Saturday, October 26, 2019

The Haunting of Mind :: The Haunting of Mind Essays

The Haunting of Mind The ghosts made their presence known at 9:36 p.m. the first evening. Later in life, when Rachel Fleischman thought back on the events at the house, she marveled that the exact time was so firmly set in her mind. She wasn't wearing a watch, and didn't recall asking anyone else the time. She remembered, almost as if the presences told her, wanting her to remember for their sake, and for the sake of posterity. The four of them sat around the table in the kitchen of the haunted house. Rachel sat in her own chair while Julie sat in Mark's lap. Brandon remained standing, leaning against an empty chair from behind. Mark's diary was open on the table and reached around Julie's body to record his first entry. He read aloud as he wrote. "Evening One: We have experienced no unusual events so far. Paranormal residents have not attempted to make contact. Morale is still high. Maybe our luck will increase later this evening." Brandon smiled at him. "We have almost three hours 'till midnight. Something might happen yet." Julie's arm was wrapped behind Mark's neck and her hand played distractedly with his dark, curly hair. "Happen? Like what? You really think dishes will start flying around and the furniture will rearrange itself? Come on." Brandon shrugged. His brown eyes were noncommittal. "I'm not saying anything, just that we shouldn't jump to conclusions." He began drumming his fingers on the back of the chair. "I hate feeling . . . anxious like this, like I'm waiting to see what I got for Christmas." Rachel nodded. "Or waiting to see what grades you received in Chemistry." Julie groaned. "Please don't mention homework." Rachel and the others laughed. Mark's eyes glinted. "Why don't we give the ghosts a call?" He looked at the others with a mischievous grin. Julie rolled her eyes. She immediately took her hand away from Mark's hair and got up off the chair. She turned to face Mark with both hands on her hips. "You brought a Ouija board, didn't you? Even after Mr. Olson told you not to bring it?" Mark simply laughed. "Are you ever going to grow up?" Julie asked, almost pleading. "It's all psychosomatic garbage. It's not real. You're just letting your unconscious do everything." "I doubt you've ever tried it, so how would you know?" Mark countered.

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