Friday, July 19, 2019

US Immigration Policy Before and After September 11 Essay -- Septembe

America is home to a plethora of nationalities, cultures, religions and practices. The reason for this richness in different backgrounds is that since the day it was discovered by outsiders, the United States has always been open to immigrants. The Statue of Liberty, one of America’s greatest attractions, symbolizes America’s open arms to immigrants. So when America’s own symbol of freedom to immigrants stood in the waters and watched the catastrophe unravel the placidness of her surroundings by outsiders, it was a direct blow to not only the United States’ immigration policy, but also to the United States’ national security. On that unforgettable day, September 11, the United States, the world’s most richest and powerful nation, discovered the hard way that even money and power could not annihilate vulnerability. After September 11 Americans wanted to feel safe again in their own home so the United States restricted its immigration poli cy to help prevent terrorists from entering the country. The US government, however, kept economics in mind when altering the policy. The new immigration policy includes unfair procedures for certain countries. The result is a more restricted immigration policy, with major loopholes for countries that benefit the US economy. The US immigration policy before September 11 was very lax, partly because the Immigration and Naturalization Services (INS) was under funded. Whenever immigrants were cited a deportation, INS could not follow up on many of these immigrants who usually remained in the country. Because it could not operate as if should due to lack of money, it is easier to understand that almost all of the alleged terrorists involved in the September 11 attacks obtained a US vis... ...partment’s own inspector general released a report that confirmed charges made by civil right groups when it was reported that the roundup of immigrants would produce huge problems. There is no clear cut, one solution to the US’s immigration problems. America must maintain safety for its citizens, but it is hard to adopt a strict immigration policy when America is deeply dependent on immigrants, especially migrant labor. Until the US lessens its great dependency on immigrant labor, the US will continue to be vulnerable to terrorists’ attacks. Bibliography Atkin, Beth S. Voices From The Fields. Little, Brown & Company. 1993. Gonzales, Camille Guerin. Mexican Workers and American Dreams: Immigration, repatriation, and California Farm Labor, 1900-1939. Wright, Dale. They Harvest Despair: The Migrant Farm Worker. Boston: Beacon Press, 1965.

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