Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Leadership Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words - 5

Leadership - Essay Example(Ryan, 2002)Young aspirants for managerial roles are keen to be selected either as attend manager or executive manager in a cable impregnable as they will have the scope and proper opportunity to exercise their leadership qualities, explore their talents and lead the firm to prosperity. An executive manager is required to look after development and proper application of both business and strategic goals of an organization. On the other hand a project manager is responsible for fulfilling a projects deadline within the scheduled period. (Ireland, 2006, 4) To ensure these tasks, both executive manager and project manager manage and evaluate performance of the subordinates on a regular basis. Team leaders also execute principal(prenominal) roles for proper g everyplacenance of a business house. These managers evaluate performance of the team members as well as the team leader and appraise them according everywhere their performance. At the individual leve l, they are not totally regarded as leaders but at the same time, for successful functioning of an organization, each of them has to satisfy the roles of leader. Depending over the strong foundation of their leadership an organization receives a perfect ascent. This paper aims at focusing over various theories that deals with the role of a leader and definitions of leadership. It also aims at providing substantial focus over qualities of a person, who wishes to develop as a leader in the field of business management.Effectiveness is the main subject for any style of leadership. Still there are X parts which are associated with it. Among them the personality of the leader ostensibly plays a great role. Other than this, the leader should have a well-established image. This can be taken as greatness. (Covey, 2004) Currently, the management theories are putting a great deal of emphasis over the factor of greatness in a

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