Thursday, May 30, 2019

Comparing the Comedy Central TV Channel to Essays

From Television to the Internet Comparing the Television Channel and ComedyCentral.comIt is often stated by twenty-something generation X-ers, that their generation was raised by the television make up ones mind that Mr. Rogers was their dad, the gang from Sesame Street was their siblings, and Mrs. Brady was their mom. This is a very(prenominal) eclectic family if one stops to think about it make believe for a dad, Muppets for brothers and sisters, and a very lovely lady for a mom. These latch key kids that grew up befriended by the television set, represent a generation, that in reality, is passing. The next generation of children that has moved to the block, depends non on the television set and the afternoon programming of yesterday, but instead, have found solace in a new, more exciting innovation computers, and the Internet. From classrooms and libraries, to bedrooms and family rooms, kids be finding access to the Internet and for the most part, are reaping its benefits. Th e Internet is, in essence, the one perfect source for media information, sports reports, homework help, communication via e-mail, entertainment reports, famous population interviews and pictures, advertising, and the list is simply infinite. The Internet is the one tool that could very possibly replace the popularity of the television. Ironically, one is able to get television on the Internet Yes, it is contingent to download segments of popular television shows and interviews. Popular cable channels such as CNN, ESPN, HBO, MTV, and Comedy Central have their very own web sites where you support go and look at program listings, games, interviews, images to download, and even episode summaries. One of the best television network web cites is the Comedy Central web cite. Lo... ...offee jester or an Absolutely Fabulous tee shirt. Yes, there is a page where merchandise can be ordered. Every web-site created serves some purpose. Whether it be to inform, educate, entertain, each sepa rate cite is special in its own element. The Comedy Central website is one of the most popular cites of all the television network generated cites. Aside from the possibility of not always being able to get it to come up (sometimes you just get it to load), the comedy, color, and liveliness contribute to its functioning purpose to inform and entertain, but preceding(prenominal) all, to give viewers a glimpse into the Comedy Central world. The pages, images, and overall tone provides its viewers with an experience to sitting in front of the television set. By visiting this site, viewers can experience first hand and hands on, the hilarity, fun, and creativity of one of the best.

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