Thursday, August 22, 2019

Benefits of Nonverbal Communication Essay Example for Free

Benefits of Nonverbal Communication Essay Certain things are not conveyed by words or verbal means because individuals are not simply skilled to deliver or are not trained to explain in appropriate means or symbols. An officer can definitely learn from an understanding of nonverbal communication as he/she will be able to gain the nuances of an offender or parolee’s responses whether these are in consonance with the gaze in his eyes, the confidence of gait, or the studied looks that he may portray during the sessions that might transpire with the officer (Messina, Training in Nonverbal Communication). An officer who has spent a lengthy time studying people in this kind of profession, the difficulty usually lies in studying those who are mentally deranged, or the offenders who are so evil that they are capable to manipulate even the most intelligent officers, when possible. Their eyes convey differently where their talk or smiles carry them to a different level (Carrick, 2006). Art in any form conveys the reality that a human’s world is enriched by the kind of communication inherent in being human. Even one’s attire may speak a million things about the person or his intentions. People communicate both through verbal and nonverbal modes. Though we mistake verbal communication is clearer, yet often the reverse is truer (Messina, Training in Nonverbal Communication). People frequently understand our gestures more than our words. Hence, the adage â€Å"Actions speak louder than words. † Nonverbal communication is taught and performed frequently on an almost instinctive level. People get attention by using nonverbal signals and every so often the attention is usually due to an unpleasant manner by which these signals were conveyed. Most people who employ body language utilize such behavior to conceal the self for fear of rejection. The result would mean no real deep connections and deters other people to develop such deep and beneficial relationships. Many of those who realize their need try to unlearn years of covering up and attempt to make themselves known to avoid (Messina, Training in Nonverbal Communication). Every individual has inadequate stock of body language and utilizes the same manners to show specific emotionality. Body language and/or gestures, and a host of physical and psychological signals take place in clusters. This means that when a particular body language is used, it may not mean much as when it is used alongside many other forms of communication (Messina, Training in Nonverbal Communication). The officer then must continually make use of every opportunity as a learning experience as people are dynamic and continually changing. Reference: Carrick, Damien. 31 January 2006. The Law Report. Parole Boards. Messina, James D. Training in Nonverbal Communication. Accessed from Analysis of Cultural Communication and Proxemics http://www. unl. edu/casetudy/456/traci. htm

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