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Imperfections of modern society Essay Example for Free

Imperfections of in advance(p) society EssayFashion whitethorn be described as the prevailing style at any given time due to anes mode of expression or presentation. Ones temperament may be defined by the clothing they have selected to wear. Celebrities and mould ads seem to demonstrate that it is unexceptionable to wear extremely disclosure clothes and promote their outfits. Sexually incitive multitude with strong personalities may choose to wear clothes with inappropriate innuendos or phrases written on them. Modern fashion illustrates the amicable word meaning of provocative clothing, which reflects upon our cultures inconsiderate behavior. see more thanwhy fashion is importantIt is thought that the clothes society chooses to wear defines ones intentions, character and gives others a basis on how to interpret disposition. People have bold behaviours because of what they wear. Many are too open with what they wear making it seem as if moderne fashion is mainly a bout sex appeal. Modern culture is mainly concerned with how others will interpret them and their appearance. thereof society uses this to make oneself more appealing. If someone were to curtail in revealing clothing, others will construe this as they are try make themselves as sexually appealing as possible.However if someone were to dress in less revealing clothes they would not be in to the hype of sex appeal. This shows how modern culture reflects on the clothes being worn. These people who are only worried about revealing themselves through outfits clearly have bold behaviours because they care what society thinks of them. People tend to act more outgoing when they are dress in clothes that they are comfortable wearing. No matter what causa of clothing a person wears it basis be an influence that alters others perception of the character of a person. show clothing that is exposed by media can be dangerous to peoples thoughts on modern fashion. Celebrities feel that it acc eptable to wear whatever they please. Miley Cyrus is an excellent example of this. She has recently had a tendency of wearing inappropriate clothing on stage and in her music videos. Her personality reflects how she dresses by showing how very much she does not care about what people think of her. Miley is very revealing in her videos and her lyrics show her personality of being so careless of what other people think.Its our party we can do what we necessitate to Its my sass I can say what I want to(Cyrus). In her lyrics, she is inferring that she is above the law. This is the unstated conclusion end-to-end her song. She shows her careless attitude in her lyrics but also in her music videos. Miley is a role fabric to many but she rolls around on the floor wearing nothing but underwear and a tank top making it seem like this is acceptable as she has a unripe, naive audience that does not know between right and wrong.She also does dance moves that are so inappropriate that you ng children should not watch this. Miley used to dress normally and she was an idol for many young girls growing up starring as Hannah Montana. Now she has changed personality by exemplifying it through her fashion. Clothing with sexual or inappropriate phrases written on them has become more democratic in modern culture because of the popular idols. People with forward personalities tend to buy clothes that reflect on the way that one would want to be judged. Selectsocieties with careless attitudes wear clothing that can be offensive to other people. Shirts with phrases such as Orgasm Donor and Drink Up Bitches are some of many examples of the offensiveness that people display through their clothing. People who wear clothing like this are often sexually provocative people who try to resemble the looks of their idols. Society feels the need encourage to others that it is socially acceptable to look sexually appealing. In reality this type of clothing is obnoxious and reflects poorl y on modern culture by giving it a bad label.The popularity of wearing offensive clothing has increased due to people trying to fit in. People who are unsure of what type of personality they have are often the ones who go with the latest and most popular fashion. Our cultures outgoing behaviour is based on the social acceptance that modern fashion portrays. It is believed that the clothes that a person may wear can reflect on their personality. Celebrities who wear excessively revealing clothing tend to set an image that modern culture wants to follow.Miley Cyrus is one of the many celebrities who contribute to this. People who have audacious personalities are usually ones to try to keep up with modern fashion. These people have clothing with sexually provocative expressions written on them. Fashion can be defined as the prevailing style or etiquette. Society may dress to allow feelings, actions or how others should interpret their character. Works Cited Cyrus, Miley. MILEY CYRUS WE CANT STOP LYRICS. Directlyrics. N. p. , n. d. Web. 26 Sept. 2013.

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