Friday, September 13, 2019

Case study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 49

Case Study Example This value chain management ensures timely delivery of the products in the market. Moreover, the products are low cost and relatively affordable. Zara is has a customer-centered approach to the market. Besides having to consider great value and quality, the company also uses its resources to ensure that the products reaching the customers is at low cost. Providing fashion at low cost has remained one of the company’s strength and the means behind the market share claim. The target market for the clothing is the customers with medium to high purchasing power. This includes those individuals who are fashion conscious and who want to look fashionable at all times. In my opinion, this helps the company to compete well with other fashion companies in the world. Being customer-centered, the company has market researchers in every part of the world where their presence is felt. This allows the company to respond directly to consumers’ needs. Further, the company has focused on research-based designing and innovativeness. This helps to create brands that the consumers can appreciate and that are ready to capture their attention and hence compete well in the market (Kumar, 2005). The success of any company depends on both the internal and external environment of the organization. Zara Company has a strong organization structure that ensures its success. With a well-structured management and a long-time experience in the market, the company has an easy time navigating the market and creating new environments. The company’s presence in 74 countries in the world also contribute to its success. This is because for a company to be successful. It must be able to secure a wide customer base that will ensure maximum and consistent source of revenue. This expansive strategy has allowed the company to be relevant to the emerging markets and to create a market share for itself as compared to many of the

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