Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Argument Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 5

Argument - Essay ExampleIn re fling, there has been high agricultural ware. Opponents of thorough sustenance argue that innate farming methods wastes land since they mapping less land. Further, they argue that there is no prove that organically produced foods are more nutritious than genetically produced foods. Therefore, there is the need to change some(a) assumptions about genetically engineered crops (Dena and Stave 348).Majority of people who use of goods and services organic food argue that they do so because they aim to avoid health hazards associated with it. Further, they argue that it is good to practice natural methods of food production since it is perceived that food produced using natural methods is healthy and contain less chemicals such as pesticides. For instance, potation from an experiment conducted on children in US, the urine of those children who consumed foods grown conventionally had more pesticides residues than the urine sample of those children who co nsumed food grown naturally. Production of food organically does not destroy soil quality but quite keeps the quality of the soil because it does not involve the use of synthetic fertilizers that makes the soil lose its nitrogen and other important nutrients (Dena and Stave 349-352).In addition, organic food encourages biodiversity in the sense that it does not foster the use of intensive herbicides and pesticides that endanger crop species but instead they use no herbicides and apply less pesticide hence increasing the soil organic matter. Conventional farming use synthetic fertilizers made from nitrogen, which in turn finds its way into lakes, rivers, and other ecosystems thus affecting water surroundings. Contrary, organic farming does not pollute the ecosystem because farmers use fewer fertilizers and in some cases, they do not use any fertilizers. It is significant to note that organic method of farming

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