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J.P.Morgan Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

J.P.Morgan - Assignment Example Morgan 10 3.9.1 Strenngths 10 3.9.2 Weaknesses 10 3.9.3 Opportunities 10 3.9.4 Threats 10 4.0 Recommendations 12 5.0 Conclusion 12 6.0 References 13 1.0 Introduction J.P. Morgan & Co. is an investment and commercial banking organisation which is primarily based in the United States. It was established by J. Pierpont Morgan and was generally known as Morgan or the House of Morgan. In the current day context, J.P. Morgan is a part of the JPMorgan Chase. This firm is considered to be the direct forerunners of two of the major banking organisations namely Morgan Stanley and JPMorgan Chase in the context of the United States and on a global scale. In the year 2000, J.P. Morgan was obtained by Chase Manhattan Bank and they formed into a new organisation i.e. JPMorgan Chase & Co. In the current day context, J.P. Morgan brand is utilised for the purpose of marketing definite JPMorgan Chase wholesale deals which include asset management, investment banking along with commercial banking. In or der to create efficiency, the company was found to restore its business operations in the year 2008. However, presently, the supremacy of J.P. Morgan is under risk as the organisation is facing certain issues relating to the maintenance of sustainability in the business (Alef, 2009; Chernow, 2001). 1.1 Terms of Reference The primary purpose of the report will be to analyse the current socio-political issues faced by the company. In order to analyse the current position of the company in a better way, it will also include a brief SWOT analysis to deliver a clear cut picture. Moreover, the reasons and expectations behind taking sustainability measures by the organisation would be ascertained and certain recommendations would be provided to the company so that it is able to maintain its leadership position. 2.0 Procedure In order to conduct a comprehensive analysis, secondary sources will be utilised to understand the current business strategies and expectations of the company. The inf ormation will be sourced by way of reviewing valuable secondary sources such as news articles, journals and books among others. The main reason behind using secondary sources is to minimise time along with associated costs. 3.0 Findings 3.1 Socio-Political Issues faced by J.P. Morgan In relation to the socio-political issues, it has been found that the company faced certain difficulties in this respect. Based on the current scenario, it has been determined that the company has been facing issues pertaining to the financial matters. Additionally, the company has been found to face other issues which are mainly related to the financial aspects. It has been observed that the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) was looking for a US$6 billion fine from JPMorgan above mortgage claims that came into play as a result of the financial crisis. Moreover, it has been reported that the financial crisis may take up such a bad turn that the company may end up paying high amount of debts. In this similar context, it has been learnt that the range of fines may increase to a very high level that may amount to US$500 and US$600 million which the company may end up paying to the controller of credits (Perlberg & Roche, 2013; Ameresekere, 2012). Furthermore, other socio-political issues seem to take up a different picture. It has been analysed that the company engaged in certain marketing activities that were not quite apt for its sustainability perspective. It has been accused of wrongdoing in

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