Sunday, November 3, 2019

Scientific Method Exercise Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Scientific Method Exercise - Assignment Example The damage caused them to produce sperms for reproduction and hence their population eventually ended (Gould, 1984). Drugs. There was an evolution of flowering plants known as angiosperms which were toxic to the liver. The livers of the dinosaurs were unable to detoxify the substance and their tongues unable to taste the bitterness that would have prevented them from eating them. Disasters. Sunlight was blocked by dust raised by a large asteroid which landed on earth. Temperatures were lowered and photosynthesis could not take place leading to massive loss of the animals (Gould, 1984). It is not a possible hypothesis. There is no way to test the dinosaur to verify about their body temperature being lower or higher than that of the earth and also no way of testing about whether or not they became sterile. This is possible as there is evidence of the dinosaurs being found in contorted positions from liver failure and also being the only mammals to die due to the flowers as the other mammals avoided eating them. It is possible based on research on asteroids falling on the earth during that period. It would also explain the reason the extinction of the dinosaurs happened during the same timeline and not over an extended period of

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