Friday, October 18, 2019

Property Asset Management ( A professional Report) Essay

Property Asset Management ( A professional Report) - Essay Example The team has to have at least three (3) more members who suitably qualified and experienced aside from the Property Assessment Manager to enable the smooth and professional execution of the project's principal task of finding a viable headquarters for the firm. One is the Senior Property Appraiser who will be tasked to perform difficult technical valuation work in the classification and appraisal of real property for value assessment purposes and to assist in the training of subordinate appraisers in the theory and techniques of real property appraisals. The SPA's duties may include but are not limited to: leads assessment projects, including assisting with planning and coordination of projects; annually performs preliminary and final review on a large volume of complex valuation changes such as farm and forest property segregations and mergers; This person must have a working knowledge of -- Property tax system and adjustments necessary to compute assessed values resulting from corrections or adjustments to real market value; principles, practices and methods of real property appraisal; technical appraisal practices and procedures used in residential, commercial, farm, forest, manufactured housing and land appraisal, pertinent structural, economic, and environmental factors affecting property value; special assessment programs including farm, forest, wildlife habitat, historical, commercial facilities under construction, riparian and open space; construction techniques, blueprints, maps, property descriptions, quality of building materials, equipment, workmanship, and general construction quality and quantity as applied to

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