Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Cognitive-Enhancing Drugs Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Cognitive-Enhancing Drugs - Essay Example How the Drug Works Cognitive drugs enhance the mental functions of a person significantly. This works when a human brain’s neurotransmitter is stimulated causing a reaction. Dopamine is release in large quantities by neurons causing a human brain to be more active in remembering information, and attention and thinking is enhanced by the use of these drugs. Cognitive drugs were created for helping to cure mental disorders. A common example of such disorder is AHDH, which is a mental disorder common in infants. Cognitive drugs like Ritalin are used to prevent the babies from hurting themselves due to their condition. This drugs help in controlling hyperactivity among the infants. Harmful Effects Cognitive-enhancing drugs are harmful to the students and, therefore, the use of these drugs should be blocked. Appropriate actions should be set to help the society to understand the effects of these drugs by introducing amendments to regulate their use in University campuses. The presc ription drugs should only be used for their intended function and that is to cure mental disorders. The use of these drugs should be discouraged to safeguard the health of students and protected from the negative effects of potential abuse. Therefore, a policy restricting its use should be put in place, since the drugs are essential in the cure of mental diseases such as the ADHD in infants. They should not be totally banned, but enhancements to be available, at the same time managing the risks. There many risks that are associated with the abuse of cognitive enhancement drugs that students buy and sell in the United States. The Ritalin and Adderall drugs are prescribed for the treatment of the Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). They have an effect on catecholamine systems by increasing cognitive functions of the patients; the normal people who are healthy, once they use these drugs, they improve their ability to focus their attention better, as well as manipulating the information into a working memory, and to control the responses in a flexible way. Student also use drugs such as Modalfinil, to enhance their cognitive abilities since it has shown the enhancement potential. Modalfinil treats fatigue, which is caused by sleep apnoea (Greely, 2008). The research has also shown that there are some other effects caused by the drug. Modalfinil enhances some aspects of the brain function that occurs in the rested adults who are healthy, mostly inhibitory control. Th e hazards of these drugs used by the students in the US affects not only their mental but also physical health. These drugs tend to alter the brain function of those who take them. A recently carried out research shows that, there are neural system changes, which are engendered by sleep and nutrition. There are some complex organs of the human beings which are also affected by use of such drugs. However, in children, an issue about the drug is raised in that it is related to some harmful effects on children’s brain. Benefits of Cognitive-enhancing drugs There are some benefits that are associated with the use of cognitive-enhancing drugs, mostly in schools and other organizations. In special cases, students and employers are supposed to be allowed to use the drugs so as to achieve pharmaceutical enhancement in cases of mental disorders. This enables the student to compete fairly with normal students

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