Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Unethical Business Practices of McDonald's Essay

Unethical Business Practices of McDonald's - Essay Example The empirical study of Gibison (2006), the fast-food items offered by McDonald’s to its global consumers have major contribution towards extensive form of health issues irrespective of their age groups. In this regard, major obesity, heart diseases along with asthma and higher possibility of mad-cow diseases are the major cases that are evident to be caused directly and indirectly from the food items offered by the company to its consumers (Gibison, 2006). Correspondingly, Stony Brook University (1998) has critically explored the diet contents in each McDonald’s products includes major health issues for the consumers especially the young adults. In this regard, the research report states that the meals offered by the restaurant chains of McDonald’s contribute major amount of fat and the level of sodium that can negatively affect the consumers’ health (Gagnon & Freudenberg, 2012). For instance, the report has illustrated the example of its new Spanish omele tte bagel, which deliberately contains 40 grams of fat along with 710 calories and 275mg of cholesterol that can severely deteriorate the health condition of consumers. In addition, the presence of 1,520 mg of sodium in the product can severely make the consumer face a critical health issue (Stony Brook University, 1998).  In addition, the article published by Jourdan & Baertlein (2014) in Thompson Reuters critically illustrates about the scandals in the company’s food safety process. According to the issues identified in the article, the local meat suppliers of the company.

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