Sunday, May 5, 2019

Critical analysis of research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Critical analysis of - Research Paper ExampleEspecially, swindle has proved to be a very effective way to understand and treat the children distress from childhood abuse and trauma. The therapy that uses play as a means to treat people suffering from behavioural and personality problem is called as play therapy. Play therapy can be defined as a helping interaction between a trained adult therapist and a child for the purpose of relieving the childs emotional woe by using the symbolic communication of play (Webb, 2007). However, it is important to know that pleasure is non the lonesome(prenominal) aspect of play that makes it so effective a method to treat people with behavioral problems. The forefront is what aspects of play therapy make it an effective therapy to treat children suffering from childhood abuse and trauma? Knowing and pinch the aspects of play therapy that makes it effective in treating children suffering from trauma not only will make the treatment effective b ut also can save a lot of time of treatment.Play therapy (PT) has been utilize as an effective method to treat children suffering from trauma caused by childhood abuse of informal and physical nature. According to Mann and McDermott (1983), even though play therapy has been used madely to treat the emotional and behavioral problems visible in children, a systematic guideline regarding the use of PT to assess and treat the children has not yet been introduced (White & Allers, 1994). Even in the absence of systematic guidelines or large number of studies, the researchers have been successful in understanding those aspects that make PT an effective therapy to treat children suffering from trauma and to build a solid foundation for a healthy and positive growth of their personality in the future.Howard has found that children suffering from childhood abuse and trauma display a specific behavior pattern during the play which reveals a lot about their maladjustments

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