Friday, August 23, 2019

Prerogative Has Been Abused Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Prerogative Has Been Abused - Essay Example It is not surprising thus to witness managers terminating employees for any reason they deem fit, sometimes basing their decisions on pure discrimination and ‘whistle-blowing’. This largely creates conflict in the workplace (Price, 2007). A number of reports indicate that a good number of managers exhibit harassment to their subordinates, some sexual in nature. No wonder, a number of acts and pieces of legislations, the world over, prohibit discriminatory harassment including sexual harassment (Frankaro, 2007). The other area where managers seem to overstep their boundaries is in management of customer relationship and employee interaction. Related to this is placing bottlenecks of employees’ communication with clients and sometimes within themselves, tailored around the ‘ebb and flow’ of communication as defined by the management. Sometimes, managers consciously or unconsciously inhibit the flow of communication between workers to promote witch-hunti ng and cause incitement. Most of them are not cognizant of the fundamental requirement associated with this and sometimes base their fear and defensive action on their insecurities and inferiority complex (Gollan, 2005). Actions of some employers represented by the managers are de-motivating to employees. Micro-management is an issue that many employees detest. The practice sometimes arises from the concern of most managers to have particulars mini-details, and pressure to deliver results within a particular unreasonable timeline (Gennard, 2006). Much as it has been argued that micromanagement is effective to bring lazy and procrastinating employees into action, oftentimes, micromanagements could be based on pure inferiority complex and other set of insecurities or as a strategy to dismiss an employee. In order... The managers-subordinate relationship can be described as good and bad. Employees are tired of being bullied at the work-place and micromanagement does more evil than good. The solution for improvement, however, lies in managers taking a step to enhancing the cordial relationship. The delegation of duties is very important. These will facilitate a highly productive and warmer workplace that ensures employees recognition and positive sanctioning. The other way certainly is facilitating regular meetings between employees and managers, as well ensuring that communication between the two is promoted. employees become timid in taking initiatives and making sacrifices since they feel that whatever they do is not positively sanctioned. To the Manager, walling-up, and shutting-down his effort becomes the order of the day since she/he will harbor the belief that no one listens. Interestingly, behaviors of managers such bullying has led to incidences of physical confrontations and violence in the workplace. Bernadi, for example, reports a case a high profile violence of one Pierre Lebrun, who was working at OC Transport in Ottawa, Mexico, where the employee shot people, with five of them reportedly dying, and him ultimately committing suicide.

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