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Products Liability Research Paper Term Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Products Liability Research - Term Paper Example The case The â€Å"Toyota Motor Corporation† is a Japan-based automobile manufacturing company established in 1937, and continues to specialize in manufacturing of automobile since then. Though the headquarters of the company are in Aichi, Japan, the company operates as a multinational corporation with regional offices across the globe. Throughout the years, Toyota continues to experience growth in different aspects, and as of 2010, the corporation became the chief automobile maker in the world. The company also ranks, ninth internationally, among multinational corporations, in terms of revenue collection. The quality of the vehicles manufactured by Toyota Motor Corporation contributes significantly to the international accolades received by the company. Throughout the years the company continues to supply automobiles, for different purposes, to different consumers internationally. The client base of the corporation ranges from governments to individual consumers. Within the l ast half decade, the company has faced several product liability cases globally following detection of faults in several models of their automobiles. The lawsuits presented sought compensation for numerous consumers including large companies and individuals. The gas peddles and throttle systems in several Toyota models contained faults that led to unintended acceleration. The cases presented against Toyota were either individual or class action lawsuits seeking different forms of compensation from the company. The safety issues surrounding the lawsuits included the capability of the vehicles to accelerate more than desired by drivers. The car accelerators appeared to get trapped by the floor mat leading to the accelerators remaining pressed once an individual releases pressure on the accelerator. Unintended acceleration of these vehicle models had been associated with occurrence of fatal accidents and injuries to consumers using these vehicles. The company rectified the initial faul ts and later other faults were detected in the throttle system, also causing unintended acceleration. The company tried to recall several car models, sparking other lawsuits resulting from economic losses following recalls. The recalled models included automobiles that owners had not detected the defects leading to depreciation of these vehicle models. Owners of these automobile models instigated numerous lawsuits against the corporation for compensation. Following to the continued recalling of vehicles, the lawsuits continued between 2008 and 2010. Arguments The plaintiffs in these cases used two different approaches in seeking compensation for the damages incurred. The plaintiffs presented different lawsuits that could be classified into two categories. Personal injury lawsuits by individuals seeking remedies for injuries or deaths, supposedly incurred from the defects in Toyota automobiles and Class action lawsuits that were brought on behalf numerous groups seeking compensation for economic losses incurred following the recalls ordered by the Toyota Motor Corporation. Within the first year of beginning the lawsuits, an average of 300 lawsuits were presented against the corporation in Japan alone. The numbers of cases continued to rise in other parts of the world as recalls continued throughout the duration. Personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits These cases were

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