Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Essay #3 in ASA format Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

#3 in ASA format - Essay Example Though different scholars speculate a bipolar assimilation of the Latinos and the Asians either with the â€Å"white† or with the â€Å"black†, O’Brian’s indicates that the Latinos and the Asian have some inherent as well as shaped-by-circumstance perspectives -for color-blind racism- that are significantly capable of assimilating the â€Å"black† and the â€Å"white† into itself by influencing the apparently antagonistic dichotomous racism of the American society. The perspective from which the Latinos and the Asian views the color-blind racism appears to be unique in comparison to that of the â€Å"white’s† or the black’s. Indeed this uniqueness evolves from the polarity of the views that the white and the black hold for each other (Healey, 2010). The white view for the black is grossly influenced by the stereotypical ingredients that continually tend to characterize the black ethnicity within certain moulds. Therefore, Bonilla and Silva’s statistics shows that the highest percent (96%) of American white people are driven by the abstract liberalism frame of color-blind racism, while only 35% of the Latino-Asian population holds the abstract liberal view of it. The polarity of both the white’s and the black’s perspectives on color-blind racism has its root in the history of America. Josef Healey (2010) notes that â€Å"blackness† itself as an ideology was crucial to the exploitation of the labor of the African in early America, and it â€Å"provided the very source of whiteness and the heart of racism† (Healey, 2010, p. 288). This master-slave relationship greatly influences both the American’s and the Black’s view of the color-blind racism. Whereas the White American’s view is that of a repenting master, the Black people’s view is a grudging slave. This historical dichotomy of bipolar black-white racism is reflected in

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