Saturday, August 17, 2019

Moko Jumbie

Mock Jumble, I personally find, is the most phenomenal traditional character as not only it is a tremendous sight to see but also the ability and skill that is required to portray such a gratifying character. More formally known as ‘Stilt walker' The Mock Jumble originated from West Africa. They had a God named ‘Mock' and the liberated slaves then added the word ‘Jumble' meaning ghost. The heights of the stilts were seen as the ability to prognosticate evil quicker than ordinary men.The sticks that they balance upon are between ten to fifteen feet, this character can't simply put on a costume and play the role, he or she just require a certain level of training. Not only the astonishing talent to balance on these lingering sticks but the mock Jumble is able to dance while maintaining their profound balance. I have lived in Trinidad my entire life and there was never a carnival season that I didn't see tallest one Mock Jumble parading the streets. They bring a sense of enthusiasm to the festival.Seeing them in their luminously, radiant colors splendidly moving in time with the rhythm of the music. They usually wear lengthened pieces of velvet, which covers the sticks and bring out the oomph within there performance. Traditionally they wore a Jacket and an elaborate admiral hat but in modern days they are seen wearing cloth wrapped around there heads and instead of Jackets, cloth which flows elegantly down there pants or some that even have excess material attached to there hands are used In modern days.Mock Jumbler's have a symbolic semblance sustained throughout the years In our culture. Whether seeing one In person for the fist time or again this carnival season I guarantee you will be nothing but mesmerism's. I hope one day I acquire the elite balance which Is required to run with the ball of this majestic art.

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