Friday, April 19, 2019

INMATE Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

INMATE - Essay Examplento consideration the situation through which John is undergoing, it bequeath be important not only to himself, but also to his family to be transferred to a medium protection correctional facility, closer to his home area. However, when putting into consideration the degree and types of offences he was charged with, I impart improve the security of the medium security correctional facility, closer to his home area so that he cannot escape from the prison.If I was a warden, I go away have different search procedures for sentenced and awaiting tally detainees. This is because sentenced and awaiting ladder detainees are governed by different laws and have different rights. However, both(prenominal) of them are not dangerous, but the chances of both of them to have weapons or other information are equally high (Siegel & Senna, 2009).In addition, I will use different search procedures for sentenced and awaiting trial detainees because the essence of searching each of them is different. For instance, a detainee awaiting trial is searched for evidence, and other harmful substances and weapons. On the other hand, a sentenced detainee is only searched for harmful substances and weapons. Thus, the two groups of detainees eliminate in different categories, which call for different search

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