Friday, May 10, 2019

High cost of running the American healthcare system (this does not Research Paper

noble cost of running the American healthcare system (this does not have to be the topic, use whatever thats suitable) - Research Paper ExampleThere have been several reasons for such(prenominal) growth of cost in the health care system in the last few years. nonpareil of the most important reasons is the weighed down pass in the engineering sector. With time even the diseases are getting complex. Thus to fight such diseases technological innovation is a must. The use of prescription drugs also adds to the cost as with better technology the composition of the drugs are also changing which is making it more costlier than ever. The other very important promoter that has added to the cost is the nature of the chronic diseases that has been a recent trend in the last few years. degenerative diseases constitute 75% diseases of the nation. These diseases are basically of long term duration and thereby requires more spending than other kind of diseases. Even the cure of such diseases is very costly compared to other kind of diseases. One economic factor which adds to the growth of the cost structure is the increase in population as wellspring as the aging of the population in US. With time, large portion of the populace is turning out to be aged as it is widely known that most diseases are often witnessed in old age. Therefore, with festering number of aged patients in the nursing homes, the cost of the health care division is also increasing. high administrative costs also contribute the higher health care cost structure (Kaiser Edu, 2010).Infrastructure, governing body and quality should be major determinants in the health care delivery system. Health care for the most part depends on the foot of the unit. It is very essential for the nursing home to have high level of infrastructure in order to combat with any kind of disease. Again the non physical infrastructure should be equal and up to date. It generally means that the information system and the h uman resources should be competent enough

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