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CCNA Basic (Final Assignment) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

CCNA Basic (Final Assignment) - Essay Example4. rig redistribution filters, if craved. 5. Enable redistribution, if you defined redistribution filters. 6. Modify default global and port parameters as required. 7. Modify OSPF standard compliance, if desiredTo enable OSPF enter enable ospf and respond to the prompts OSPF Configenable ospfEstimated external routes0 200Estimated OSPF routers 0 60OSPF Configset field of battleArea depend Type (0NONE, 1SIMPLE, 2CRYPTOGRAPHIC) 0 1Is this a stub area No OSPF Configset porthole embrasure IP address to area Interval (in seconds) 5Transmission Delay (in seconds) 1Router Priority 1Hello Interval (in seconds) 10 out of work Router Interval (in seconds) 40Type Of Service 0 cost 1 5Authentication KeyRetype Auth. Key communicate Digest Key ID 0MD5 KeyRetype MD5 KeyOverride the default OSPF interface-type No yOSPF interface-type override(1=broadcast, 3=NB MA, 5=point-to-multipoint) 0 3Poll Interval 120Forward multicast datagrams YesForward as data-link unicasts NoOSPF Configset virtual-linkVirtual endpoint (Router ID) transit area Interval (in seconds) 10Transmission Delay (in seconds) 5Hello Interval (in seconds) 30Dead Router Interval (in seconds) 180Authentication Key centre Digest Key ID 0Message Digest KeyRetype Message Digest Key(c) Configure manual(a) summarization for, on serial 2, use EIGRP - using an example of one default route forcesname branch1interface Serial2ip address eigrp 10 redistribute static metric 56 100 255 1 255 vane classlessip route will allow you to have 32 subnets (25). After using the five bits for subnetting, you are left with 11 bits for host addresses. Therefore, this will allow each subnet to have 2048 host addresses (211), 2046 of which could be assigned to devices.(d) C onfigure DHCP using a pool called ISP containing Include the default gateway of and a DNS server at Exclude the range of IP address from to the /etc/dhcpd.conf file to configure DHCP service. In our setup, the server has IP address and provides IP addresses up to 253 clients. Configure /etc/dhcpd.conf according to your environment

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