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Trafficking in Illegal Drugs and Persons Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Trafficking in Illegal Drugs and Persons - examine ExampleHowever, in the foreign policy moves, President offers to frame strategies taking into confidence Canada, Iran and France for implementing his policies to control dose and human trafficking and at the same time expanding his foreign strategies to curtail global terrorism in all told its dimensions. However before that as an advisor to the President, I need to identity the ways with which Canada, Iran and France frame faithfulnesss to identify, approximate and sentence these international criminals and put the same into practice. According to the law in Canada, drug trafficking is a very(prenominal) serious offense subjecting the criminals into prison. However at the same time length of the prison similarly views upon the frenzy of the crime and large-hearted and quantity of substance found in the possession of the offenders. According to the Criminal grave of Canada, criminals get lighter punishment for those who ha ve been found in the possession of the marijuana, amphetamines, hashish, and LSD. Punishment and the imposition of the fines depend upon the quantum and nature of drug caught by the offender which can go from six months to five years and nevertheless life imprisonment and fine from $1000 to $5000 (Jourard, n.d.).Canada has defined specific laws pertaining to the human trafficking involving extortion, kidnapping, conspiracy, prostitution, forced confinement, or former(a) organized criminal acts that involve moving of one person or groups illegally on the Canadian land for criminal acts. Besides, Parliament also formulated the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA) and Section 118 of this law was initiated on 28the June 2002 which states that no person or persons are allowed to enter into Canada through illegal means desire commitment of forgery, deceiving someone, kidnapping, or forceful pressurizing. It also includes persons who foster these criminals by providing transpor tation, or by recruiting or sheltering them. These volume if caught are liable to be punished for life imprisonment or fine to the amount of $1,000,000, or both. On 25th November 2005, these measures were made more stringent through passing of the Criminal Code curtailing trafficking and also preventing the people who are involved in the obliteration or destruction of the identity, forging travel documents to help trafficking and abetting criminals to accomplish their nefarious designs. Even the federal Interdepartmental Working Group on Trafficking in Persons (IWGTIP), infra the co-chairmanship of Justice and Foreign Affairs, also assists in the activities to solve the trafficking problems (Raaflaub, 2006). The graver of these two is the terrorism problem for which before long after the terrorists attack on the World Trade Center, Canadian government initiated plans to control any kind of terrorist activities. $280 million had been spent by the Canadian government in its immedia te initiatives to strengthen law enforcement agencies with the main(prenominal) emphasis on quick tracing of fraud-resistant Permanent Resident Card for new immigrants, provision of trade protection measures for the refugees, quick detention process and deportation, recruiting of highly skilled and trained staff to increase the power of security at the ports, up gradation of the technology, equipments and making all the

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