Saturday, September 7, 2019

Data Analyzing Tools And Techniques Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Data Analyzing Tools And Techniques - Essay Example These statistical presentations are unable to draw out in-depth coverage of the actual information even after the allocation of huge investment in data analysis. Consequently, alternative devices are being taken into serious consideration to transferring the knowledge along with a statistical presentation of the entire data. The present study presents the model that successfully presents the model that accepts the challenge of transferring the data to knowledge and results in a comprehensive and refined way by encompassing every characteristic of the given information separately. It neither drops any information from an analysis nor does it conceals basic knowledge the actual data intends to communicate; hence, it is of great value for taking steps towards right direction while taking decisions and devising strategies at different organizational levels at large. Policymaking always relies upon accurate facts in recruitment, placement, promotions and even dismissal of employees; it is equally significant for examining of corporate culture, profit rate and visits and satisfaction scales of the customers regarding a particular organization as well. The model is based upon five key competencies including software technology skills, statistical modeling and analytic skills, knowledge of the data, knowledge of the business and communication/partnering skills, all of which are essential for data analysis. Since over three-fifths of the managerial staff views organizational and cultural factors as the greatest barriers to achieving targets, the model provides the all-inclusive presentation about organizational culture too. Particularly, data related to sales volume is most important for managerial staff, comprehensive and analytical record of which is essential for future business plans in technological, transformational and analytic processes.

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