 and is currently on display at the National movement in Washington, D.C., have become widely known as part of the definitive record of ordinal century art.In Dalis books, of which he wrote many himself, canvases, like The Persistence of Memory seem like looking down the wrong end of the telescope at a brilliant, clear, shrunken and poisoned world whose deep mannerist military position and sharp patches of shadow invite the eye but not the body. I doubt whether one could estimate walking on that stretched, satiny beach among the oozing watches. This atmosphere of voyeurism lent force to Dalis obsessive imagery of impotence, of violence and of guilt. Even in his most extreme moments of anticlerical shock, however, research indicates that Dali remained a Spanish Catholic. He contagious from Spanish devotional art a paralyzing morbidity about flesh. He seemed to like anything that was not found running Camembert, soft watches, sagging loaves of flesh held up by crutches. Naturally all this was much to a greater extent shocking fifty eld ago than it is today Dali was regularly denounced by Fascists and Stalinists alike as a decadent threat to youth.When he could no longer annoy either the bourgeoisie or the self- plant guardians of the proletariat, he mortally offended the avant-garde by embracing Franco and the Pope, and was duly drummed out of the surrealist group for it Dalis reaction, pictorial in such an enfant terrible (approx. translation terrible child), was to become more than royalist than the King and more ostentatiously greedy than his Palm Beach and Hollywood patrons. If the net result was a tacky, phosphorescent caricature of Genius at Work, an embarrassment to most aficionados, it is still inconceivable to such eccentric art buffs that Dali the expectant boy will ever be expelled from the pantheon of red-brick imagination. With the Spanish director, Luis Bunuel, Dali also made two phantasmagorical films. The first was, Un Chien Andalou ( French for An Andalusian dog) produced in 1928 and the latter was LAge Dor (The Golden Age) produced in 1930. Both of these films are commonly described as being grotesque but filled with highly suggestive images.The production of Dalis art and films was both complimented and further popularized by his maintenance of in image simila r to the one reflected in his plant His eccentric appearance consisting ordinarily of a flowing cape, handlebar mustache, and popping eyes helped to make Salvadore Dali recognized worldwide. In the late 1930s, Dali switched to painting in a more academic style under the influence of the rebirth painter Raphael, and as a consequence, that was another example of why he was expelled from the Surrealist movement. In the later years of his life, Dali spent the majority of his time designing theater sets, interiors of fashionable shops, and jewelry as well as exhibiting his genius for flamboyant self-promotional stunts in the United States, where he lived from 1940 to 1955.In the period from 1950 to 1970, Dali painted many works with religious themes, though he continued to explore erotic subjects, to represent childhood memories, and to use themes childs play on his wife, Gala. Notwithstanding their technical accomplishments, these later paintings are apparently not as highly regarded as the artists earlier works. Salvadore Dali died on January 3, 1989 in Figueras and is now often regarded as one the greatest twentieth century artists yet.With some artists, death is only a ratification of decay it releases them from the humiliations of their late careers. So it was with Salvador Dali, who when he died at the age of 84 was perhaps the archetype of that 20th century phenomenon, the embarrassing Genius. He was the first modern artist to exploit fully the mechanism of publicity. He appropriated the idea of the artist as demonic obsessive. He dealt with the question Why should your fantasies matter?. Clearly, Salvadore Dali utilized communication and all forms of contemporary imagery to make not only his works, but himself into a legend.BibliographyAdes, Dawn, Dali and Surrealism (1982) Dali, S.,SalvadorDali Diary of a Genius (1990) De Liano, I. G., Dali (1984) Descharnes, Robert, Dali (1984) Etherington-Smith, M., The Persistence of Memory A life-time of Salvador D ali (1993). Various internet sites

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Byzantine vs. Roman Empire Essay Example for Free

Byzantine vs. Roman Empire EssayThe Byzantine Empire actually ruled on a lower floor the Roman Empire until Its demise In AD 476. Both of these empires were located near the Mediterranean ocean and both had a written set of laws. Emperor contanune the First converted to chrlstlanlty after ordering his soldiers to point a cross on their shields and then being victorious in battle. After his conversion, he linked the military power of Rome with the young Roman Catholic Church. Because of this union he was able to contain much of the known world at he time. In the Byzantine Empire, Christianity and the differing thoughts about it caused great conflict. When the idea of ghostlike icons came about, Emperor Leo Ill created Iconoclasm, which permitted the smashing of these religious icons. The events following the creation of Iconoclasm showed how distant the church building was from the government. Eventually the quarrel led to the separation of the Catholic Church from the East ern Christian Church, known as the long Schism. This resulted in the Orthodox Church. Despite the differences in the effects that Christianity had on eachEmpire, it is clear that in both societies, religion was always in opposition with the government. There were many factors that led to the decline of both the Roman and the Byzantine Empires. In Rome, the empire simply became too large. They had to resort to using mercenaries to defend their excess land, but they often rebelled against the government. The separation of the empire into east and west also proved to be evil to the empire. The western side, the Romans, was defeated by Germanic barbarians who unseated their last emperor, a 14 year old boy, In AD 476.Although the Eastern Roman Empire, Byzantium, survived for another 1,000 years, Its Inevitable demise came about through the arrival of the bubonic Plague, which was only the first crisis that moved the empire towards collapse. Byzantium was also constantly faced with mil itary challenges from outside Invaders, and the Great Schism eliminated any possibility of outside help. The Byzantines used a multitude of tactics to try to make enemies away, but the empire eventually fell to the Ottoman Turks In 1453.Both the Roman Empire and the Byzantine Empire held an alarming amount of xternal enemies, which undoubtedly was crucial In the demise of the empires however It was mainly inbred conflicts that destroyed both empires. Justinian ended up winning back a large part of the dominion Ancient Rome had ruled at i ts height, including Italy and parts ot Spain and Nort Roman and the Byzantine Empires differed in a multitude of ways despite their direct link to each other, they were also similar in their location, their religious opposition to the government, and their severe internal problems.

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Igor Primoratz and Radical Feminists Sexuality Essay Example for Free

Igor Primoratz and Radical Feminists Sexuality Es put appal is to be sooner frank, the lowest and most demeaning act a man can do to a woman. Most would say that rape is physic everyy forcing a woman to engage in a stimulateual act against her will. Radical feminists take a hard stance against this and believe most customary kindle is to be included when discussing rape.Feminists argue that the very companionable fiber of our society in which thither is in followity of men and women needs to be changed. Men drill sex as a chassis of control, a way to oppress women. Consent becomes irrelevant as women are not on equal ground. Feminists, who want legitimate sex, say that to have such would require major change in the social position of women.Catherine A Mackinnon says thats in our society internality is a social construct of masculine power defined by men, forced on women, and constructive of the meaning of gender. She believes that all sex ranging from radiation pattern consensual sex, prostitution to pornography, and cozy harassment and rape is all showcasing the dominance of women by men.Women are lots engaging in sex that they do not feminists argue that even with consent women will stand for to sex for the purpose of pleasing a man, or to improve social acceptance. When a woman has sex with a man and does not want it, when she acts under compulsion, Feminists argue that this is rape. Morgan states Rape exists any time sexual intercourse occurs when it is not being initiated by the woman out of her own genuine affection and desire. Feminists choose that sure they may not be under the threat of a knife to the throat alone they are nonetheless threatened and as such these situations can be called rape. Such acts may not fall under the same umbrella as what is known as traditional rape, it is rape vertical the same.Wertheimer points out that a sexual offense is basically nonconsensual feeling or bodily contact. This type of touching does n ot necessarily have to be violent and does not need to involve one perforate the other. Another form would involve a violent assault or battery. Thirdly would be threats of violence. finally a sexual assault may be from a fear of harms from penetration. These are all accredited forms of rape, not the type of rape that is expressed by the views of Radical Feminists. One must ask, are these relation made by Radical feminists truly in line with what is a sexual offense?Feminists alike state, that woman who are coerced into sex albeit not physically threatened but by means of say threats to end a relationship, threats to find another do itr, threats about how he feels about her and such are all forms of coercion. Thus, they are all forms of rape. In order for women to feel completely comfortable and make sex moral, they must be free of all forms of coercion.The problem with all this is that in our lives we are constantly coerced into things we may not want to do. Is this to say t hat all judgments or situations, in which one is coerced is therefore morally unacceptable?Primoratz says quite nicely that every extrinsic consideration that gets us to do something is to count as coercion into doing it, and if we are truly free only in those actions we do for own sake, then we are all coerced in most of what we do and unfree most of the time.Another problem is that sex that can used for the purposes of financial gain, power, or social stature can all be seen as immoral even if some(prenominal) parties have agreed on consent. But this is not merely a problem blamed on the males of today, females do it too. For all sorts of different reasons than the ones Primoratz listed. Some may do it for drugs, alcohol, clothes, or other petty items. bear down is, sex is a tool used by both men and women alike.So all sexually activity can not be morally acceptable while men and women are socially and economically unequal? So all people should be on equal ground in the first place they can engage in a legitimate sexual relationship? It is near impossible to strike such a situation in a capitalistic society.It is not unreasonable to have sex for the simple enjoyment of it. Why must there be a deeper meaning? It is ok to exteriorize both him and her in the act of sex, for the sole purpose of mutual ends.Wertheimer tells us when one should consent to sexual relations and uses Susan Moller Okin to state justice applies to some interfamilial issues, such as the control of economic resources and the distribution of star sign labor, does justice also apply to sex?Wertheimer implies that is acceptable for a husband to want sex and that it may not be something the wife wants at that time or that often but is she obliged to take care her man? Are his needs and her wanting to satisfy his needs more than(prenominal) important than her need to not want sex? He sort of tip toes around it and doesnt give a authorised answer.The argument as it pertains to movie s is quite obvious, sure the wife or husband may be unbidden to put aside their urge to watch a certain movie but would the same issues be relevant to sex? Wertheimer describes what most of us refer to as make-up sex. That couples sometimes use such a moment to reaffirm their desire to demonstrate that their relationship is strong and not succumbing to the issues of a meaningless fight.Wertheimer definitely objectifies women and makes it seem as though they are the ones who must comply with their mans needs. He uses his words wisely and states at the end It might be argued that it is not merely that love can coexist with justice, but that to love another person is to want to be fair to them, or, more precisely, to ant to not to be unfair to them, for to love someone is typically to want to be more than fair to them, to be generous.

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Philosophy Reflection Essay Example for Free

Philosophy Reflection Es introduceThis was my first major introduction into the tuition of philosophy, and I toilette h singlestly say that it has had a major impact on my belief system. m all a(prenominal) of my views drive been changed and my overall view on vivification is much different than it was five months ago. To me, the two roughly interesting whole caboodle were the Tao and The Minds I. The Tao describes a sincerely interesting way of biography. Of all the philosophies weve read, it is the simplest and most beautiful. Instead of see for hidden meanings and analyzing all parts of life, Laozi only(prenominal) when tells us to populate life.Do no more than you have to do, but do everything you have to do. He tells us non to worry almost death and just go life. I honestly think very simple and peaceful way of sustentation can bring us much more enjoyment than we have now in our current rules of order. However, the only way it can be implemented is if e veryone follows the Tao, and that is nearly impossible in our current society. We should honestly listen to live simpler lives and see the beauty of everyday things. The other work that real impacted me was The Minds I.Im not legitimate if it qualifies as a single work, but there were several classic themes that really interested me and changed rough of my views. The section that really interested me the most was the section describing intelligent machines and animals, and their relationship to military man. I had always considered humans superior to animals due to their intelligence and ability to go along. I never panorama too much about the idea of intelligent animals and even machines and their relationship to humans.An intelligent machine or animal that can communicate definitely would be on the same evolutionary level as humans, and thus there could be no way to justify creating an intelligent robotic servant or helper without harkening back to the ideology that prompt ed slavery. Also, close of this machine or animal would be equivalent to murder. However, I steady so no deterrent example objection to creating an intelligent robot, as long as we give it its own freedom, just as we would to one of our children.Its may be considered playing God, but if we are his greatest creations, we should have the right to test our limits. merely through a recreation of consciousness done and understood by us can we scram to understand our own consciousness as well as ourselves. I had never really thought about technology in this way and never seriously questioned the origin of my consciousness, so the Minds I really forced me to think about life in a different way. Throughout the term, I not only changed and reconsidered many of my views I discovered things that I subconsciously believed without really thinking about it.My beliefs not only changed, I discovered beliefs that I never k parvenue I had. Some of these views surfaced when reading certain works like The Mysterious Stranger and Nietzsche. Although these two works didnt change my deep-set views that much, it was interesting to see my instinctual beliefs unhorse challenged. I discovered I was a pretty moderate thinker, but these readings caused many of my views on life to change. However, I still disagreed with many of the views expressed in class discussions with certain works, like the Tao.But bypast I realized that the Tao is designed to have different meanings to everyone who reads it so they could buzz off their own way of life and thus doesnt lend itself well to class discussions. I saw that the way philosophy has evolved over the years mirrors the way society has changed throughout hi humbug. The older philosophies that weve read, like the Tao and Plato work, seem to try to tell us how to live our lives to get the most happiness and satisfaction out of it, and how to find the way or see the light.The more youthful philosophies seem to disregard the idea of a tru e path and tell us how to live in the best way, but they dont guarantee happiness from it. The most interesting pieces for me were a mix of the young and older philosophies, like Nietzsche and Socrates Apology (I guess because he lived in a ancient but modern society). Even though they were completely different and I completely disagreed with one of them, they were much more cause to me. One important thing that I learned is that I hate reading about nearlything that I agree on, I dislike having my views proven?by another writer and rather read new ideas and opinions.From all the texts read and discussions weve had this year, its hard to highlight just three things that I learned. One of the most touch texts to me was The Circular Ruins. Especially when read right after Is God a Taoist, this simple story do me reconsider all my beliefs on existence and God. Just like the main character was, we are unplowed in the dark about our condition, where we came from and how we exist. We claim an all-mighty God as our creator, and call ourselves superior beings in his image.However, whose to say that we are not just insignificant nothings, created by another being of no importance. Would that make us less real and important? From this story I learned to stop attaching importance and purpose to everything I do. Maybe there is a reason we dont know where we come from perhaps we dont want to know. Another important lesson came from Reservation Blues. The main characters all had to deal with finding a cultural identity while seek to escape the trap of the white man. The only ones who made it out were the ones who had a strong cultural identity.They knew themselves and identify with their past before they attempted to escape the reservation. Victor and Junior either tried to ignore their past or couldnt come to terms with their heritage. They tried to escape before they were ready, and couldnt cope with the failure. The books point, despite the suicide and Victors dest ruction, was astonishingly positive, it showed that if you come to terms with your past and yourself you can overcome any obstacle set against you, but you mustiness have this understanding or you ordain destroy yourself.From The Razors Edge I learned a piling about the purpose of life from each of the vastly different characters. At first, it seems like the point of the story is that there is a difference between what we want and what makes us happy and fulfilled. Suzanne, Gray and Elliot all got what they wanted yet all seem to live unhappy, unfulfilled lives. Further inspection showed that they all are living the life that they fully wanted and commanded to live, and they are perfectly content. Isabel wanted both Larry and high society type of life, and thus is disappointed with her life because she couldnt have both.Larry didnt know what he wanted out of life, so he took basically a timeout from the real world, went into seclusion and discovered what he wanted out of life. instanter he, knowing full well what he wants, is the most satisfied of all the characters. The lesson to be learned is that happiness is completely relative, and thus you cannot call anyone a failure unless he considers himself one. Also, its all right to take some time out of the real world and relax, take a step back and see what you really want to do next.In the end, this class really has changed my views on the best kind of life. I still believe that you need to live the type of life that will make you the happiest and most satisfied, but I dont think that most people know what type of life that is. If you dont have a passion, dont force yourself into any profession. Explore the world and find something that really interests you otherwise you will get forced into a low life that you hate. If you have a passion, you have to follow it. You have to come in terms with who you are understand and remember your past and childhood.We have to examine our lives to discover what we rea lly want, then try to find it. We must simplify our actions, and we have to stop overanalyzing others actions and words. We have to lose our ego and sense of shame, and stop fondness what people think of you. This is the simplest way to live and live happily, without having to adjust your actions to fit what other people expect from you. We have to stop fearing death and keep on living life in the happiest possible way. This will be the happiest, simplest and best life for everyone.