Friday, February 7, 2020

Health Informatics Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Health Informatics - Assignment Example Thus good quality research may be considered an effect of clinical informatics. Alternately, clinical informatics may be identified as a cause of good quality research. We, as health care professionals, should be more involved with the organizations of health care informatics because the research they do and the knowledge they produce is meant to bring an improvement in our own health care strategies, policies, and procedures. As health care professionals, we serve as important sources of information for the health care informatics organizations. â€Å"Clinical Informatics is concerned with information use in health care by clinicians† (American Medical Informatics Association, 2012). They require our input and need us to share our experiences in order to have a detailed in-sight into the problems and identify the correct solutions. Moreover, health care informatics organizations are important to us as they provide us with an opportunity to learn about the latest biomedical knowledge, information technology, and methodologies of knowledge management which we can implement in our work to improve the quality of our work and our performance. He alth care professionals and health care informatics organization are mutually beneficial to each

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