Monday, August 12, 2019

Management Strategy for MHM Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4250 words - 1

Management Strategy for MHM - Assignment Example The company has been continuously meeting the increased demand for electrical equipments and parts with their comprehensive products and competitive prices. The firm is driven by the mission of customer satisfaction. The aim of the company is to expand its range of offering through the innovative usage of technology, skills, knowledge, team work and efficient communication. The customers of the company belong to the industries like construction, infrastructure and public utilities, oil and gas & industries and process control (M.H. Al Muftah EST). Therefore, the company should keep in mind the market condition of these sectors as any changes here would affect the operations of the firm. 1. The website has got a lot of flaws. A website is meant for providing details about a company while website of MHM is having no information about the firm’s annual turnover or even its presence in recent news articles. Moreover there are so many grammatical errors in the presentation of the information and in the construction of the sentences which will definitely affect the reputation of the firm. 2. The company’s logo is not at all appealing and has no relevance with its business. A logo should create an everlasting impression in the minds of the people but the M.H. Al-Muftah Est. logo failed to do so. 3. The company is a leading supplier of famous brands of electrical equipments. However in the present business era, the customers would always prefer to purchase the products from the original manufacturer as the suppliers are known to add carrying cost to the goods. 4. The customers are mostly industry based but there is a lot of scope for the company to acquire individual customers for their simple, day-to-day household products like switches, sockets, fittings and fixtures. 6. Due to poor quality of the website, the company fails to attract foreign clients at a huge number. Also the company lacks proper advertising and promotional campaigns;

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