Sunday, September 8, 2019

Coping with Stress - Model 3 SLP (Stress Management) Essay

Coping with Stress - Model 3 SLP (Stress Management) - Essay Example The information gathered from this source will help in developing a program that comprehensively addresses the need of the audience. Vagg,P.R., Spielberger, C.D. & Wasala, C.F. â€Å"Effects of Organizational Level and Gender on Stress in the Workplace.† International Journal of Stress Management 9:4 (2002): 243-261. Print. This article analyzes the effect of stress at the workplace with respect to organizational level and gender. The study revealed that employees working at higher levels in the organization experienced stress while making critical decisions and handling crisis situations when compared to those employees who worked at lower levels. The stress levels among male employees where strongly related to their fears about their role in the power structure within the organization. Among women, the stress levels were strongly related to factors that led to managing their job and family responsibilities. The information in this article will help formulate an educational p rogram that addresses the gender specific needs with respect to stress management. Coping Strategies for Stress Management Buchwald, Petra. Stress and Anxiety: Application to Health, Work Place, Community, and Education. United Kingdom: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2006. Print. A section of this book provides information on coping strategies within the community.

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