Friday, July 26, 2019

The Pros and cons of The Globalization Process Essay

The Pros and cons of The Globalization Process - Essay Example This paper offers a comprehensive analysis of globalization phenomena, considering pros and cons of the process and assessing its role in the modern world of today. With the advent of the internet and massive computing systems that are nevertheless small in physical scale, the world is becoming an ever-shrinking globe. The concept of a shrinking world, a world wherein travel, trade and communications between countries is becoming easily accessible by all, is luring more companies into the worldwide market thanks to significant advances in transportation, communication and a recognition of the success of libertarian marketing systems. The globalization of markets has accelerated through universal acceptance of the democratic free enterprise model and new communication technologies, including satellites and the Internet. Changes in the way in which organizations conduct business have been rapid and wide-spread as the globalization concept has been introduced. It is the inherent nature of the marketplace to increase efficiency within the workplace by constantly striving to produce the most products with the least expenditure of resources. It is this concept that drove many corporations to join in the globalization process, frequently outsourcing their activities and production processes to less developed countries in which this process is less expensive and requires fewer restrictions, licensing, and controls. Global markets offer greater opportunity for people to tap into more and larger markets around the world.

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